Champions Cup V – Day Six Recap // Conclusion of the Group Stages

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Today is the final day of the group stages. All armies fought hard to go through to the quarter finals.

Group C

Doritos vs Thugs

The final day opened with the Doritos taking on the Thugs. However, the battle turned out one sided with the Thugs taking the victory against the no – show Doritos. The Thugs will move on to the Quarter finals.

Red Miners vs Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas took on the Red Miners in the second battle of today. The Wild Ninjas entered the Snow Forts with 11 troops but the Red Miners failed to show up in the first 5 minutes. The Wild Ninjas take the victory and are through to the quarter finals.


  1. Wild Ninjas (9 pts)
  2. Thugs of CP (6 pts)
  3. Red Miners (3 pts)
  4. Doritos (0 pts)

Group D

Nachos vs Army of CP

In the biggest battle of the day, the Nachos are against their former enemies, the ACP. Both armies entered the stadium with a bomb. The Nachos proceed to a diagonal line whilst the ACP forms a line across the middle. The Nachos have 11 on CP whilst the ACP has 11 on CP. With sizes almost staying equal, tactics plays a crucial role in the result. After exchanging fire, both armies piled on opposite sides and bombed each other. After, the Nachos form a line on the top of the ice rink whilst the ACP proceed to make a X shape. In their formation, the nachos chant “Salsa too hot” whilst the ACP defend with sun emotes. The ACP quickly move to a coffee cup whilst the nachos bomb again with E+T. As the battle enters it’s second half, the ACP shows their love for “fish burgers” whilst the nachos wink at them. After a fierce battle in both tactics and formation, sizes were equal and both armies had good organisation, the battle was announced as a tie and both armies get one point each.



  1. Nachos (4 pts)
  2. Teutons (3 pts)
  3.  Army of CP (1 pts)


The group stages has now come to an end. Thanks to all armies who attended their battles. The Nachos, Wild Ninjas, Thugs are all through to the quarter finals. More about the quarter finals will be released later in the week. Thanks to all armies for a wonderful battle!


CPA Central Reporter


14 Responses

  1. Only 1 person judging a huge battle like Nachos vs ACP is completely a joke…

  2. The ACP v Nachos battle was a complete joke like Cookky said. 1 judge, and that judge left by saying “It’s a tie now I’m gonna watch X-Factor. Very undeserving result to two armies that deserved a more formal decision.

    • The X factor thing was a joke. Both armies were equal in size and tactics which is why I called a draw. Your in the quarter finals anyway.

  3. Omegas take the place of Teutons

  4. Lot more than 11 on cp, we maxed out at 19.

    • And we maxed 16-18, this was complete trash.

      • Agreed, Nachos do not wish to be in any battle judged by Sammie if we can help it, and request a new gamemaster.

        • The X factor thing was a joke and both armies were equal in size and tactics which is why I’ve called a draw

          • You should of done overtime, you were the only judge, and we didn’t even know the times until Friday. You need to step down from gamemaster.

            • Everything was equal so overtime would have been useless

              • Look, you do more than one judge for a reason, sorry if it would of cut into your TV show, but you need to resign from gamemaster.

                • Why?

                  • Because you are the worst gamemaster ever

                    • Please tell
                      Me how I’m the worst game master ever. I also don’t want to debate here, give me your kik

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