Jay Promoted To Kings’ Leader

Outback, Kings’ Empire- The Kings have been on a rather sporadic rise as of recently. With this rampant rise comes inevitable request for up and coming leaders, as this is the case, Jay has been appointed to Kings’ leader. Click “Read More” for more information regarding Jay’s recent promotion!

Throughout the course of the past few weeks, the Kings have been on a very sudden rise, jumping from the rank of 8th to 9th in the most recent Top Ten. This rise means a higher demand for overall troop activity, as well as a slightly higher demand for all around active leaders willing to take the Kings to new heights. A promising new addition to the command, is Jay, who was appointed to the position on October 8th, 2016.

Jay, newly appointed Kings’ leader, seems very confident as seen in his short, but straightforward inauguration post; an excerpt from the post can be seen below:

Hey Kings

I am your new Leader, Jay I hope the other leaders and i can lead Kings to higher ranks of the top 10

Fear The Royal Command

As seen in the above excerpt, Jay hopes to take Kings’ to unexplored heights, specifically throughout the CPAC Top Ten.

The Kings’ have continously maxed 10+ at a majority of their events, also hitting 13+ at a training session prior to Jay’s inauguration. An example of these sizes is taken from their most recent training session; seeing average sizes of 13+; as seen below:


Jay’s sudden promotion is also a result of Wolfalb’s and Dunno’s departure from the army. The following is referenced in the interview with Jay seen below:

Interview with Jay, Kings’ Leader

CPAC: We’re you expecting any type of promotion or were you randomly appointed to leader?

Jay: No, Zach just hired me, he thought I was good.

CPAC: Do you think you’re prepared for the responsibilities that await you, or are you uncertain of how you will perform as leader?

Jay: I think I can do it with other leaders.

CPAC: How do you think the Kings will perform under your command?

Jay: We will continue to rise.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Jay: Fear the royal command!

As seen in the above interview with Jay. he appears to be very confident in his potential abilities that will be displayed throughout his leadership. Jay hopes to take Kings to new heights, and also hopes he can unify with the other leaders in order to create new goals for the army.

Will the Kings crumble under the leadership of Jay? Can Jay lead the Kings into a possible golden age? How will the already established leadership learn to cooperate with the newly inducted Jay?  Comment “YOUR” opinion in the comment section below!


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief


13 Responses

  1. Eh??? Jay? Kings? Forgot SP?

  2. i quit

  3. Good luck Jay! (Totally didn’t comment here because Jay asked me to)

  4. i quitt sp

  5. Our server atm is Outback please update

  6. After all the people that quit Kings lately Jay is the only one that stayed loyal. Fear the royal command!

  7. How is this worthy of CPAC news?

    • Any ideas?

  8. shut up luis

  9. congrats jay

  10. Congratz Jay and Good Luck

  11. Babatoo AKA Jay is a soldier I recruited to WV back in 2015. Unfortunately, back then, WV had absolutely no AUSIA division, and it so happened that Jay was an AUSIA soldier. You would expect one to quit after one week of no AUSIA events, but that wasn’t the case for Jay. He did sadly leave the Water Vikings after a month, but did he quit armies? No. He made his own army, and when that didn’t work out, he joined the Star Wars army. He led there for a while and it was the first army he achieved success with, no matter the results, it was amazing for such a new soldier to the community. You guys are here insulting Jay for being such a noob that his name isn’t worthy of being said on CPAC, but I can assure you that he is far stronger than you all.

    • thx chip

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