Champions Cup V: Day Two Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The first week of the Champions Cup V group stage continued today with battles for Groups C and D. 

Group C

Doritos vs Red Miners

The Red Miners attended the battle with a single troop, beating the absent Doritos and earning 3 points.

Wild Ninjas vs Thugs of CP

In the second battle of the day, the Wild Ninjas took on the Thugs. The Wild Ninjas entered the battle room with a joke bomb, then quickly formed a horizontal line. The Thugs then came in with 2 troops and formed a diagonal line. The Wild Ninjas had 8 in the beginning, performing an E+2 tactic whilst the Thugs added a couple of troops. The battle quickly turned into a snowball fight as WN fired upon the Thugs. While the Thugs return fire, WN does E+6 in their line. Then, the Thugs joke bombed as WN defended with E+8. Following the bomb, the two sides remained scattered and continued to throw snowballs at each other, then the Thugs moved into a diagonal line and WN lined up across the room. At this point, the Wild Ninjas had 9 troops on, and the Thugs had grown to 6. At the end of the battle, the judges voted 3-0 that the Wild Ninjas were the winners.



  1. Wild Ninjas (3 pts)
  2. Red Miners (3 pts)
  3. Thugs of CP (0 pts)
  4. Doritos (0 pts)

Group D

Teutons vs Army of Club Penguin

The last battle of the day pitched the Teutons and ACP together. ACP did not attend the battle, and the Teutons, showing up with 5 troops, took the victory and 3 points.


  1. Teutons (3 pts)
  2. Army of CP (0 pts)
  3. Nachos (0 pts)


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


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  1. Teutons ftw

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