Project Super Secret Revealed – Club Penguin Island

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Project Super Secret first got announced in July 2015, with the first sneak peek provided by Club Penguin. Club Penguin continued to release more sneak peeks, which allowed bloggers the ability to hype up this project. On November 17th, 2016, Megg, the Associate Community Manager and the English Blogger, announced Club Penguin Island, the final result of Project Super Secret.

Project Super Secret was first revealed by Spike Hike where he claimed it to be the “next big thing for CP and beyond.” Many features of Project Super Secret gave a lot of Club Penguin bloggers hope for the future of the game. Club Penguin has been slowly declining and this can be agreed on by everyone, but this project that will be released worldwide in 2017, might just be the fixation Club Penguin needed!

Contents of Project Super Secret and Club Penguin Island

Clothing Customizer – The Clothing Customizer will allow the penguin to customize their player card
Expressions – New emotes will be introduced
Welcome Area – There will now be a welcome area to welcome new penguins
Renovated Island/Migrator – The island will undergo a complete makeover, as well as the Migrator
Fun Hut – The Fun Hut will be found in the Welcome Area where you’ll be able to buy certain items
Dive Right In – Penguins will be able to dive into water and interact with underwater creatures

The Contents of Club Penguin Island currently displayed above are just some of the many features that Club Penguin Island will have. But, the big question everyone has been asking: Will Club Penguin Island be the death of armies?

Club Penguin Island is the new, more updated mobile version of Club Penguin. It will have nothing to do with the desktop version of Club Penguin, therefore, it will not be the “death” of armies. Rumors have been going around foreshadowing that the desktop version of Club Penguin will be shut down when Club Penguin Island is released. These rumors are simply rumors that anyone would spread around just to cause drama. The desktop version of Club Penguin will NOT be shut down following the release of Club Penguin Island. It actually might undergo major updates and graphics advances since not everyone will be playing Club Penguin Island.

Here at the CPA Central we value the reader’s opinion! Do YOU think the community will rise with Club Penguin Island being released? Do YOU believe the community will just continue to decline? Do YOU think Club Penguin Island will become the new format for Club Penguin armies? Comment YOUR opinions about Club Penguin Island and the effect it will have on this community below!

Emperor Flor

CPA Central Editor In Chief


11 Responses

  1. welp

  2. Only over two weeks late.

  3. Told you so…

  4. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB.

  5. -_- just no, club penguin is better

  6. My Thought : CP also knows that armies were the one who kept CP alive for years and I think CP will not even think to end armies

    • CP Armies are only a small percentage of people who play Club Penguin. That’s one of the reasons why they started to ban us and etc. The people of CP who play it as a social game said they do not like the botting and recruiting constantly. The only time we were a large part of CP was in 2007.

      • Armies were a large factor in Club Penguin up until 2013, actually. After 2013, up to mid-2014, sizes started dropping at an alarming rate. Up until 2013, armies had sizes of 30+ consistently.

        • However, Club Penguin had over hundreds of thousand more players. We were outnumbered even if we had 30+.

  7. “It will have nothing to do with the desktop version of Club Penguin, therefore, it will not be the “death” of armies.”

    • I know, Bro. Damn Nazistney.

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