A Closer Look Into Upcoming Champions Cup V Finals

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Battle Field – This Sunday, we crown the 5th ever army to win the Champions Cup. Will it be RPF who take victory or will NR take it all? Let’s have a closer look into each army to get an insight on how they are leading up to the battle.

We start with Rebel Penguin Federation. The army that has dominated, even winning the Legends Cup this year. This week they’ve had no events as they’re having a “break week” leading up the finals on the Champions Cup. This means they haven’t had much practice building up to the final. The only practice they’ve had is the other battles they competed in during the tournament, most notable, the battle against Nachos, since that was the last battle they competed in.

RPF vs Nachos at Champions Cup V Semi Finals.

However, even with the lack of training, they still have quite a high chance of winning. See, they have experience with these battles. We know this since they won the Legends Cup this year. This means, they are in a very good chance of actually becoming victorious. Not only this, but also the Night Rebels have only had one UK training session this week (Not including the Champions Cup V Semi Final).

Last Night Rebels UK event.

That takes us to Night Rebels. Night Rebels were created in 2016 and have already peaked at great success. An example of this is when they got first on the CPAC Top Ten Armies a few times. However, RPF have been first on CPAC Top Ten Armies loads of times this year, surpassing NR on the amount of times an army has gotten first this year.

Night Rebels First on CPAC Top Ten Armies.

This makes it hard for NR. It means for them they are going against an established army that has amazing experience for these types of things. Although RPF didn’t train this week, you need to understand that they are still in a great chance of winning making NR the underdog.

While we are talking about the Top Ten. It’s a good thing to mention that on the latest Top Ten, NR got 11th place and RPF got 2nd place. This makes things look hard for NR because it means that RPF is going in knowing they are going against an army that’s 11th, making them feel more relaxed going into the battle knowing they have the advantage.

Most recent CPAC Top Ten Armies.

Conclusion: It’s obvious that RPF have the advantage going into this. Not only do they have the experience but they also have other advantages like the most recent Top Ten and the general sizes between both armies. Night Rebels are going to be an obvious underdog going into this and it will be interesting to see the different tricks they pull out to try defeat RPF and win the Champions Cup. less then a year after they were created. It all goes down on Sunday,  November 27th at 7:30pm UK/ 2:30pm EST!

I personally can’t wait for this battle. It’s going to be great to see who will win the Champions Cup V. I think it’s going to be a great battle between both armies. But that’s what I think.

What do YOU think? Will Night Rebels win? Will RPF win? Who do you personally want to win? Do you think it’s going to be a good battle?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


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