Redemption Force Return To The Community

Unestablished territory, Redemption Force’s Empire- As of October 14th, The Redemption Force have risen from the metaphorical grave in an attempt to make a potential mark on the already lacking community. Will the Redemption Force be able to live up to their clear expectations, or slowly fade into obscurity once again? Click “Read More” to find out more about their recent return!

The Redemption Force were established around August 2013, created by Reacon, they were a medium sized army that planned to make a name for themselves within the community. In doing this, the RF had slowly risen throughout the virtual ‘food chain’ for a lack of better terms, and we’re able to reach the 2nd place in the top ten by early 2016, an achievement originally unimaginable for the RF.

Throughout their last generation, they maintained sizes of 20-30+ at most events they held during that time. Due to this present consistency they were able to maintain, they kept overall activity at its peak, keeping the RF alive for quite some time. An example of this can be seen in the picture shown below- taken from an event held throughout the end of their previous generation.

RF Maintaining sizes of 22

Since then, the Redemption Force have decided to make their return to the community. They have no official ‘return’ post per say, but they have had several events since their first returning event, which occurred on October 14th, marking their return. Their first event was an unscheduled Ausia training session, where they maxed sizes of 11. A picture from this event can be seen below:

RF Maintaining sizes of 10

Following this event, they have continued to hold various recruiting and training sessions, reaching sizes of 30 at particular events. The highest they have been able to max since their return is a self-proclaimed “39” penguins. A picture from this massive recruiting session, held on the 18th of October, can be seen below:


RF Maintaining sizes of 30+

Everyone is aware of the current turmoil the CPA is experiencing as of late. I bring this up as the RF has decided to recently return, and it’s important to remember that their is no real prosperity, in my opinion, to be taken advantage of. With this being the case, some may be curious as to how many armies are able to return and then survive for a decent amount of time. As this is important, I decided to interview Reacon, and ask him certain questions pertaining to potential objectives with RF, and as to why he revived this army especially considering the current state that the CPA seems to be in. The following is an interview with Reacon, current RF Leader.

Interview with Reacon, Redemption Force Leader

Disclaimer: In this case, the abbreviation “CPAC” will be colored BLACK due to RF being Red.

CPACWhy did you decide to revive the Redemption Force for yet another generation?

Reacon: Because Epic said he wanted to lead.

CPAC: How do you feel the RF will perform as time continues?

Reacon: Well, I’m not spilling any names but as of right now we are expecting a majorly known CPA leader to jump over to us and lead so I think our performance will grow even greater. We’re expecting them to join Monday.

CPAC: Armies have been experiencing a lack of activity, for a lack of better words, do you believe this will impact the newly revived RF in anyway?

Reacon: I actually think this will help RF, RF is a thriving and growing army in a time where all other armies are declining and slumping, this is the right time for RF to strike in the CPA world.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Reacon: No.

Reacon seems very confident in the future abilities that the RF will hopefully demonstrate as time continues, according to our discussion. He is also mentions a new leader, who will be introduced in the very near future. Reacon seems very optimistic regarding this anonymous individual, who is also already known within the community. He finishes off the interview by alluding to the idea that the RF will ‘thrive’ off those who aren’t currently succeeding, ultimately saying that while others are dying, the RF will simply rise.

Will the RF succeed in becoming the ultimate super power among an already descending community? How will this ‘majorly known’ CPA leader impact an already rising army? Comment “YOUR” opinion in the comment section below!


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief


4 Responses

  1. man these news reporters suck who the fuck hires these people

    • If you’re going to degrade someone’s work, at least understand how to type properly. xD

  2. no
    don’t open any more armies
    please just let cpa die


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