Leaders’ Lounge with Emperor Flor – McHappy


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Lounge – A year has passed since the last Leaders’ Lounge was released, but now it has been revived and will function weekly in which it will be released every Sunday following this week. In this Leaders’ Lounge, I have decided to lounge with McHappy, a retired Army of Club Penguin Leader.

McHappy had come to join the Army of Club Penguin after having been in the Fort Ghost Recon since March 2008. McHappy had googled about Club Penguin armies and had come to join the Fort Ghost Recon where he learned the basics from Soccerp and Wsd09. He had left the Fort Ghost Recon after a month, and resumed to play Club Penguin casually. He then googled Club Penguin armies yet again in December and found out about the Army of Club Penguin where he joined on December 20th, 2008. He attended an event the same day he joined, and was given Sergeant by Boomer, and has been active in the Army of Club Penguin ever since.

Interview with McHappy, Retired Army of Club Penguin Leader

CPAC: What did you most enjoy during your time leading in the Army of Club Penguin?

McHappy: The things I enjoyed the most were the friendships I made with people. At the end of the day, this is a social community, and I felt honored to be in a position where I could meet people a little easier from other armies and make connection.

CPAC: What was it that inspired you to become a Army of Club Penguin Leader and continue being active in the army?

McHappy: Well I was in the army and I was given the opportunity to step up when Bobcatboy10 had computer problems and the army was almost on the brink of a civil war. My goal was to always do better than Boomer did, so that sort of inspired me to continue to do my best.

CPAC: Do you think the Army of Club Penguin will once again attain the sizes that were achieved during your leadership?

McHappy: No, probably not. But that’s okay! Armies work differently than when I last led 3 years ago.

CPAC: Any final comments?

McHappy: Join ACP ya’ll. We’re a good time.

McHappy has been retired for over 3 years, and yet he is still active to this day in the Army of Club Penguin. The Army of Club Penguin managed to achieve 120+ when McHappy had stepped up due to Bobcatboy10 experiencing computer issues, where he then stepped down to 2ic. McHappy had retired twice from the Army of Club Penguin until his third retirement where he completely retired due to his age, other interests, and knowing that the future of the Army of Club Penguin is safe.

Here at the CPA Central, the readers’ opinions matters to us! What did YOU think about the first Leaders’ Lounge after one year? Did YOU enjoy the lounge with McHappy? What leader do YOU think I should lounge with next week? Comment your thoughts and opinions below!

After lounging with McHappy, I have learned many things about him, the past of the Club Penguin army community, and the Army of Club Penguin. Tune in for next weeks Leaders’ Lounge!

Emperor Flor

CPA Central Reporter


14 Responses

  1. Mchappy sucks when compared to me, Bam117 flexes

  2. Yo

  3. 2 bullshit posts and no top 10 gj CPAC at not doing what you’re relevant for

    • ^ LMAO

  4. i’m guessing somebody forgot to make the top ten, so they’re trying to distract us with this…

    but really, good post.

    I’d give it an 8/10 on the moisturizer scale.

  5. You should look at my original leaders lounge posts to get a better idea on how this column should work
    The interview should be more in depth than an ordinary interview, this could do with slightly more length. There should also be much more detail analysing their history rather than one paragraph.
    It was also intended for current leaders rather than retired ones.

    It’s a great column and a decent start, just generally needs a bit more. Good luck.

    • leaders lounge is so over played and outdone, its just stale at this point.

      back in my day as ceo, i actually barred people from doing leaders lounge and encouraged people to think of their own column ideas

      i mean, they never actually bothered to do it, but my point still stands

      • It’s good if it’s done right

  6. Please, dear god, somebody make me an army legend before it goes! Please, oh please, how many penguins do I have to draw.

    • Whoops. Wrong story. I think I need sleep.

    • idk but i laughed when i read “how many penguins do I have to draw”
      at the very least i hope that ur comment gets into the quotes page

  7. McHappy, arguably one of my most favorable leaders out of all of them at ACP alongside his companion at the time, bobcatboy.

    McHappy despite going through some transitions, was always a cheery & kind person to everyone at ACP and did indeed max 120+, probably him, matre10 and bobcat are my top 3 leaders of ACP.

    It’s a shame though he’s not retired now. I would’ve hoped that old penguin with the winged helmet and pirate boots would’ve finally taken his leave with the rest of his comrades.

    • He is retired.

  8. 3 questions?
    What a deep and insightful interview

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