Christmas Chaos VI: First Round Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Christmas Chaos VI opened up this weekend with the first elimination round. Here are the results.

Corsairs vs The Penguin Army Force

The tournament began with the recently opened Corsairs facing the Penguin Army Force. TPAF failed to show up within 5 minutes of the start time, so the Corsairs, with 4 troops, automatically won.



Kings vs Rebel Penguin Federation

The second battle saw the Kings taking on the Rebel Penguin Federation. The battle began at the Stadium, RPF troops entering and getting into a plus formation, and the Kings making a line at the bottom of the rink. To start out, the Kings had 7 in the room, and RPF dwarfed them with sizes of 22. After several minutes of doing tactics in these formations, RPF switched to two vertical lines, and the Kings moved to sit on one of them. They continued battling, and after an E+9 tactic, RPF changed to an ‘X’. The Kings joke bombed as RPF did jokes in their formation. Then, they made a diagonal line.

At the end of the 20 minutes, the judges voted 3-0 for an RPF victory.


Doritos vs Army Republic

The Doritos replaced the Blue Troops upon their return to the scene, and was scheduled to face Army Republic in the first round. However, AR forfeited the match, wanting to focus their energy on their war against the Kings.



Wild Ninjas vs Thugs

To end the first round of the Christmas Chaos VI, the Wild Ninjas and Thugs battled each other. The two armies met at the Berg, the Thugs making a line at the bottom, and WN forming a line across. WN began their tactics, but the Thugs didn’t respond for a few minutes as their troops trickled into the room. The Wild Ninjas had 8 in the room, and after seven minutes the Thugs had caught up and were maxing 9. They continued tactics in these formations for a long time, when the Thugs finally broke out with an E+P waterfall. WN responded by doing an E+P bomb, and the Thugs quickly got into a vertical line and did E+9. WN troops moved to the opposite side of the room and also formed a line down. At the end of the 20-minute regulation, the judges voted 1-1-2, sending the battle into overtime.


The battle was moved to the Beach for overtime, where the Thugs entered doing an E+C bomb. The Wild Ninjas formed an ‘L’, and the Thugs made a diagonal line. The Thugs lost a couple of troops going into overtime, and were behind with 8 compared to WN’s 12. However, as things wore on, WN also lost size and were down to 9 at the end. The Thugs did a joke bomb, which WN didn’t respond to right away. They did an E+M bomb as the Thugs piled up in the corner of the room. Then, the Thugs did an ‘RKO’ bomb to end the battle.


It was a well-fought battle from both sides, but at the end of overtime, it was decided in a 3-1 vote that the Wild Ninjas had won.


Thank you to all participants, and congratulations to the winners of the first round. The Christmas Chaos will continue next weekend with the quarter final round!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


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