Leaders’ Lounge with Zoomey – Super Edwin

KONDIKE, CPA Central Lounge – Well, hello there! My name is Zoomey but you might know me as, well, Zoomey. I’d like to announce that leaders’ lounge is back! To bring it back I thought, why not interview one of the most loyal people in armies? That person being Super Edwin who’s been in ACP since 2011. Well, without any further ado, let’s get into the return of Leaders’ Lounge!

Edwin joined armies in 2011. During his time in armies he’s been in only 2 armies, Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors. He proved he was loyal to ACP by going from ACP private (the lowest rank) all the way to leader. Since becoming leader he’s been faced with many problems such as wars with Snow Ninjas and Teutons and problems faced inside the ACP, including the recent multilogging accusations and Mondo’s demotion from leader. Although he’s been faced with so many problems, he’s continued to fight for ACP and keep ACP on the CPAC Top Ten Armies.

Recently, under his leadership, ACP have been getting good places on the CPAC Top Ten. They’ve been getting top 5 armies quite a lot. However, they only have one working division and the numbers aren’t great. I decided, since ACP have been doing they way they have, it would be a good idea to interview Edwin on how he thinks ACP and himself have been doing.

CPAC: What’s been your highlight in armies so far?

Edwin: I think my highlight in armies so far was probably the war with SN because it was incredible to see the determination from the troops in ACP to want to win this war especially at the defense of Breeze.

CPAC: What about your least favorite highlight?

Edwin: I would say the times ACP have struggled under my and Mondo’s leadership. However, leading without challenges would be boring so I’d have to say EAD (Edwin Appreciation Day) because that was embarrassing.

CPAC: How well do you think you’ve done as leader?

Edwin: Not very good but I mean, my division hasn’t really collapsed or anything since I’ve became leader of it and I’m pretty confident in saying it’s probably ACP’s strongest division and has been for a while now.

CPAC: Do you think ACP will ever become what it once was?

Edwin: I don’t think we’ll ever reach the sizes we did under leaders such as Boomer and Mchappy however, I have hope that we can go back to when we were dominating and feared but it’ll require a lot of work, especially in the conditions of CP armies at the moment.

CPAC: How do you plan on making ACP feared again?

Edwin: We’ll set Afro guy to everyone. On a serious note, I think the only way possible is through hard work and determination which means not giving up when we do badly in wars on CPAC Top Ten but by improving on our performance.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Edwin: Fear the Afro!

As weeks keep going on, we keep an eye on ACP to see how they do. With lots of ups and downs in recent times, it’s interesting to see how they get on and the mind set of the current leader, Edwin.

What do YOU think? Do you think ACP is good right now? You do like Edwin? Is EAD a good thing? Are you happy Leaders’ Lounge is back? 
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


12 Responses

  1. super is the best

  2. This man is not fit to be leader.

    • Accurate.

  3. “Damn, he’s pretty good!” – Fałst (me), 2016

  4. Super Edwin? Never heard of him.

    • Seriously….

    • Heard he’s a noob

  5. this guy sounds like a faggot

  6. Why do you do leader’s lounge with such shitty leaders?

  7. I’m literally the best thing to happen to ACP since the ausia division was formed. Statistically I’ve lead ACP better than the leaders before and after me. Flexes.

  8. What a stud.

  9. EAD was fun af lol. That was one of my favorite days

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