Top Ten Armies: 11/06/16

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – As we roll into November, armies are preparing for the Christmas season. This week, we see some armies making a rise to the top whilst other armies hang onto the bottom.

NOTE: The Teutons and Doritos have been banned from the Top Ten for the following month due to excessive and repeated multilogging. This decision was made collectively by the upper CPAC staff in order to ensure the Top Ten’s accuracy in reporting the performance of legitimate Club Penguin armies, and discourage armies from cheating to gain an unfair advantage over others.

Week of 30th October – 5th November 2016


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [54.20] [+5]

2Nachos [51.50] [+3]

3. Army of CP [49.50] [+0] 

4. Wild Ninjas [48.13] [-3]

5T. Golds [44.80] [+3]

5T. Kings of CP [44.80] [+9]

7. Pengs of CP [43.30] [+8]

8. Night Rebels [42.00] [-4]

9. Team Yellow [40.02] [NEW!]

10. The Penguin Army Force [39.23] [-3]

<>Close to the Top Ten<>

11. Sky Troops [38.90] [NEW!]

12. Army Republic [38.00] [+0]

13. Thugs of CP [33.22] [+0]

14.  Cenation of CP [33.13] [-4]

15. Blue Troops [29.80] [NEW!]

To see our full statistics, please click here.


Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.
Special thanks to Sammie for taking charge of the Top Ten while CEO’s were offline.

Point Deductions

  • Redemption Force: 30 points (repeated multilogging)


1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF held four events this week. They held 2 U Lead events where they maxed sizes of 15 before gaining a victory in a tournament battle against the Golds with 24 online.

2. Nachos: Nachos had quite a good week. To start off their week at were at the Champions Cup were they maxed a total of about 17 people. Their next event was the day after Halloween where they logged onto Blizzard for a UK training session. It was there they managed to max a total of 15+ people. Later that same day they held a Mining Expedition for the US where they managed to get about 15 people all together. The next day, the 2nd of November, they held a UK recruiting session get numbers up to 14 in the process. Their next event was a March on Blizzard where they maxed between 11 – 13 people. The next event was another UK event where they trained on their capital Fjord maxing a total of 17 people. To finish off their week they had another training session maxing a total of 13 people.


3. Army of CP: The ACP began their week by logging onto invade North Pole, they hit 11 troops in this event. Then, they invaded Bubblegum with 9 troops. Afterwards, they held a U Lead session where they hit 11 troops again. Finally, they held a practice battle with Golds and held a joint event with the Thugs before training for their Champions Cup Battle.

4. Wild Ninjas: Wild Ninjas started off their week with an AUSIA event maxing a total of 9 people. They then logged on for a European event managing to max a total of 9 and averaging 8. At their next event, they managed to max 8 and average 7 people. They then had another European event maxing a total of 9 and averaging, once again, 7. To finish their week the logged on for a training session maxing 10 people and averaging 9.

5T. Golds: The Golds began their week with a Halloween party with a max of 9. Then they invaded Frozen with 14 troops. Afterwards, they were victorious in a battle against the Army Republic and the ACP. Finally, they ended their week with a loss against the RPF in the Champions Cup.

5T. Kings of CP: Kings started off their week with a Halloween celebration maxing 13 people. They then had a recruiting event where they claim sizes of up 24 people. They then had another recruiting event, this time maxing 13 people. At their final event of the week, they logged on for the Champions Cup V where they got a total of 15 people online.

7. The Pengs of CP: The Penguins of CP had a fairly active week, beginning with an event where they reached 8 online. They maxed 5 at two training sessions, then 4 during a joint event with the Blue Troops. The Pengs maxed 5 at their next event, then hit 10 at an event with ACP and the Thugs. 

8. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels only held two events this week. First, they won their 3rd Champions Cup battle and then they held their training session. They maxed sizes of 12 & 15.

9. Team Yellow: Team Yellow came back with an event maxing 12. They followed up with an AUSIA training session where they reached 10 online, then hit 8 at another AUSIA training.

10. The Penguin Army Force: To Start off their week, TPAF logged on the day before Halloween maxing 7 and averaging 6. The next day, Halloween, they logged on for an event maxing a total of 3 people. Their next event was the day after Halloween where they maxed a total of 2 people. At their next event they got about 3 people online. Then they logged on for an AUSIA event maxing a total of about 3. They then had a European event maxing 4 people. Following that event they logged on for another European event where they went surfing, boating and singing. It where there they got 4 people online. Their next event was the Champions Cup where they maxed 7 and averaged 5. At their final event, they maxed 5.


Redemption Force Statement

The Redemption Force have had multiple accusations brought against them regarding multilogging. Several individuals throughout the community claim the RF are multilogging in order to enhance overall size. The first exposure post made regarding the RF multilogging accusations can be seen here. Carlos, NR leader, doesn’t supply much evidence regarding NR, other than provide the stamps of several accused penguins, such as: Bambam1012, Barry20092, Tommmy4, Great Snail 2.


The Night Rebels and the Doritos continued to accuse the Redemption Force of multilogging, through similar IDs and the average amount of stamps ranging from 0-2 for most penguins accused. The main exposure post can be found here. They are accused for purposely creating several penguins that are named after accused DCP multilogs. Such as Zaynman, Fireg50, and Sarax1. Who have all been seen at previous RF events throughout all last week. Many other penguins share very similar ID’s, making them created within a day or a few days apart of each other. Examples can be seen below.

Carpel90 :340118785

Lala404: 340115173

Naruto50: 340117585

Cpruler2000: 339654909

Dehaney257: 340159729

The Doritos have also provided a picture from a Redemption Force training session while it was happening. Showing that they did indeed use Fireg50 as a multilog.

Some of these penguins can be seen at RF’s most recent event:

Weekly Poll

This week we asked you “What part of the year do you enjoy celebrating the most in armies? to which 44% of you responded with Christmas, 32% of you with summer and 10.7% of you claimed that you liked Halloween.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


CPA Central Reporter


CPA Central Editor in Chief

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


55 Responses

  1. LOL

  2. wtf why are the bios not in numbers man CPAC has gone to complete shit how the hell did any of these idiots get hired.

  3. Wheres the proof?

    • We had 3 events. please show proof we multi logged in any of the 3.


      • U madddddd?????????? Look at how many times your army has been deducted? You’re being brainwashed by them and you aren’t even understanding of the meaning of deducted and multilogs. You left NR Mike, it was a right place for you but you joined RF as a bad place for multilog army. Remember l told you all this before? When l was in WV, you joined an enemy army. I don’t know what to say this to you bro, but that’s how many haters are against you. Fix your dream.

        • Jesus man what’s you’re problem bud, all I did was help out NR, I Didn’t do anything to you, why do you make everything so personal. Yes I’m so brainwashed.

          And theres still no credible proof all they did was try to use Epics events that they deducted from 2 weeks ago when he’s not even in the army anymore, they didn’t show any proof that we multi logged on any 3 of our events last week.

          So still, PROOF PROOF PROOF.

  4. Looking forward to seeing if the Nachos claimed the top dog spot.

  5. when you maxed 10/11 in an event saying the opponent maxed 9 but cpac take it as you maxing 9

    • When CPAC doesn’t include your AUSIA event.

      • They probably included it in the calculations just not the bio

        • Take a look

          • Smh

  6. Cenation4Top5

  7. Armies have become so shit over the past 4-5 months and it’s because of inexperienced leaders leading armies and armies not being able to peak past 20. The number one army its self can only hit 20. Armies are dead, even over the summer the highest max was like 30. Last summer and all the years before that armies were hitting 50-70+. Armies are WELL AND TRULY DEAD. Ever since 2015, armies couldn’t become big or they’d be called “multiloggers” which is complete bullshit if you ask me. Ever since the Light Troops & Night Warriors closed armies died. They were the only armies keeping things together and spicing things up 6 months ago. This community is dead as fuck.
    **Also in the Champions Cup (the biggest tournament in CPA) no army has hit over 20. Which is sad if you ask me and it’s sad its-self if this stupid news site still keeps it going, it’s embarrassing and stupid**
    End this shit now before the shit ends all of you.

    • Shut the fuck up, you’re just upset you got caught multilogging on 10 different occasions.

      • Where am I complaining about getting exposed? I’m complaining about the state of our community and that we need to fix it you stupid handicapped shit head. Go fix the floorboards that you fell through last weekend you fat wanker.

        • You life must be sad when you deny cheating at a kids game and the best you can come back with is comments on physical appearance, please write me back when your stupidity level has shrunk. Talking about fixing this community when you legit just plagued it even more.

        • lmao epic aren’t you the one that closed LT in the first place? if you did why did you close it? why the fuck did you close it down if you knew LT was keeping armies alive? if you didn’t why the fuck did water close it down?

    • The fact that armies are and will continue to decline has been percolating for a while now and it is no surprise that the same observations will be made in the next upcoming months. While I personally think that CP armies will continue to exist so long as Disney keeps Club Penguin running, the community will continue to wither away. In other words, let’s enjoy the game while it lasts.

  8. I can’t believe this, come on. RPF had only 3 events, so of course they will get higher in tactics, and it is not fair. And we had less points in event quality because Teutons didn’t show up to our tournament, and that shouldn’t even matter if you face someone or not. We got robbed and we call for a recount of the stats.

  9. Ok so I was so proud of what Nachos had done this week and thought yeah we deserved 1st. I mean we had 8 events maxing 15 and more. Out tactics were on point and I look at this and see us in 2nd. So, I look and see RPF has had less events than us with similar sizes and so I think to myself how this occured. I see they are ahead by 6 points. I know we had great tactics so tell me did RPF have out of this world tactics or did we just get really hard done by? I never comment on these posts and I feel very hard done by. Us leaders had worked hard all week and what we get in return is 2nd spot? I mean I am happy and all but we deserved 1 and I am really angry.I don’t sugarcoat things and I certainly don’t how I am raging at this. We got hard done by I know it. I have been trying my hardest to make the best out of my position and I have I am so happy with our progress yet I am raging because we didn’t get what we deserved. Please tell me how RPF got first and we didn’t and tell us what they did so much better than us?

    Thank you for reading my rant and I hope someone can tell me how CPAC calculates this?

    • No.

  10. omegas reopened

    • Are you going to keep merging into another army like a bunny hopping off to diffrerent army?

      • Yes I will be doing so. I will be merging into another army, lovely spelling there too my friend.
        Thanks a lot,
        Brigade3 CPA Legend

  11. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB.


  13. Shouldn’t the top ten makers change the top ten formula to portray current army sizes? With an outdated formula from 2013 it’s obvious armies are scoring barely 50 points. A new rise isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so just face the fact that armies are getting lower sizes and have the top army score between 70-90

    • It’s quite depressing to see the top army getting 54 points

    • It’s quite a useful form of data to compare years when CPAC does end of year statistical analysis. Changing the formula like this makes it impossible to compare years. If 55 is a good score then it doesn’t matter.

      • ayup kingpanks hmu on kik mate

  14. Good Job all Armys 🙂
    PD: Good Job Wild Ninjas 😀

  15. Just end CPA. Jesus Christ.

  16. I hereby declare DCP’s independence from CPAC. Don’t include us on this disgusting site any longer. Full statement about this can be read on

    Good day

    • midlife crisis

    • Tbh, don’t think they were gonna include multilogs anyway

      • Lol deleting my comments Jodie?

        • I don’t delete comments, I don’t even give a shit about comments or posts lmao.

          • Lol I made a comment and wrote about your shit nudes and it got deleted, don’t lie

            • I’ve never sent nudes, but ok. I still have no reason to delete your idiotic comments.



              • “you all know i enjoy shit talking, but personal shit is the limit for this site with me. whatever you do in this community, don’t be an Epic.”

                >talks about someone’s dick pics

                totally not personal at all. Again, whether you’ll believe me or not, I was stoned throughout that whole conversation and would never in my right mind send pictures like that if I wasn’t stoned, but you and Mach can keep it saved on your phones because you’re both faggots, and it’s 2016 so who am I to judge

                • C:UsersHome PCPicturesSaved Picturessmall.png

      • lol kys ^

  17. It’s tucking tiring how people continue to comment and rant every day about how armies and cpac should be dead or that they’re already dead. Learn to deal with what’s going on, do something about it or get get a life fags.

  18. Sammie, you should probably fix the top ten font, it’s deleted or something.

    • I don’t understand

      • You know the font image won’t show up. The image is before “Week of 30th October – 5th November 2016.” Is it deleted or something?

        • It’s shows up for me. It’s a problem with you

          • It doesn’t shows others either, can you show me what it looks like? Is it a new font image for the top ten?

  19. Stop ruining the prestige of the top 10.

  20. These comments are funny.

  21. why the fuck dont u just end CPA? no one gives a fuck about it anymore thats why armies r losing size just fucking close CPA, forget about it, and move the fuck on so no one has to fucking argue and say “armies r dying” just close fucking CPA and all armies and shut the fuck up and quit arguing

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