Decline in Club Penguin armies? The Cause?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It doesn’t have to be argued that armies have slowly started to become smaller within the years, but what has caused such a decline?

Club Penguin was known as one of the most famous games for many years. It became the virtual world for many children across the entire world, and inspired a bunch of people to create certain groups that have now become this community. But what truly has caused the decline in club penguin armies? Has the decline of Club Penguin actually affected it, or is it the current status of the community?

Club Penguin armies have shown a decline in sizes since 2013 to present. After the Legends Cup in 2013, many armies have dropped in size, and even though some armies kept these sizes through the years 2014, 2015, 2016, many others have either lost many of their troops, or just died out completely. We are nearing the end of 2016, and as I see it, armies will barely last until 2018, and that is if Club Penguin itself doesn’t shut down or die off before then.

Club Penguin also has shown a considerable decline since 2012-2013. A lot of penguins who use to play daily started disappearing, me being one of them. You would see small boycott parties in the town chanting “OLD IS GOLD, NEW IS EW” continuously until they either got bored or tired. The transition to 2013 completely changed it all as the truckload of Club Penguin Disney parties began to show up. It would unload a Disney party for this month, give it a rest for a month, and return with another load of Disney parties for that month, and continue this process until 2016 where it just decided to drop tons of Disney parties all at once, even returning a Disney party that in its first run, wasn’t all to great.

But, Club Penguin’s decline itself couldn’t possibly be the ONLY reason armies began to decline, now can it? The community itself has been decaying slowly, but surely! DDoSing became a thing around 2014. Doxing began taking place as well around that time. People may not know it, but the community itself might be corrupted. A lot of troops have retired from armies due to these drastic events, losing a large part of the community. Some were scared it could happen to them, for some, it actually happened to them. But, even then, that in itself can’t be the reason on the decline of the community either. Armies have lost the sense of fun. Armies were created on the basis of taking over servers, snowball fights, and overall fun battles. Now-a-days battles are simply logging on, making a formation whether its a circle, a line across, or even on the chat bar line, and just sit there, or dance there, and press two keys on a keyboard consecutively.

Here at the CPA Central we value the reader’s opinion! Do YOU think the community has lost the fun it use to have? Do YOU currently like how the community is doing? Comment YOUR opinions about the decline of the community below!

Emperor Flor

CPA Central Reporter


3 Responses

  1. Post without any mistakes.

  2. It’s because of the bullying, assholes, pricks, douchebags, jerks, twats, religion haters, and stupid idiots that are in this community because it’s full of trolls and power hungry dicktators no joke

  3. The Red Miners will make armies great again.

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