Teutons Declare War on Several Armies

NORTH POLE, Teutons Capital – It has been a rocky past few weeks for the Teutons, so to spice things up, they have decided to declare war on several different armies which include the Night Rebels, Army of CP and more.

The past month has been filled with war for the Teutons. It all started, a month ago when the Golds declared war on the Teutons. That war was filled with several battles and was blasted with multilogging accusation from both sides. After the war, the Teutons were hit with deductions from the CPAC administration which caused a ruckus in the army itself. The war against the Golds ended in a treaty and peace were made between the two armies.

But it wasn’t too long until the army got into another war and this time, it was with a S/M army, the Blue Troops. After the two leaders had an exchange of insults, the war slowly diminished.

On the 24th of October, Brigade3, leader of the Teutons army has decided to declare war on several major CPAC Top Ten armies which include the likes of the Night Rebels, Kings, Army of CP, Army Republic, Rebel Penguin Federation and again, the Golds. However, the Teutons will not be fighting alone. They will battle all their enemies with the Leeds Army, “Black and Tans Army” and the “Trump Supporters Army.” Below, you can see an excerpt of the declaration or you can see the full post here.

Troops it has time to start a great war. It is the grand Teutonic alliance vs our enemies.

We are declaring war on the Night Rebels, Kings, Blue Troops and the Army of Club Penguin. Don’t get me wrong- we will become victorious. 

-Brigade3, Teutons Leader

As you can see from the above, the Teutons “aim to conquer all of CPA” with their alliance. Brigade is also confident that his army will walk away from this war, victorious and that they will be aiming nothing short of that. To get a better insight into what the Teutons want out of this war, CPAC has decided to interview, Brigade3.

Most recent Teutons event

Interview with Brigade3, Teutons leader:

CPAC: Why did the Teutons declare war on such a large number of armies?

Brigade3: Well, imagine if there was no ACP, it’s easy if you try. I’ve been inspired by the enemy to create a better world. A “CPA without ACP”. Imagine CPA without them, how good would that be? That is possible!

CPAC: How do you plan on winning this war?

Brigade3: Basically, Gary has a philosophy and we are gonna stick to it. I’ve been on a trip to John’s Lennon house recently and it inspired me to become a better leader, like he was. We can do it with his wise words.

CPAC: How long do you think this war will last for?

Brigade3: Approximately, two weeks.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Brigade3: Of course, I’m ambitious. What’s wrong with that? Otherwise, you sleep all day.

As you can see from this interview, Brigade is ambitious that he can win this war. He has taken advice from several celebrities which include British legends, John Lennon and soccer manager, Gary Monk. It’s also been a good start for the army as they claim that Kings broke a treaty which caused all their nation to transfer to the Teutons. But the Kings countered that by saying that only 1/4 of their leaders agreed when 3/4 must agree to a treaty. The Teutons also hope that this war will end quickly so they can “take over armies”.

In my opinion, I believe that this war will be a smashing ending to a turbulent 2016. Based on how armies have been performing lately, this war should hopefully bring some hype and spice back to this community which has been looking dry lately. This could possibly be the last “alliance war” in armies so let’s hope that it goes well and that there is no multilogging accusations and bot raiding. Stay tuned for full battle coverage of this war!


What do YOU think? Who will win this war? Comment YOUR opinion below! Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


35 Responses

  1. Kings of CP never surrendered as our army has a rule that 3/4 of the leaders have to agree to a treaty for it to count but only 1/4 of the leaders agreed so it does not count because the rest declined so our nation is still ours.

    • Please fix the post teutons dont own our nation.

      • Sorry we do, god bless

  2. I think you got it wrong on the post it says only BT NR and ACP because Kings surrendered M8

    • see

    • Listen multi logging scum. Did you even read the post? It says 1/4 of our leaders agreed when 3/4 of the leaders have to agree. In that case we still own our nation and the war is still on.

      • Wait so you’re saying you did broke the treaty but the only problem is that it doesn’t exist because only 1 out of 4 leaders agreed?

        • Yeah the treaty doesn’t count.

  3. Teutons are worse than DCP & DCP is a troll army lol

  4. ACP raped them yesterday, this should be fun.



  5. Teutons can’t beat every armies, and you know that Brigade. Teutons are gonna die & will not be continuing any further. You can’t led duuuuude + you don’t even know how stupid you are when it comes to multilogs. You’re getting deducted again and again. I don’t see a freaking event schedule posted on Teutons site, and you copied ACP’s tactics page. It is not easy to beat an army without ACP. You’re just dumb man. Just shut down the Teutons and we are good.

    • Comment of the year. ^^

      • call yourself a Teutons legend fuck off

        • Excuse me, do I know you? You seem to be triggered.

        • you aren’t one of Brig’s multi losers? LOL

        • and oh yeah, I don’t care if I’m a legend anyways, do you think ‘legend’ can get me special in Teutons, maybe you are blind… I tell you, you suck bro.

    • teutons are winning dumbass

  6. Brigade, all these armies ur talking about r tough bulls. U mess with them and get ur ass sifted.

    • teutons are winning war dumbass

      • Actually, we are really whipping our blue asses.

  7. Can I just remind Teutons that they’ve to actually put a 24 hour warning that they’re invading a server? Your “invasion” of Breeze, if it can even be called that, had no such warning. Just because you lost North Pole smh

    • are u sad bro? We maxed 50 gg where you at

      • You’re ignoring the point that Teutons didn’t schedule it 24 hours before – meaning that it isn’t actually a legitimate invasion.
        I’m not interested in the sizes you can multilog.

      • You’re just a bratty multilog who doesn’t a troll army to be crushed by a legendary army, mate. Maybe your missing out that ACP fears nothing to Teutons lol.

        • You’re just a bratty multilog who doesn’t know anything, a troll army to be crushed by a legendary army. Maybe your missing out that ACP fears nothing to Teutons lol.

  8. Suicide.

    • nachos commited suicide when they hired u xdddd

      • Lmao, I was hired for owner yes, but I earned my promotion to leader, learn facts before speaking out.

        • get fucked

          • You are sick.

            • Am I lmao

              • Yes

                • proof of my illness?

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