Epic Quits Night Hunters

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Night Hunters of Club Penguin Territory – As we get closer to the end of the year 2016, things get less interesting or leaders like Epic quit on their own army. Let’s go further into this topic, shall we?

Some History About The Night Hunters

The Night Hunters of Club Penguin was actually not created by Epic this year but back in the year of 2013 by both Troppy and Abomber222. Later on, as years has passed or gone by, in 2016 an experienced leader who led armies to high standards revived the Night Hunters on the 4th of November 2016. The Night Hunters gained the 8th place on Club Penguin Army Central’s Weekly Top Ten in their first week of their second generation led by Epic.

On the 20th of November 2016, the Night Hunters of Club Penguin leader, Epic, released a post titled “Finished”. Here he states that he is finished with the Night Hunters of Club Penguin and Club Penguin armies and how CPA Central see the Night Hunters of Club Penguin and assume that the army is full of multilogs because of how big they are and who is leading the army. Below you can view Epic’s full post or you can read it by clicking here.


I’m actually fucking finished.

I put in hard work all this week and then at the end of it all be called a multilogger? Are you having a laugh? CPAC is possibly the biggest pile of fucking shit and it has been for the past year.

I finally understand badboy and his statements. They see a big army and assume theyre multilogs. Absolute shambolic shit.

I’m fucking finished. Any troop I see that helped NH on Free Penguin I’ll personally give them a prize [xats ,days, powers, memberships] for their hard work.

Thanks for everything guys, but fuck CPAC.


As you can see from above, Epic states that he put in all his hard work into reviving the Night Hunters army and his hard work to get them the 8th spot on CPA Central’s top ten and how in the end of all his hard work that he put in reviving the Night Hunters, he ends up being called a multilogger because of his past and how big the Night Hunters is how the successfully maxed over 20 in their opening event.

Personally, I feel that Epic could have multilogged in one or two events for the Night Hunters but there is no proof of him multilogging for the Night Hunters’ events, so there is no reason for him to quit just because someone called him a multilogger with no proof or evidence. Now let’s hear what YOU think!


What do YOU think? Do you think that Epic was really multilogging in the Night Hunters’ events? Here at CPA Central, we value your opinions!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Associate Producer


5 Responses

  1. >be determinated to open army
    >open army
    >have fun
    >close army after 2 weeks, because “you are tired”
    WTF Epic?

    • When did I say i was tired? Are you retarded? You must be. Not to mention this post is completely irrelevant to todays news. Armies are shit, get over yourself.

  2. check out our site for multilogging evidence of the night hunters

    • You’re just as retarded. I even said I recruited on Free penguin (Where i recruited for RF too) and not all of RF’s troops were multilogs. Your proof isnt proof at all. You’re so fucking retarded. Keep leading the nachos to sizes of 13 at recruiting sessions thinking you’re some massive CPA legend dude, lol.

  3. why “?” never put “?” in a title this isn’t TMZ

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