Champions Cup V: Weekend Three Battle Times

The Champions Cup V now enters the final week of the group stages. All armies still got a shot at entering the knockout stages in two weeks time. Below, you can view the times for your tournament battle.

*CPAC apologies for the times being out too late. We are sorry for the short notice and we promise this won’t happen again*

Battle Info and Times

The group stage battles will last 20 minutes each with no room change. A win for any army will earn them three points, a draw will earn one point, and a loss will earn no points. All battles will be held on the server Klondike unless otherwise specified by the head judge.

Group A

In the second weekend of battles, the Night Rebels continued to dominate the group but the Blue Troops still has the chance to get through to the quarter finals if they take the victory this week.

Saturday, November 5

*Due to daylight savings, the time difference between EST and GMT is only four hours. This will change back to normal on Sunday. E.g. 8pm UK – 2pm EST*

Night Rebels vs Kings of CP

2:00pm EST, 1:00pm CST, 12:00pm MST, 11:00am PST, 6:00pm UK


Army Republic vs Blue Troops

2:30pm EST, 1:30pm CST, 12:30pm MST, 11:30am PST, 6:30pm UK


Group B

The Rebel Penguin Federation has won all their battles so far but the Golds will provide great competition for them as this will be a tie breaker for the group. The Penguin Army Force also look to gain some points.

Saturday, November 5

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Golds

3:00pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST, 7pm UK


Penguin Army Force vs The Great British Army

3:30pm EST, 2:30pm CST, 1:30pm MST, 12:30pm PST, 7:30pm UK


Group C

The Wild Ninjas continue to take the victories in all their battles but the Thugs are slowly catching up. The Red Miners will need a victory if they have any chance to make it to next week.

Sunday, November 6th

*US clocks went back an hour. The times difference between the UK and EST is now back to the normal, 5 hours*

Doritos vs Thugs

2:00pm EST, 1:00pm CST, 12:00pm MST, 11:00am PST, 7pm UK


Red Miners vs Wild Ninjas

2:30pm EST, 1:30pm CST, 12:30pm MST, 11:30am PST, 7:30pm UK


Group D

The Nachos took a victory last week and they are tied with the Teutons in terms of group points. The Teutons will be given a bye for this week.

Sunday, November 6

Army of CP vs Nachos

3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST, 8pm UK


Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the battles and timings. Make sure you are on during your battle. Good Luck!


CPA Central Reporter/Gamemaster


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