Champions Cup V: Quarter Final Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This weekend, the Champions Cup V moved into the Quarter Final round, pitting the top armies from the group stage against each other for a chance to move on. 

Night Rebels vs Thugs of CP

The Quarter Final round opened up with the Night Rebels facing the Thugs of CP. At the start of the battle, the Night Rebels entered the Berg and formed a diagonal line. The Thugs started off with a horizontal line. For the first few minutes, neither army did any tactics, trying to get as many troops on as possible. The Thugs were well behind NR in size, with only 4 on compared to their 10. The Thugs made the first move 10 minutes in, doing an E+T bomb. NR responded with a joke bomb, then moved into a line across the Berg. The Thugs sat on their line, and the two sides went without tactics for a few minutes again. Halfway through, the battle moved to the Stadium, where both NR and Thugs joke bombed upon entrance. NR moved into an ‘L’ formation, while the Thugs lined up horizontally. At this point, the Thugs had grown to 6, and NR had 11 online. After several tactic exchanges, the Thugs performed and E+Q rake, then made a diagonal line. The Night Rebels ended the battle by piling up on the left side of the Stadium and doing an E+6 bomb.

Thanks to Ben for getting footage for this battle.

The judges voted 2-1 for a Night Rebels victory, who will move on to the Semi Final round.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Blue Troops

The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Blue Troops were matched up in Saturday’s second battle, which began at the Stadium. RPF troops entered the room and formed a plus, putting up E+9. The Blue Troops made a horizontal line at the top of the rink, then did E+T. After a couple of tactics, RPF switched to an ‘X’ formation. BT was maxing 7, whereas RPF had 15. The two armies went back and forth with their tactics, until they both changed formations. The Blue Troops moved into a line down the left side of the rink, while RPF formed two vertical lines. 15 minutes in, the battle moved to the Town, where BT did a joke bomb, and RPF went straight into a circle. After their joke bomb, the Blue Troops made a line across the Town, now with 8 on. RPF still well-outnumbered them with 17. After doing jokes in line, RPF moved into a plus formation. A couple of tactics later, RPF changed formation again, this time to three vertical lines, while BT did E+P. In their new formation, RPF put up E+K, and BT responded with an E+M bomb. Then, RPF scattered around the Town.

Thanks to Ben for getting footage for this battle.

The battle ended with the judges voting 3-1 for an RPF victory.

Army of Club Penguin vs Wild Ninjas

Sunday’s first battle was between the Army of Club Penguin and the Wild Ninjas. At the 2:00pm start time, ACP troops entered the room doing an E+F clover bomb. The Wild Ninjas entered without a tactic, instead forming a horizontal line. After their bomb, ACP formed a plus. They had 20 troops on, while WN was maxing 15. The two armies exchanged several tactics in their formations, then WN troops moved into a line along the bottom of the Berg. They continued to go back and forth with tactics, both sides performing very well. Then, ACP moved into a diagonal line, while WN put up E+8. Then, WN did a joke bomb, ACP responding with E+F. The battle then moved to the Stadium, where ACP troops joke bombed, and WN troops formed a diagonal line. After their entrance, ACP lined up across the rink and began more tactics. They then had about 21, and WN had 16 still. The Wild Ninjas moved to form a line along the bottom of the rink, as ACP said ‘Hello’. Several tactics later, ACP broke formation with a joke bomb, switching to an E+9 waterfall, WN responding with an E+T bomb.

This was one of the closest and most exciting battles of the tournament so far. However, a winner had to be declared, and in a 2-1 vote, the Army of Club Penguin took the victory.

Nachos vs Golds

The last battle of the Quarter Final was another well-anticipated match-up between the Nachos and the Golds Army. When the battle began at the Ice Berg, the Nachos entered and made an ‘L’ formation, and Golds troops made a line across the room. The Nachos started off the battle with 17 on, and the Golds were slightly behind with 15. As they started their tactics, the Nachos were outpacing the Golds. The Nachos did an E+9 waterfall, switching to E+8 while the Golds countered with E+I igloos. Afterwards, Nacho troops formed an ‘X’, and the Golds followed suit. On top of each other, the two sides continued their tactics, and shortly after, the Golds switched to a plus formation. When the battle migrated to the Stadium, both armies attacked with an E+9 bomb. Afterwards, the Golds lined up across the rink, and the Nachos formed an upside-down ‘T’. The Nachos were maxing 18 in this room, and the Golds were at 16. A few minutes after the room change, the Golds bombed with E+M, then formed a diagonal line as the Nachos put up E+G gamesticks. The Nachos then did an E+6 bomb, and doubled up on the Golds’ line. Then, both armies did a bomb, the Nachos with E+Q and Golds doing E+5. The Nachos then split themselves between the bleachers, and the Golds piled at the top with E+H. The Nachos chanted ‘boom’ and bombed the room while the Golds did an E+9 bomb.

Another great battle in the books for this Champions Cup tournament. While the battle was very close, the Golds narrowly took victory in a 2-1-1 vote with the one being overtime.

Another great round in this tournament, filled with several close battles and narrow victories. Congratulations to the Night Rebels, Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of CP and Golds for becoming semi finalists. And commiseration to all quarter finalists. The semi final times will be posted soon.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


8 Responses

  1. it doesn’t even make sense for golds to win. Read the battle’s bio. It clearly tells you that Nachos were the upper hand..ffs cpac

    • go check my post

      • I already did. Doesn’t change my opinion, and trust me, if I feel that my club/team or anything loses anywhere, even irl, I admit it.

  2. After speaking to Sammie, she said that even though she voted for overtime, she would of chosen nachos if she had to choose a army. Lorenzo, this makes the battle a 2-2 draw and we request a 3 way semi.

    • Yes but I voted overtime so… you asked me if I HAD to choose an army. I didn’t have too as Golds won the majority

  3. Great job to all armies! (:

  4. What I do not understand is that even the bios say that Nachos had bigger size at all times.

  5. #ThreeWaySemi

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