Champions Cup V: Day Four Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Today, the Champions Cup continued as another set of armies aim to impress and dominate.

Group C:

Doritos vs Wild Ninjas

Day four of the Champions Cup opened as the Wild Ninjas take on the Doritos. The Wild Ninjas stormed into the battle room with eight troops. Due to there being no sign of the Doritos, the Wild Ninjas automatically take the victory here and add 3 points to their score.

Red Miners vs Thugs of CP

 The second battle of the day saw the Red Miners against the Thugs. The Thugs of CP logged on with 3 troops whilst the Red Miners managed to get only one penguin online. The Thugs entered the room with a joke bomb whilst the lone Red Miner done several emote tactics in a space of a minute. The Thugs then formed a diagonal line whilst the Red Miners proceed to throw snowballs at their troops. After both armies fought hard for 20 minutes, the Thugs were declared the victors due to their dominance in all categories. They add their first points to their score after a defeat last week.


  1. Wild Ninjas (6 pts)
  2. Thugs of CP (3 pts)
  3. Red Miners (3 pts)
  4. Doritos (o pts)

Group D

Teutons vs Nachos

The final battle of this eventful day saw the Teutons face the Nachos. The Nachos came to the Stadium with a strong 13 troops but the Teutons decided not to show up. The Nachos formed a horizontal line in the middle of the room with a maximum troop count of 17. Due to the Teutons not showing up, the Nachos takes the victory and they jump up to first place in their group.

*Due to a time confusion, the battle between the Teutons and the Nachos may be rescheduled. Will be updated shortly.


  1. Teutons (3 pts)
  2. Nachos (3 pts)
  3.  Army of CP (o pts)



CPA Central Reporter


3 Responses

  1. Where are the times of the next round btw?

    • Shit, I literally forgot. I’m going to get them out since Lorenzo has disappeared.

      • Unacceptable tbh..

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