Armies Are NOT Dead

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – This week has been rather unpleasant and depressing with a group of posts which were explaining the near extinction of armies. It is upsetting that many people have lost hope within armies, especially putting it out to our viewers who may be new to the concept of armies, just to see they are dying.

Armies have been around for almost a decade, fulfilling joy into many lives of those who wished to join. These past 10 years have been a crazy ride, but this is only the beginning. Each day, many armies receive multiple join applications and steadily, each army is regaining their prior power of dominating the island. We have seen many rises, declines, accusations, deaths and resurrection, which have shaped us into the community we are today, which I personally would not change due to the many amazing people I’ve met throughout armies, and those who still remain fighting.

Although we’ve had a massive decline in size, the main goal is survival. Many armies survived the September Drop. Some cheating and some struggling and managing to succeed. Those who were exposed of their cheating have hopefully stopped, if not then they’re just asking to get exposed again. Before, in the summer, the average size of a top army was ranging between 40 and sometimes 60. As the summer faded into autumn, many recruits went back to school and closed their xat tab for good. Now, the top army manages to pull off 25 through 35. Although this is still an impressive size, it is currently the best sizes there are. Some call this a September Drop and others call it a near death.

To those who fear the community is a risk of death, do something about it. Create an army, recruit and fill the gaps that have lacked in our community. Armies are far from death, but not far from giving up. If we want to prevent that, we need to keep growing. In previous posts, an author at CPA Central proposed an idea of shutting armies down. As this may be a great idea to a few retirees, this community is of those who are active. We shouldn’t let a bitter retiree determine our future. This community is ruled by those who participate in it. We decide if we live and grow, as well when our death will come.

What do YOU think about how much longer armies will survive. Do YOU think you have what it takes to help grow this community? Here at CPA Central, we want YOUR thoughts!

-Apollo / CPA Central AP

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26 Responses

  1. 1-2 years

  2. Why try to give hope when their is none. Why try to deny whats happening and pretend like its just a dryspell. That kind of thinking got us into this predicament in the first place. People “hoping” armies would get better instead of contributing to make it actually happen. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I’m afraid its wasted. CPA’s shut down this week was a prime example and a little taste of whats to come.

    • The community may have little action to the execution of surpassing death, but armies themselves are currently not dead as everyone seems to say. We still have time and there is a way to extend it but right now we may seem at a down point and close to that time running out, but overall we are slowly gaining size.

      • I guess. I suggested to CPA to reboot the map at the end of December, when people are off for winter break, because that’s when hype starts to come back with the Christmas chaos, and armies will be growing and it’ll be a great time for them to compete. But I was ignored because they were all busy fighting among themselves lol

  3. this type of post doesn’t belong on cpac

    this wasnt an editorial, this wasnt a news report

    it was half love letter manifesto to the community, half pointless rambling

    • Yes, but the last 3 posts recommending those to support the end of CPA are allowed. Let’s spread negativity instead of saving the community for people to experience the same feeling of joy playing in armies as we did.

      • No, you’re wrong. My post was about CPA, the website and Security’s post, well no one knows what that is about, so there’s one post.

        • Your post was well thought and explained many points, but I wasn’t talking about your post because I enjoyed it.

          • Ok, sorry

  4. Armies are dying, they’re nearly dead. I’m afraid the community began rapidly deteriorating a long time ago and this is simply just the result of that. There were quite a few options for the community to move forward, that posed as possibly viable solutions but no one would have any of it, so they were abandoned. Not to say that this wasn’t the inevitable outcome either. People have since outgrown this place and its nothing to be ashamed of, it was bound to happen, but it hasn’t happened in the way I’d hope that might reflect a deserving end for everyone. Its unfortunate but it is what it is at this point.

  5. If you want armies to actually be fun again, try to get a game that actually requires skill rather than numbers. The concept of armies in Club Penguin is dead, there is no hiding from it. Saving this community of PEOPLE rather than this community of PENGUINS, and the idea of organized groups is up to the remaining members.

  6. hi, I’m not dead

    tip: instead of trying to deny the decline, acknowledge it but also state how this is not the definitive end-all of warfare. it exists. armies have been dying since before I became CEO. does it mean they have to die? of course not. if the community would consider uniting together in an effort to prevent the death of warfare instead of being so fucking stubborn and separated all the time, perhaps something would get done

    • Well said. The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is one.

  7. While I heavily considered both sides of the argument, I found myself agreeing with Bad and Slider on this one. It remains apparent that armies lack the same vibrancy they once possessed, and their numbers have significantly dwindled. The argument against this could be that few armies are still managing decent-sized numbers, which remains true. However, nowadays when I sit on chats I see more cases of ‘You go to my army event and I’ll go to yours’ now more than ever. A multitude of top armies and lower ones are primarily comprised of their friends and allies helping as well, which means that the same individuals are circulating from army to army. While this does help with performance and numbers, it is a poor way to judge the overall health of CPA.

    As many also claim that this is a symptom of armies dropping due to school being back in session, they must also realize that Club Penguin as a game is dying down as a whole. While you may incessantly say that this is a temporary issue, it sadly isn’t. Iceyfeet brought a specific matter to my attention a while back through Google Trends:

    By simply looking at this, it is evident that the overall interest in Club Penguin as a game has fallen rapidly. In fact, Club Penguin itself hasn’t been this unpopular since April 2006; meaning it hasn’t been this bad in over a decade. I agree that looking at posts regarding the matter of armies dying is depressing, but I also believe that those who discuss the issue are simply raising awareness instead of pessimism.

  8. 3-5 months

  9. Why don’t we only have cp armies open for just the summer months, and the other 9 keep it shut down?

    Yep that was a stupid question.

  10. To keep CPA going, you guys need to stop acting like a pussy and not judge others over this CPA community, like seriously + It’s not funny anymore. Get your shit together and don’t act stupid. Armies does not end like this long time ago, and you should know the reasons why. You should be ashamed. Armies doesn’t complain, this is a god damn Club Penguin Army, not some 9 years old guy complaining about how or why armies are dead.
    As of now, with this argument of “armies are not dead” or “armies are dead” being said by many other people, ARMIES ARE STILL ALIVE. IF YOU THINK ARMIES ARE DEAD YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT.
    The reasons why armies are still alive, is because the people who take good care of the army trustworthy and a good friendship bond who helped the armies throughout the community. To stop the nonsense and hatred for armies to struggle from going and being biased towards others, is MULTILOGGING and armies NOT sticking together, fighting and complaining is a biggest issues with CPA right now. Armies doesn’t go to war anymore, armies doesn’t even make fair decisions and just being unfairness to others + armies just ddosed other people and not control themselves. This isn’t what Club Penguin Armies it is right now, and fix this.

  11. Armies are dying but we aren’t entirety to blame. Club penguin doesn’t draw new players anymore because it is crap. We are partially to blame for this for scaring people with bot recruiting. The mains issue is that we can not recruit new players to replace our ranks because there are no people to recruit from and because we can not properly communicate with the remaining players because our phrases are blocked. It is for these reason that I a m in a favour for a platform chance to minecraft. This has to be an effort we agree soon as a group that no 1 army can over turn by saying something like “well we still bring in recruits there for we won’t change” we have to change and fast.

  12. I purpose getting rid of the top 10 most events such as training and tactics sessions are simply to get people on to count towards the top 10 and nothing else. You really don’t really need to hold those type of events everyone knows this stuff cp armies are pretty basic. But we hold those events just so the army has something to go for the CPAC top 10 most soldiers are simply numbers used by cp army leaders to get the number 1 spot or a high spot in the top 10. By getting rid of it armies would than focus on going to war and having fun and not doing the same events everyday just to get a number most people get bored of logging on every day to the same server to do the exact same thing just so they can get a good spot in the top 10. Yes it would be different at first and people would get pissed but when you are able to have more control in your army to do what you want and not have to worry about getting a high number on the CPAC top 10 you can focus on helping out this community and getting your army back up to size.

  13. Even if the rumors of club penguin ending in December or whenever are true, I don’t see why quitting now would be a choice after 10 years. In my opinion y’all should just honesty go all out these last few months you have(if the game shuts down and goes mobile only or whatever). Why not just go balls out and have the most fun you can while you still have the chance? Invade all the servers you can, battle on cp as much as you can, soak up what you have left. Go out with a bang.

    • Honestly someone on CPAC should make a post about this ^

      • If only the server map still had all the armies on it so someone go all renegade and start one great final conflict. But it’s not likely thanks to the server map and cpa shutting down.

    • A major problem is, is that most people have forgotten how to have fun in CP armies. We don’t role play anymore and whenever we log on it is just for events. We don’t randomly log on to a dedicated server and just fight for the sake of proving that we are the best we do it because of some bullcrap tactics system we have been using forever. As recently as 2012 we would just log on to Mammoth and have a rip roaring good time spaming phrases and role playing about how we are the best. Now battles are all for blood and hate, it isn’t fun and it has just made CP hate us.

  14. Wanna know what are some tips to keep the community going?

    1.) Keep out for the hoppers- greedy for ranks, fame etc. Alot!
    2.) Motivation- leaders must believe in there troops When there is motivation, there is hope.
    3.) Loyalty- like I stated before, stick to one. That is true loyalty, hard to find one these days…
    4.) Lelouch once said: if there is creation, there must be destruction. Like one when army dies, one will return.
    5.) If heroes are remembered, legends never die.
    6.) Lastly, shut up about saying “this is the end, this is the end” WE know it will end: someday it will die too we know! But don’t say it will end tomorrow… That’s stupid and cowardly to say. I don’t like it, despite it loses motivation to the members whom are making it alive.


  15. yeah they are lol

  16. Armies are definitely dead.

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