Leaders’ Lounge with Zoomey – DrMatt

KLONDIKE, CPA Central’s Lounge – DrMatt is one of the most recognized people in armies. Because of that very reason, I decided to interview him on his time in armies. Let’s get right into it!

During his time in armies, DrMatt has led many armies to success. Armies he’s led are, Water Vikings, Light Troops, Blue Miners Army, Ice Warriors and most recently, Night Rebels. The most notable ones for him are BMA and LT.

The reason they’re most notable because, while in them, he decided to spend real money. However, money or not, he still led to armies to good heights as well as the other armies he didn’t spend his money on as well. His CPA career dates back pretty far, with him even being Light Troops back in 2011.

While in armies, he’s gotten himself a mixed reputation. Some thinking he’s mad because he spent money on CPA and other thinking although he done something mad, he’s still cool and a good leader. No matter what way you look at it, it’s safe to say he’s become a very known character in the CPA community.

Interview with DrMatt, Night Rebels Leader

CPAC: So, what army have you enjoyed leading the most?

DrMatt: Truthfully, it’s a tie between the Light Troops and the Night Rebels. Both armies are my home armies and they both make me extremely happy.

CPAC: Which army was your least favorite to lead?

DrMatt: Probably the Water Vikings, though I led the Water Vikings fairly well, apart of me just didn’t feel comfortable there. I have nothing against the Water Vikings as they were a great army.

CPAC: If you had a chance to lead Light Troops again, would you?

DrMatt: Unfortunately probably not. I prefer the Light Troops to stay dead so it’s legacy remains golden. But if the Light Troops were too come back, I would most definitely advise. I feel like I’ve done enough work in the Light Troops.

CPAC: If you were to advise, would you leave NR to do so?

DrMatt: No, I would remain in Night Rebels.

CPAC: What has been your favorite memory while in armies?

DrMatt: Honestly, I would say 2011 – 2013 in the Light Troops. But I would also say right now as well. Because the Night Rebels have become family to me.

CPAC: What’s your least favorite memory?

DrMatt: Definitely losing the Semi Finals when I led BMA.

CPAC: Would you change anything during your times in armies?

DrMatt: Definitely, I would have never spent money on armies. That was a foolish thing for me to do. I regret it all the time.

CPAC: Why did you spend money on armies?

DrMatt: Because in BMA and LT, I was power-hungry. I let power get to my head. But in the end it’s not really about the money it’s just about having fun.

Well, like him or hate him, you have to respect how his career during his time in the CPA community. His career still continues today and he continues to prove why he will go down in history as one of the most known people in armies.

What do YOU think? Is DrMatt a good leader? Do you like DrMatt? Do you hate DrMatt? Do you respect DrMatt’s CPA career?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


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  1. When you know the past is the past, and you’re doing the right thing! ;D

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