Champions Cup V: Day One Recap

The Champions Cup V opened up today with battles in Groups A and B, with all armies hoping to get an early 3 points in the group stage. 

Group A

Night Rebels vs Blue Troops

The Night Rebels slowly trickled into the Ice Berg at the start of the battle, forming a vertical line. The Blue Troops showed up a few minutes late, attacking NR with E+4. NR troops defended themselves with E+9, and the 2 Blue Troops made their way to the right side of the room. The Night Rebels had 7 in their line. BT joke bombed after a few minutes, while NR put up E+7 winks. Then, NR pushed back with an E+3 bomb before lining up across the Berg. Although the Blue Troops gave a respectable effort, the Night Rebels won the battle and earned 3 points.


Army Republic vs Kings of CP

Unfortunately, neither army showed up for their battle, so no points were awarded.


  1. Night Rebels: 3 pts
  2. Blue Troops: 0 pts
  3. Army Republic: 0 pts
  4.  Kings of CP: 0 pts

Group B

Rebel Penguin Federation vs The Great British Army

Group B battles opened up with the Rebel Penguin Federation Facing the Great British Army. The two sides met at the Ice Berg, RPF with around 20 troops, and TGBA with a single fighter. RPF troops moved into a plus formation, while TGBA attacked with a joke bomb. After a few tactics, the battle continued with RPF piling at the top of the room, then doing a joke bomb while TGBA did E+N. In the end, RPF had clearly won the battle, and earned 3 points.

Golds vs The Penguin Army Force

The Golds and Penguin Army Force closed out the opening day of battles in a small but evenly-matched contest. At the start of the battle, the Golds formed a line along the bottom with 5 troops, and TPAF lined up at the top with 4. They exchanged tactics in these formations for several minutes, then the Golds did a joke bomb. TPAF responded with an E+5 bomb, then switched to E+L. While TPAF troops got back to their line and did E+Q ice creams, Golds piled at the top and attacked with an E+M money bomb. Following this, they formed a vertical line, now maxing 6. As the Golds opened fire on TPAF, TPAF troops did E+2 and fired back. At the end of the battle, the Golds took the victory in a 3-0 vote, receiving 3 points.



  1. Rebel Penguin Federation: 3 pts
  2. Golds: 3 pts
  3. The Great British Army: 0 pts
  4. The Penguin Army Force: 0 pts


The Champions Cup V group stage continues tomorrow with battles for Groups C and D.

What do you think of the Champions Cup V opening day battles? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO




3 Responses

  1. wait so kcp is out of the tourney? it’s not fair were only US and Ausia

    • The Kings still have two more chances to earn points next week and the week after. The battles are scheduled the way they are to make it UK-friendly, and because most US troops are available in the afternoon on weekends.

  2. so out of 4 battles, one army maxed 20 & nobody else even broke past 10? lol gg community

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