Champions Cup V: Quarter Final Times

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The group stages has now come to an end and armies should now prepare for the quarter finals. Continue reading to view the times for your battle.


The group stages are now over and we are heading closer into the finals. Eight armies has made it through to this stage with only 4 likely to win a place in the semi-final next week. Due to the death of the Teutons, the ACP will compete in the quarter finals.

Battle Info and Times

The quarter finals battles will last for 30 minutes with one room change half way through. If the judges can’t decide a victor, then they will be 10 minutes over time. The army who wins their battle will go through to the semi finals next week. All battles will be held on Klondike unless other stated by the game master. All battles should be judged by 2 or more staff.

*All matchups were done randomly*

Saturday, November 12

Night Rebels vs Thugs

2:00pm EST, 1:00pm CST, 12:00pm MST, 11:00am PST, 7:00pm UK


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Blue Troops

3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm UK


Sunday, November 13

Wild Ninjas vs Army of CP

2:00pm EST, 1:00pm CST, 12:00pm MST, 11:00am PST, 7:00pm UK


Golds vs Nachos

2:45pm EST, 1:45pm CST, 12:45pm MST,  11:45am PST, 7:45pm UK

*This battle is scheduled 15 minutes earlier due to a personal reason amongst CPAC staff*


Please make sure you are on during your battle. If you have any questions regarding the quarterfinals, you can contact me on xat or you may comment below. Good Luck!


CPA Central Vice President



30 Responses

  1. Goodluck to all armies! 🙂

  2. Kings are eliminated?

  3. Guess so

  4. Sammie should not be gamemaster.

    • Good luck.

    • Then who should?

      • Lorenzo or Atticus

  5. WTF are you doing? :45 times are weird asf, and is this so that Sammie can watch the XFactor?

    • No, it’s a personal reason regarding our staff . The rooms will be announced at :45

      • I can get personal, tell me the reason.

        • Pls tell me your kik

          • cpswat is my kik

  6. “RPF vs Blue Troops” lol this tournament

    • Pretty sure you called this site “disgusting” and “dead”.. why are you still viewing it? Second of all, at least Blue Troops can show up to a tournament, unlike DCP 😉

      • LOL burnnnnn

      • Pretty sure you’ve bashed CPAC on numerous occasions, even calling their CEO’s incompetent, but the day you get 1st spamming events of 15+ you automatically start sucking them off again, making them out to be the greatest people on earth because their CEO’s are weak against the public and unfairly banned DCP off the top ten. And if you’re actually insulting me for not attending a tournament where the biggest army competing maxes 15, then you’re a clown. (we already know this) If DCP were to participate in this tournament, it’d simply be unfair to everyone else in it, because we’d win every battle with so much more size and skill than everyone else, so I’m doing RPF a favor by not showing up. CPAC is disgusting, they’re corrupt, and biased to a certain extent. They’re like the government, but DCP will prevail and prove everyone wrong like Donald Trump, because we go against the status quo and fight for what we believe in, instead of settling for what everyone else does and believes in. Stay salty, fear the shield 🙂

        • Saltier than the person who just typed a paragraph? If DCP could win, they’d join the tournament. just stop it lol, you’re embarrassing yourself. you guys had 3 events in the past month. sry 2 say but u rnt a very gud ledr xd g o t h i m

          • What are you getting triggered about lol. you’re the one who commented back in the first place, I didn’t ask you to. DCP can win anything easily, we proved that when we beat RPF out for 1st shortly after we reopened, along with taking the most servers on the map, breaking your “world record” without even trying lmao

            Oh no! I’m embarrassing myself on the game based on colored pixels and virtual waddling penguins! Shit, you got me!

            DCP has had very little events, yet at each of them we’ve reached a size that RPF hasn’t been able to achieve since late July, and all you can do about it is sit there and yell multilog

            sry 2 say but when mom scratches you on the daily don’t come scurrying over to CPAC comments to let your anger out, I would rather suggest a physiologist

            • “physiologist”

              idk why biology has to do with this but okay lel

              • idk what biology has to do with physiology. U ok?

                • “Physiology is the study of normal function within living creatures. It is a sub-section of biology, covering a range of topics that include organs, anatomy, cells, biological compounds, and how they all interact to make life possible.”

                  they teach you physiology in biology

                  what they apparently don’t teach you is not to send dick pics to mach. or did you just skip that lesson?

                  • did you sweat so much as to actually look up the definition of physiology just to reiterate it to me on CPAC comments? And again, I’m not the one to judge if you and Mach are gay, its 2016, keep the picture saved and keep talking about it, I don’t see why I should care

                    • Not to throw badboy or chip under the bus. Chip is being salty by Doritos greatness but at the same time DCP should have been in the cup because we are not as great as them for…6 months since we got shut down and this should have been the occasion to rub other’s face with the penguin butt to prove that DCP is the greatest. Take it from your own troop badboy this should have been a great opportunity to shove the middle finger to everyone saying loud and proud that we beat everybody. But instead I can’t even find any Legends Cup schedule in my inbox. Now I’m not defending any of you but just something to think about I guess.

                    • CPAC treats us unjustly and blames us for everything that goes wrong and accuses us of every possible thing they can, if we were to participate in the tournament, they’d disqualify us just like they banned us off the top ten

            • “physiologist”… say no more

              • psychiatrist*

                • (last post) makes sense but we could still believe that CPAC can’t just disqualify us. I’ve been in here for at least past 2 years now and unless CPAC is controlled by someone who hates us, which I kind of doubt, we could have given it a shot. It’s not like Chip is leading CPAC anyways (not being a d*ck though Chip but hope you win…kind of if Badboy could give me some sympathy to say so…) I’ve stayed in for at least 1 and a half year (the 6 months that DCP shut down I have to stay in Water Vikings and ACP) I’ve been in DCP although not being able to join 5 matches and managed to record 1 but didn’t know if I should join since I’m not ranked yet…I’ve seen DCP done great things…I mean an alliance, maxing 100+ on chat that one time, and maxing 50+ at Summer last year. And if not counting this January’s multilog, we are pretty much always playing with the rules except a few troops who then got kicked by mustapha himself. CPAC is just bad but not to the point that there’s bias to our army…or maybe I just haven’t known as much yet.

  7. m

  8. Hey guys, too bad DCP lost every battle as DCP was scared to show their ass

    • ^lol triggered

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