Benefits And Drawbacks Of A One-Division-Only System

KLONDIKE, SM Army Central Headquarters – Every army is different, whether it’s by its name, leaders, battle strategies, size, and so many more characteristics. One difference that will be of particular focus are the use of divisions, while a majority use the Three Division System, there are a few that chose to use the One Division System.

The Three Division System is used in any armies using all three main divisions: US (United States), UK (United Kingdom/Europe), and AUSIA (Asia + Australia). Although these armies use all three main divisions, what about armies that center around just one division?

When someone takes a good look at the army community, what can he or she see? One could see that only a few armies center around only one division, and that one division would normally be the AUSIA division, making the army an AUSIA army. There were also armies that solely focused on just European troops or troops that live in the United States.

The main question: why would anyone focus on only one division?

This question has been a frequently asked one since smaller armies only focusing on one division started becoming a thing. What’s the point of being an army that only focuses on one division? There are plenty of reasons why to not do this to one’s army, but there are plenty of good reasons as to why many leaders, often in the S/M army community, often made an army solely focused around one division. Along with negative aspects, there are very good reasons for why leaders should focus on just one division.

Benefits of a One-Division Army

 Easier to keep track.

Imagine being the leader of an army, big or small, and every troop in the army was from the United States, Europe, or from other regions considered as AUSIA. Would it not be much more easier to lead the army and keep track of the troops?

Think about it, if a leader only lets in troops from a specific region, or has most of his/her troops from one region, then scheduling events would be much more easier due to a majority of the army only being in one time zone. If the leader happens to be in that same time zone, then everyone can agree that attending events shouldn’t be that difficult.

It even makes it easier for the leader when scheduling events if he or she isn’t required to memorize every time zone when making a full list of events per week.

Everyone is sympathetic with one’s schedule

In any standard army, every single troop is expected to attend every single event, and even if school work is in the way, nobody’s going to care. If nobody cares, then maybe they would be angry in some cases.

If everyone had the same schedule in terms of schooling, then people would understand, as a matter of fact, they might be just as busy with the similar schedule.

Fewer events

If one was to look at any army’s homepage, they’d see events scattered all over the week, and there are events designated at different times in one day to be an AUSIA event, a UK event, or a US event. There are events that include everyone, but most armies have designated times especially reserved for the AUSIA division.

With a system that involves leading only one division, times aren’t required to be designated for certain events, in fact, with fewer events, the more that the troops and leader can save time and focus on real world matters.

It’s also important to note that with Club Penguin cracking down on armies and the fact that many troops dislike logging on very much, fewer events might be what the community needs at the moment. The more events armies have, the more Club Penguin starts trying to crack down on armies, and troops, for whatever reason, can start getting exhausted at the very thought of logging on Club Penguin.

It’s not known why this happens, but it’s a known fact that people have been known to start becoming exhausted just thinking about logging onto a simple game.


The very psychology of some troops when logging onto Club Penguin?

There are plenty of other benefits by having a one-division-only type army being in the community; however, having only one division can cause some significant complications in the long run.

Of course leaders love to keep track of their troops easier, hold fewer events than what’s actually needed, and have people that can work on the same schedule and be able to understand each other when it comes to being busy with one’s real life; however, there’s just too many problems to get through – or never solve – for this system to even work.

Efficiency is what everyone is looking for, but going for the one-division-only system will just outright kill the army, and there are reasons why.

You’re practically a Small Fry! 

That’s right, your army would be classified as a Small Fry by the rest of the army community when engaging in battle, but why? When S/M Army Central was around, AUSIA armies did exist, and did they last long? No. The sizes were much too small to keep the army going.

If you think about it, every army would be small if they only focused on serving one division, even US-exclusive armies would be classified as medium armies.

The only way an army could be big enough to last a long time would be having one’s army be an amalgam of all three main divisions, or even just two.

The army will just keep getting smaller 

If everyone had the same schedule, even the leader, they wouldn’t have a very active army. If AUSIA/UK troops go to school for most of the day and do not come home until late, and everyone tends to be tired by the time they get out of school, then nobody’s up for an event. Just call it a day!

Eventually, a leader may find that his/her troops are disappearing due to scheduling conflicts between real life, school, family, or just growing up. This happens in all armies, and when many of the same troops go away, leaders are required to branch out if they want their armies lasting a longer life span.

Too few events 

Even with the army community not required to have a blizzard of events, it’s important to have a sufficient amount of events per army to keep the army running, but not too many events to tick off the staff of Club Penguin.

Too many events will cause mental exhaustion in troops and Club Penguin’s moderators will never relent on cracking down on troops. Once again, not much research has been done in terms of mental exhaustion found in troops just by having the simple thought of logging into Club Penguin.

Drives recruits away

Even if a leader doesn’t want to make their army a one-division-only army, if their army is targeting a specific demographic, despite wanting other troops from other regions, gives off a peculiar first impression of the army’s leader: they do not like people from other regions.

Imagine a troop as young as twelve finds the community, and they spot an army they really want to join! That army is yours, you decided to have it focus on one division, but how does that potential recruit feel? There is a good chance that if they were from a different region than from the one being aimed, the recruit might feel alienated just by even trying to join.

Even if the leader is someone who accepts those from other regions, it’s important to clarify that they are still welcome, and get recruits from other regions to further convey that the recruit is accepted.


Recruits misinterpreting the situation be like:

..Be like? What? Modern English needs to be revised.

While leaders want to be organized and keep track of the troops more easily, the One Division System has a lot of serious drawbacks that could kill an army.Armies like the Hairy Bears (SM Army Central) never really grew too much due to mainly being speculated as only focusing on one division, the AUSIA division.

There are other ways to be more efficient in an army, and if one decides to start their own army, it is very important to remember the benefits as well as the drawbacks he or she would face in only focusing on one division.

Many would argue that this subject is no longer needed because every CP Army Central army is big enough, right? I hope nobody forgot that the community is still accepting smaller armies.


Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinion! Have you seen many one-division-only armies? Have you ever lead in one? Did any benefits or drawbacks get left out? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian


6 Responses

  1. I’ve always led either ausia and uk or soley Uk based armies with no US. I think it’s overrated having 3, but it is during war time when your main division is strongest and your flank weakened though. Interesting post and I’d hire a US LEADER if I could find one.

  2. This is how it used to be and it worked fine for years before UK and AUSIA divisions and it can work again.

  3. Great post, Chris! ;3

  4. ppl only have different region divisions so they can do time zone cheese invasions lmao

  5. The server map is back, make sure to register your army to be on the map.
    ACP, Omegas and others are officially supporting the map.
    To support us please contact our staff members.
    A new age has begun, lets revive this community again together!


    • LOL

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