Saturday Night with CPAC

*WARNING: This post contains strong language and themes of an adult nature.*

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The CPA Central staff has decided to start the Saturday Night with CPA Central column once again to make armies less boring.


This Week in News – by Ben // ThatWaryGuy

This week in news, the CPA Central staff member, Zoomey, brought back the Leaders Lounge column where he interviewed loyal Army of Club Penguin leader, Super Edwin, on what his best and least all-time highlights during his time in ACP.

Tomorrow, the CPAC annual Champions Cup final round of the tournament comes down to two armies, the Night Rebels, and Rebel Penguin Federation, both have similar sizes and are good allies. The final round will be a very interesting battle and you have to make sure you won’t miss it! The final battle will be the greatest battle in the Champions Cup V tournament.

Yesterday was Thanksgivings day where families gave thanks and Club Penguin armies took a break for the day or for other armies, for the week. As we have passed the Thanksgiving holiday, the Christmas holiday will be coming up as well as CPAC’s annual Christmas Chaos tournament.


Meme of the Week – by Ben // ThatWaryGuy



Interview a Leader – SH

Interview of with Carlos (Who Fucks Cacti) NR Leader

SH: Hey Carlos

SH: So how do you feel about leading NR?

Carlos: I feel confident, NR has managed to do spectacular things all year around.

SH: Okay, so what other skills have you learned from CPA? Like being able to open a lot of tabs or ddosing doxing etc.

Carlos: I’m about to pull a fucking phin on you and call the cops for trying to frame me KID.

SH: Uh, *begins to sweat* AFK store

SH: Do you think now that Trump is president you will be deported?

Carlos: He won’t, but I guess you’ll be going back to nigeria. *insert cool face here*. Sorry man.

SH: Oh, I heard they have really good food and water there.

SH: Do your parents know you spend your whole day on xat and playing club penguin?

Carlos: My mom knows but she doesn’t give a shit because I do well in school, and I am developing my designing skills, which will be part where my paycheck comes from in the future, but I can’t say the same about some speds in our community. *COUGH* FLEN THE INDIAN SCAMMER *COUGH* I mean what? Go on, please.

SH: Thanks, best of luck to you and your family.

Carlos: You too, and I’m sorry to all Nigerians and Indians I have offended.


What army is this?



Image result for red omegas pills



Comment your answer below


Did you enjoy this week’s edition of Saturday Night with CPA Central? Comment below your favorite bits! More upcoming sections will come! Until next week…


Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central Writer


18 Responses

  1. This was so bad

  2. the Meme SUCKS.

  3. Omegas Army for the quiz btw

  4. Nice idea.
    That army = DORITOS!

  5. .
    lol ok

  6. Night Hunters be the quiz kids.

  7. Uhh l bet its Omegas.

  8. this series wasn’t funny the first time, isn’t funny now

    • Na, it was funny under LITTLE DICK and Shiv

  9. I never imagined that the quality of CPAC would become this abysmal.

  10. Only good part was the quiz part.


  12. Congratulations this is trash

  13. meme of the week sucked but k

  14. Fuck you biased immigrant

  15. comeon guys it was pretty good for sh a leader of an army tht always dies in a month after we bring it back

  16. :o!

  17. cpac should die you goddamn kikes

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