CPA Central Top Ten Armies [12/04/16]

 KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As we enter the final month of 2016, we see a returning army taking the top spot as well as armies making a slight improvement from last week.

Week of 27th-3rd December 2016


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [60.00] [NEW!]

2. Night Rebels [58.00] [-1]

3. Nachos [56.00] [+0]

4. Army Republic [53.30] [+3]

5. Wild Ninjas [51.92] [+1]

6. Golds [50.95] [-4]

7. Kings [49.59] [-2]

8. Army of Club Penguin [45.39] [-4]

9. Doritos [43.50] [NEW!]

10. Thugs of CP [41.34] [+1]

<>Close to the Top Ten<>

11. The Penguin Army Force [41.05] [-2] 

12. Corsairs [32.00] [-5]

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Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF began their week with the finals of the Champions Cup where they maxed 25+. After lifting the cup, they began their quest to the Christmas Chaos by maxing 25 in their first battle.

2. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels started off their week by participating in the final round of the Champions Cup V against the Rebel Penguin Federation. They ended up losing but still managed to max 35 against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

3. Nachos: To start off, Nachos had a practice battle vs AR which Golds jumped into. It was there they maxed a total of 15 people. They then had a UK mining expedition claiming sizes up to 30 people. At their next event, they had training at Fjord maxing a total of 12 people. They then logged onto Cold Front for training where they maxed 11 people.

4. Army Republic: To start the Army Republic’s week, they did a practice battle against Nachos where they resulted in maxing 8. Two days later, they held a training session on the server, Icicle, where they maxed around 8. The army marched to the server, Hibernate, and held a training session where they maxed 10. To end their week, the Army Republic maxed 15 in their raid of Wool Socks.

5. Wild Ninjas: This week, the Wild Ninjas army held an AUSIA training session event where they maxed 13, then they had a Spanish event where they maxed 12. The army decided to have an extra event for the 27th where they maxed 11. On the next day, they maxed 7 in their AUSIA training session and also maxed 7 in their Spanish training session. They later held another Spanish event where they maxed 9 on the 29th. The army held another training session on the 29th to celebrate the Music Jam party leaving where they maxed 9. Then on the 30th of November, they maxed 8 in their AUSIA training session. They held their daily Spanish training session where they maxed 8 once again. On the 1st of December, they held another Spanish training session where they resulted in maxing 8. Later on, they maxed 10 in their Navideño training session. On the next day, they held another Navideño training session where they resulted in maxing 11 and averaging 9. To end their week, they maxed 8 at their daily AUSIA training session on the 3rd of December.

6. Golds: To start off their week, Golds raided AR and Nachos in a US event maxing a total of 11 people and averaging 8. At their next event, they decided to hold an event with ACP. The total amount they got on was 19 people. 2 days later, they had a US event maxing a total of 13 people. They then had a mining expedition with Thugs of CP maxing a total of 23 people.

7. Kings: This week, the Kings of Club Penguin held a recruiting session where they successfully maxed 18 with only one leader leading. On the next day, they held an AUSIA joint training session with the Thugs of Club Penguin where they maxed 9, later on, they held a US event where they maxed 10. On the 2nd of December, they maxed 12 in another AUSIA joint training session with the Army of Club Penguin. Later on, in the week, they maxed 24 at a joint training session with the Thugs of Club Penguin and Golds.

8. Army of Club Penguin: To start off their crazy week, ACP logged on for an event with Golds maxing 11 people in total. Their next US event was quick training on Breeze where they maxed only 8 people. They then had another US training maxing a total of 9 people. They then had a joined AUSIA recruiting session with Kings maxing a total of 15 people.


9. Doritos: After a difficult month for the Doritos, they made their return with an event, maxing 20.


10. Thugs: The Thugs started with a UK training session getting sizes of 6. Then, they had a AUSIA event gaining 7 on CP. They ended their week with a US training before joining the Kings for an event. They maxed 10 & 24 respectively.



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So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


CPAWM Board of Directors

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central Executive Producer


29 Responses

  1. Gayyyyyy, edwin square up

    • Edwin isn’t available at the moment.

    • When you’re on leave and have been since 27th November 😦

  2. Golds will be back in the Top 3 next week. Venimus Vidimus Vicimus!

  3. lol ACP is falling slowly

    • Our leader is on leave and we have been in the top 5 for the past 7 weeks and we will be back there next week.

    • Sorry but what matters the most is the fact to preserve the legacy, even when we fall we rise back up.

  4. You missed our last event at 8:15 EST lat night. AR was expecting to be raid or raid the Kings which happened. Please fix this

    • It was calculated, just not in the bio.

      • tbh good to see youre back at posting! xD

        • dude I think I’m CEO lol

          • ya you are xD

  5. Why do you always count every single event for WN in the description, but every other description leaves events out?

    • The times that the bios are made are usually around 6 – 9 pm GMT on a Sunday and wild Ninjas mostly have Ausia event so we never get a chance to add every event for other armies.

      • That makes no sense at all- you can’t add a sentence or two per bio?

        • There’s no need, the point of the bios is only to have a small insight into what has happened during the week. There’s no real need to add every single event, as long as they get counted (which they do) it’s fine.

          • But you count every event for the Wild Ninjas.

            • We write about every event that’s done already as we’re doing it. It just happens that Wild Ninjas had all there events done…

              • their*

  6. Nice to Doritos back in the top 10 😀

  7. OTF For the Doritos

  8. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB.

  9. NR is still strongggg and strongggg

    • only because of me…. hah

  10. OTF GANG

  11. ill give it 2 ya no interruption


    BLM OF CP need to be included next week.

  13. Add the agents next week!


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