Top Ten Armies [10/23/16]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Armies hit rock bottom this week, sizes and activity plummeting to the lowest levels. 

1. Night Rebels [57.36] [+3]

2. Redemption Force [54.64] [NEW!]

3. Doritos [52.30] [-1]

4. Wild Ninjas [49.72] [+3]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [48.31] [-4] 

6.  Kings of CP [44.80] [+4]

7. Teutons [43.59] [-4]

8. Army Republic [43.40] [+0]

9. Golds [41.70] [-4]  

10. The Penguin Army Force [38.86] [NEW!]

Full Statistics Here

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Central


Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

  • Point Deductions
    • Doritos: 15 points (multilogging)
    • Teutons: 15 points (multilogging)

1. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels kicked off their week with their first AUSIA event under Shady’s leadership. In this, the army successfully saw heights of 16+. They continued on to hold an unscheduled UK training event, maxing sizes of 20. This was followed by a US training which saw sizes of around 15. Maxing 13, their next event was a PB against the Army Republic – in which the final verdict was a tie. With their next two events being UK training’s, seeing sizes of 12-15, the NR finished their week participating in our Champions Cup, winning against the Blue Troops despite maxing just 6.

2. Redemption Force: RF returned to the community this week, beginning with a UK training event which maxed sizes of 16. They continued on to hold a US training session, which attained sizes of around 35. This was followed by a UK cleansing of Thermal, maxing 15. Sizes rocketed for their next event, seeing sizes of 38+ during a recruiting session. Their next event, also being a recruiting session, maxed slightly smaller sizes of 30. They went on to hold an unscheduled UK training session, maxing 20, before finishing the week with a recruiting session which is claimed to have attained sizes of 40+.

3. Doritos: The Doritos commenced their week with a training session which was raided by bots, in which they are claiming to have attained sizes of 30. They continued on to hold a war training event, which saw the same sizes. Their next event was, once again, of the same standards – also upholding perfect tactics. The Doritos finished their week with an event which once again saw heights of around 30.

4. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas began their week with an AUSIA event which averaged sizes of 12. Their next event maxed sizes of 9 before being raided by bots. This was followed by another training event, which saw a drop in sizes as the army maxed sizes of 7. For their next 5 or so events, the Wild Ninjas successfully attained a constant size of between 8-10 troops. Sizes increased for their next event, maxing 14. This was followed by two events maxing 10-12, and their final event of the week successfully saw heights of 19+.

5. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF started their week with a games night, which also symbolised the “re-opening” of their UK division. In this, the army saw sizes of around 13. They continued on to hold an AUSIA event, maxing 10. Their next event was, once again, one of the UK division – which attained sizes of 14 throughout. Their final event of the week was the participation in our annual Champions Cup, in which they saw sizes of 20+. 

6. Kings of CP: The Kings began their week with a recruiting event which successfully saw heights of 14. They continued on to hold a tribute event to Kings creator, King89698, who seemingly passed away at some point during the past few weeks. In this, the army maxed sizes of 37. Their final event of the week was another tribute event, which is claiming to have maxed 35. 


7. Teutons: After receiving a deduction for multilogging this week, the Teutons found themselves thrown into 7th place. They began their week with a UK training event which saw heights of 17+. Their next event dipped in sizes, seeing heights of 15. This was followed by another UK event in which sizes of 25 are being claimed. Their final evnt was of the AUSIA division, with sizes of 14 being claimed. 

8. Army Republic: AR began their week with a training event which turned into a Practice Battle versus the Nachos, maxing 9. This was followed by a scheduled PB against the Night Rebels, seeing sizes of 11, and a U-Lead event which, once again, saw sizes of 9. Later on in the week, the AR held a commemorative event to celebrate Sai’s birthday. In this, the army successfully attained sizes of 8 throughout. They went on to hold another training event to finish their week, which saw the same sizes. 

9. Golds: The Golds commenced their week with a training session. In this, the army maxed sizes of 11, averaging 9. They continued on to hold a training event to honour the 11th anniversary of Club Penguin. In this, the army saw their best sizes of the week – 12. The Golds’ only other event for the week was their participation in the Champions Cup against The Penguin Army Force – in which they maxed 6. 

10. The Penguin Army Force: The Penguin Army Force begin the week with a US training session wherein they maxed and averaged 3, then hit sizes of 3 again at another US training session. The army once again held another training session in which they maxed and averaged 2, then had another training event where they maxed 6 and averaged 5. Troop sizes hit 2 at another training event, and then had the same event type in which they maxed 7 and averaged 6 to end the week.



Deductions Statement

Both the Doritos and Teutons have been deducted points this week for the same reason; multilogging with the same penguins that were exposed a couple of weeks ago. The full details can be read at the bottom of that week’s Top Ten.

Several exposed DCP penguins can be seen at their training session on October 19th.

This week, more suspected DCP multilogs surfaced, including Batman23445, Daniel82578, and Jasonmatrix, all of which were at their most recent event.

Also, some of these penguins are ones which have already been exposed as multilogs.


Furthermore, it was discovered that some of the Doritos’ “recruits” had very similar null IDs on Xat, even down to just a two-digit difference. These null IDs for the same penguins even changed on a day-by-day basis.

Taken Oct. 18

Taken Oct. 19

The exposed Teutons penguins M Buble and Teutontroop were both present at their most recent event.

Additionally, the penguin Parker1234 was found to be a multilog during a battle last week; the penguin was created by Security, and showed up as a Teuton before Security logged on to it, disconnecting whoever was using it in Teutons. Parker can be seen at the Teutons event on October 18.


Weekly Poll

Last week, we asked what the main motivation for armies was, and the Top Ten got the most answers by far, with 51%. Following that was “war” with 25%, and “comradery” with 23%. If the Top Ten is what drives armies to succeed, does that make war pointless?

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPAWM Board of Directors


51 Responses

  1. Good job to all armies this week!


    • Nice ‘Exposure’ Post, you proved literally Nothing.
      “This penguin has a miners helmet on and no stamps, they must be a multilog”
      Legit retarded cunts over at the Night Rebels.

  3. Great job to all participating armies!

  4. Good Job Wild Ninjas and PAF 😀

  5. “I have nothing to hide” ~Badboy on the Doritos, October, 2016.

    • Yesss xD

    • he whipped his cock out for Mach, when he says he hides nothing, I believe him

  6. It’s hilarious how DCP gets exposed for multilogging a dozen penguins, and still stands 3rd while other legitimate and more consistent armies sit below. Plus, DCP should’ve received a 30 point deduction for 3 weeks this time, but oh well, maybe I’m just being greedy. Good to see CPAC actually looked into it.

    On a site note, every RPF event this week was led with NO LEADERS. Good job RPF!

    • DCP gets deducted 15 points and you still finish behind us, lol sad

      “led with no leaders” you were on as owner on a null the entire week, probably on a shit laptop where you couldn’t load up your nulls so thats why the chat was dead aswell stay salty my nig

      • My comment literally had 23 likes and 9 dislikes, then 30 minutes later it boosted to 25 dislikes. DCP back at it again with the proxy dislikes. You aren’t fooling anyone lmao.

      • Funny how my comment had 23 likes and 9 dislikes and then 30 minutes after it goes to 26 dislikes. DCP upvoting proxies are coming back just like 2015 lolol. Notice how every anti-dcp comment will get 30 dislikes when they have like five supporters, just like this comment will too (hehe).

        • I don’t care about likes or dislikes, stop talking to yourself lol

          • listen ladies no one rly cares about either of ur armies so pls just shut up

            and even if dcp multilog, chip, wheres ur evidence it was badboy directly

            • true like wtf man

              • u were fast

    • CHIP IM WITH U! #RPF fuck DCP!

  7. CPAC please deduct RF its only fair

    • You can go fuck yo self

      • Shut up! U mean guy.

        • You don’t know what i will do, I will come to your house and kill you.

  8. RIP king Fear the royal command

  9. PAF are just Wild Ninjas. They have the same leaders, troops… How WN gets two chances at the tournament is beyond me.

    • YEA he is right! Thats bad!! They cant get 2 chances!

  10. “CPA

  11. DCP and teutons get demoted but not RF the army who has 25 on chat and 30 on CP idiots lol


  13. CPAC deducts us for “using the same penguins” yet those penguins are real troops and if this was the case, why didn’t we get deducted last week? Your evidence two weeks ago was more appealing than this, this was a complete joke, all you did was claim we kept reusing penguins than put two pictures of random nulls. CPAC are clowns, I defended you guys against Chip’s statements last week calling CEO’s out for being incompetent, and all I get is fucked over every single week when the evidence simply isn’t there. Also I lol’d at your circling of our “multilogs” where you circled two DCP owner’s penguins. Iamsoawesome is Possum and rhinosurfer is rhinosurfer LOL, hes at DCP every day. This was a complete an utter joke, DCP should rightfully be 1st. I love how Lorenzo writes a post two weeks ago after the first deduction, where he wrote he was tired of doing deductions and would try not to deduct anyone unless the evidence is killer, yet here he is deducting 2 out of the last 3 weeks with shit evidence. CPAC needs to re-evaluate what they’re doing, I’m not saying DCP is perfect, but you guys are really not doing the right thing either.

    • check that, iamsoawesome is moopsie

    • If you wanna challenge the evidence then by all means, go ahead. Instead of trying to fortify DCP by stating that you sided with CPAC, debunk everything listed here and I’m sure that CPAC will be more than elated to provide DCP with the 15 points they were deducted. You’re absolutely right when you claim that CPAC isn’t unerring, but if you’re not going to make an attempt to make the evidence look preposterous, then there’s nothing CPAC can do.

      • Did you even look at the original evidence? They actually circled moopsie and rhino’s main penguins and said they were proven multilogs. THEN they said a group of penguins were multilogs because they were dancing similarly. After we pointed out this stupidity, the only evidence left really is a claim that we’re “using the same penguins” which are troops and were attending events last week when we didn’t get deducted, and two pictures of random nulls. So you’re telling me I have to go the full 9 yards to make THAT shit evidence look preposterous. I shouldn’t have to prove anything, if there is reasonable doubt behind the accusations and it isn’t proven that we’re multilogging 100% than there shouldn’t be deductions. I know this isn’t real life, but OJ simpson and casey anthony were both guilty, we knew that. Hilary clinton is guilty, we know that. But reasonable doubt was provided by all 3 of their cases therefore giving them no punishment. CPAC should operate in a similar way. I’ve accepted punishment for armies I’ve multilogged in every single time, even the first time in DCP. I haven’t opened a single multiple tab since July, neither has Trader, you’re all haters. CPAC can’t handle being chirped at by the entire community so they throw deductions around like candy so everyone shuts up. CPAC literally reminds me of my dad, whenever he wants my mom to fuck off he just goes and buys her cigarettes so she leaves him alone, that’s literally what CPAC is doing right now. If CPAC was actually fair and wasn’t playing sides so they can be left alone, then they’d open a full investigation themselves and prove it 100% before deducting.

        • Your whole excuse regarding the accused penguins is horrendous. It’s evident that you’re merely using the same penguins in a frantic attempt to convince CPAC that they’re genuine. Also, before you say anything about the multilogs being used despite being accused, just because they’re stilll attending events doesn’t mean that they’re not multilogs. You and the DCP leadership never made a single post disproving that they’re multilogs. So why should CPAC not issue deductions because you decided to reutilize them? Also, while your analogy on reasonable doubt is decent, the connections you use make you look like you’re guilty. What more evidence do you want?Are you implying that unless you or Mustapha admits to multilogging then DCP is innocent? In that case, assuming that the ownership kept their mouths shut, DCP could multilog all they want without any risk of chastisement?

          • If I were to act frantically about anything, it wouldn’t pertain to club penguin, so lets get that straight. I’d like to see the evidence proving that they ARE multilogs, because all I’ve seen so far is penguin ID’s and stamps, and videos of our chat size, which don’t prove the case 100%. Why do you think wwe hasn’t couped us over not one, but two deductions? Not because he doesn’t care, because he couped Mustapha two months ago over something similar, but because he knows we’re innocent and he knows the army he created draws jealousy and hatred and that’s why we receive this treatment from the rest of the community. And actually I can say that because they still attend events every week they’re not multilogs, because 1, if they were we would’ve stopped using them and 2, because these troops you claim are multilogs, were at DCP events the week before and we didn’t get deducted???? So basically CPAC claimed that three weeks ago they were multilogs, then they weren’t multilogs the next week, and now this week they are again? This is where CPAC looks genuinely dumb. They don’t have enough evidence to prove that they’re actually multilogs, so they can’t consistently make up their mind on whether or not to deduct us. This is where reasonable doubt kicks in. Three weeks ago, Chip released a post saying these penguins were multilogs based off ID’s and stamps, we get deducted. Those troops attend events the next week, no deduction, because we only got 2nd. 13 releases a post saying the same shit chip did three weeks ago, and because we would’ve got first, we got deducted again. So it seems to me that CPAC picks and chooses when they want to deduct us to keep us from getting 1st because they don’t want to hear it from the rest of the community. Everyone chirped in commando’s ear about DCP when we got the most servers on the map, and he didn’t do anything because he knew there simply wasn’t enough evidence. He was smart, and he handled it the right way. You know what he said? He said if you don’t like DCP, then invade them, thats what the map is solely for. Every army bitches about DCP but pays more attention to us than they do about their own armies. If you don’t like us, then battle us, don’t try and abuse us with the media who is so vulnerable and will believe any sort of bullshit they tell you.

            I’ll tell you what evidence I want, I want a fucking golden plague with a list of DCP’s multilogs and passwords on it in order for a heavy deduction to take place like every other army did who’s been deducted before on top ten, with the exception of WV, another great display of judgement on CPAC’s part might I add.

            Meta I love how you’re some hero now speaking all big here on comments too, you were loyal to DCP, and you bought into lies from people you don’t even know well, turned against the people you’ve been with your entire career. You should be ashamed of yourself, 13’s case is different because hes been gone for three years and isn’t the same person, but for someone who’s been with DCP as long as you have, to walk out as easily like its nothing and try to stab us in the back is really low and I know its club penguin armies, but it goes for real life too. You never wanna be that guy who’s the snake and someone that’ll never be trusted by anyone, because you and everyone else who left has that title now, and you’ll have to live with it.

            Everyone who’s doubted DCP has fallen tragically. WV died. RPF died. Those who think they’re doing justice to the community by releasing all these “exposure” posts are literally just banging their heads on their keyboards wishing they were one of us. Whether we get deducted or not, our ultimate goal is to make our mark, and we’re doing it and literally making everyone angry in the process. Our rise is your downfall. Our success is you’re jealousy. You can bitch and moan, even get us deducted 100 times over, but at the end of the day we’re the best and everyone knows it, otherwise ya’ll wouldn’t be so salty. 🙂

    • Hey, sorry to burst your bubble but when you do a shit job of multilogging, you get caught. Especially when you use the same penguins exposed. Stay woke, bud.

      • Whenever I have actually been caught I stopped using those penguins, only it’d be irrational to tell my troops to stop attending events. Stay salty, bud.

    • Exactly why weren’t Teutons deducted last week

  14. Black Cock Down

  15. M buble isn’t a multilog he’s an award winning artist and my man Johnny b is Teuton troop go fuck your self and Parker is an account I leant to my man plat0 for an event once go fuck yourself man.
    M buble will show you the truth.

    • LOL

  16. Lol DCP got #3

  17. Reblogged this on Night Rebels of Club Penguin and commented:
    We are first! ;D

    • Wrong site again lol, probably can’t reblogged to

  18. Okay CPAC, so you are saying DCP got deducted because 5 PENGUINS WERE DANCING THE SAME WHILE
    THE PICTURE? LOL gtfo, every screen is different for each person – my laptop is inherently garbage so how on earth could you just magically assume they are all multilogs because they were moving at the same pance when i took the picture

    • Picture this:
      25 penguins in a room, dancing.
      1 leaves, comes back 2 minutes later.

      That one penguin WILL see everybody dancing at the same time, it’s how the dancing thing works.

      thx for ur time

  19. when ACP isn’t in the top 10

  20. None of you guys seem to be understanding it, so I’ll clear things up. The piece of evidence regarding the dancing thing is the smallest part to the whole thing, but since it includes pictures, you guys think its the entire evidence. If you read, it states that the multilogs that got them deducted 2 weeks ago were used again. They didn’t get deducted last week because no one reported them. Musta says the penguins were created this month and their troop’s initial penguins got banned but all those “15 troops” penguin’s were created on the exact same day, and actually started appearing on chat ever since the day the penguins were created, specifically when Badboy joined.
    I should stop exposing DCP honestly, they just nulled their chat to 80 today; they acknowledged that DCP is a troll army and should remain that way. lolz

    • Chip, just quit armies already dude. I exposed your sad life in SWAT, then I exposed you for saying you’d multilog for another army, now you’re still asking for more. Like literally you tabbed 15 in WV for two years straight, and in a way you are an expert, because you somehow slipped through the cracks and didn’t get caught. shoutout cpac

      CPAC picks and chooses when they want to deduct us. If they were 100% sure that those penguins were multilogs, then we would’ve been deducted three weeks straight, not because no one reported it the 2nd week.

      You should stop embarrassing yourself honestly, we killed your pathetic army without even trying. and I mean that literally.

      • Wrong. I confessed to multilogging when I could’ve easily slipped by; I admitted because I changed a long time ago and I’m legitimate. Wrong, I didn’t multilog 15. I multilogged 2-3 for less than six months and I confessed to it. Everyone knows my RPF regime was legitimate, and you do as well. You got deducted, you know you multilog, you’re lying to yourself, and ultimately, you can’t fool anyone. You didn’t kill RPF; you refused to go to war. So, please elaborate how you “killed” RPF. You bot raided us, it didn’t stop us :P. You’re incompetent, a living contradiction, and one of the funniest memes I’ve came by in a while. Thank you for that!

        • You’re one of the biggest, if not THE biggest liar I’ve ever encountered in the 5 years I’ve been involved with this game. You confessed to multilogging, then did it again in UMA and then I caught you saying you’d do it for another army WHILE YOU WERE RPF LEADER, so please tell me how you’ve changed exactly. I’m not doubting RPF’s legitimacy, because unlike you I don’t accuse someone of doing anything if I can’t back it up 100%, however it does seem quite peculiar to me that when Bounce retires, it all goes to shit and you claim you’ve “lost motivation”. Although you might say that doesn’t mean anything, it raises quite the suspicion of what actually went on, but I don’t want to trigger you any further so I’ll let that go.

          CPAC chooses when they want to deduct us, and quite frankly I couldn’t care less because we dominated the map and have been 1st on that top ten like 100 times so it doesn’t bother me one bit. DCP is the most legitimate army out there, and based on the fact that you, 13 and others have tried so effortlessly to try and bring us down, has just made us see how good we really are and how jealous we make others. You’re right, when didn’t go to war, we killed RPF mentally, being bigger & stronger than you, having your own troops flock to DCP and saying they didn’t like it in RPF says enough. I never bot raided RPF, and it had nothing to do with you falling, you did that yourself, and quite frankly, you of all people didn’t need any help. cough WV cough

          You’re a deranged turkish kid, an angry clown who chooses not to go to school so he can persue his dream of being a club penguin army leader, because that’s all you really get out of life. You’ve been quite the enjoyable enemy, and one of the most cringiest kids to ever play this game, however you do not give up, you fight for what you believe in which is admirable in most cases, but what you believe in is flawed, because at the end of the day, whether CPAC deducts us or not, we beat RPF on all cylinders and you’ll still be sitting there banging your head on your keyboard, running frantically around your attic wishing it would’ve gone differently. But at the end of the day, its club penguin, and most of this wont matter soon at all, so whatever happened, happened. And you’ll get over it….. eventually

  21. cpac thinks my account is a multi log I cri now
    Cage9- Teutons Lightning McQueen

  22. I thought armies
    Were dead wtf

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