The Impossible Multilogging Headache

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Club Penguin army community has declined into a state that many would say is the lowest point we’ve ever had, with some going so far as to pronounce it already dead. Several of us would say that the form of cheating known as multilogging has been pushing armies down the staircase to our doom. But is it really the multilogging itself that is so damaging? Or is it the things that arise because of multilogging?

First, some historical context: The first time armies were deducted points was the week of 2/22/15, where 6 armies were deducted 1-4 points for mislabeling events as AUSIA and greatly inflating their sizes in results posts. Coincidentally, this was also the week where the Ice Warriors were completely removed from the Top Ten for using false pictures, mislabeling events, and yes, even multilogging. Notice how there wasn’t even a note about the multilogging, nor was a separate post on the matter published. In fact, the Ice Warriors avoided the clutches of a CPAC Special Report until 9 months later. The main evidence used in this uncovering was the testimonials of former IW leaders and owners, as well as the testing of several multilog penguins.

The first time an army was deducted for multilogging was the week of 4/12/15, when the Water Ninjas were caught and deducted 5 points. Enough to make a difference, sure, but it seems light compared to the 15 points that are deducted now. Again, there was no special report on the matter, the only “evidence” presented in the Top Ten was a note about how former CPAC Executive Producer Albaro Lord witnessed a multilogged event himself.

In the Top Ten for the week of 10/4/15, the Doritos were given a 10-point deduction for multilogging, a punishment described as “astonishing” at the top of the post. A Special Report was published for this scandal, and similar to the IW post that would appear in the following month, the main evidence used against them was testimonials of DCP owners. The Top Ten for the week of 11/1/15 included the first 15-point deduction when SWAT was found to be multilogging.

With that out of the way, it is time to move on to the more recent multilogging epidemic. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that despite what I will go on to write in this post, multilogging is cheating, and doing it to reach larger sizes for the Top Ten or to beat enemies in the battlefield is inexcusable.

Nowadays, multilogging allegations are being thrown around pretty much every week, and it seems as though more major armies have been exposed than not. Frankly, this has gotten out of hand, and I’m not talking about the multilogging itself. I’m talking about the results of all the multilogging, which is the rabid witch hunt for evidence of multilogging. Ever since Top Ten deductions were introduced, people have been taking it upon themselves to “expose” armies for multilogging in the name of fairness and justice. Yet, almost every single investigation conducted by someone outside of CPAC was for an enemy army, or an army that person used to be in that they feel wronged them in some way. How convenient, no?

There are certainly a few people who have exposed armies for multilogging who truly have good intentions, and have done so in the name of fairness. But these people are the exception, not the rule. Some of these detectives are people who were caught multilogging in the past. Only a few culprits have actually come forward and confessed to cheating. Do they feel guilty and wish to make things right by disclosing the cheating going on in other armies? Maybe, but probably not. With how frequently and more comprehensively multilogging evidence is presented now, something has become clear: People are using the Top Ten deduction as a tool to bring other armies down, either to put their own army ahead, or because of personal vendettas. The thing is, despite all these deductions, multilogging hasn’t stopped.

Simply put, the system is being abused and disguised as a mean to “serve justice”, and it has been taken too far. I have no doubt that some people are fabricating evidence, and I know of at least one case where someone went so far as to multilog themselves in an army they were “helping” in order to frame them. That right there is probably one of the dirtiest moves I have ever seen in my entire CP army career. This is a time where armies are believed to be at rock bottom, and we are only adding fuel to the fire by focusing attention on catching other armies cheating rather than improving our own damned armies. Scores are no longer being settled on the battlefield, but on the Top Ten. Why bother with going to war and risk losing servers when you can just expose the other army for multilogging? It is truly sad that armies have devolved into this, and as the person who has been in charge of the Top Ten for a while now, it is extremely frustrating to have to deduct armies left and right. Make no mistake, it gives me no pleasure to deduct points from any army, no matter who they are. I don’t like doing it, I don’t want to do it, and I feel as though I am a part of the problem by facilitating this new method to take armies down. Multilogging itself is no longer the main problem, it’s the way we have ended up dealing with it that is so damaging. It’s not about justice anymore, it’s about hunger for power and personal gain. I guarantee some of the people who have done this will be commenting on this post trying to deny what their true intentions are. But I don’t care, because it’s probably bullshit.

Let’s look at the two sides of a multilogging accusation. Most of the evidence these days includes exposed penguins who aren’t linked to real people, but another big factor is nulling the chat. Almost every single time an army is caught multilogging and doesn’t admit guilt, they say the same thing in response: The evidence isn’t legitimate, they’re successful at recruiting so they have a a lot of new troops on chat and CP, etc. They don’t even bother trying to prove that the alleged multilogged penguins are real. Why wouldn’t they at least try if they weren’t in fact guilty? Do they really think people will believe that that one penguin belongs to a “brother” or “friend” whom no one in the community knows? Do they really think we’ll buy that for every event, their chat suddenly fills with nulls who are their “new recruits” that say a couple things or nothing at all the entire time they’re on, and then leave or trickle out right after the event? Do they really think we’ll just accept that despite attending several, if not all of their army’s events, these “troops” are just stuck in member ranks indefinitely, or aren’t even on the ranks at all? How come these new troops never seem to discover other armies and join them? Can any of us honestly say that even when they first joined armies, they never talked in chat or found out about all the other armies that exist?

Despite all of this, there can be some merit to the other side of the story. This leads to another important question: Can multilogging actually be 100% proven? Well, yes, but only when the cheater confesses. Otherwise, no matter how convincing the evidence is, there is still a chance, no matter how slim, that alleged multilogged penguins and nulls on a chat could be real people. This is why the situation is impossible, as described in the title of the post. In order for true objectivity and fairness, every single troop in every army would have to somehow prove that they are an actual person by recording the entirety of their computer screens at every event they attend for the entire time. This is the real kicker about the whole thing, that we cannot truly have a system where the true multiloggers are punished and everyone else is unaffected.

When I was looking over the latest exposure posts, I became so frustrated with the whole situation that I had half a mind to just do away with the deductions altogether. But that would be a terrible idea, because the levees would break, and almost everyone would multilog and armies would truly just become a facade. There has to be something in place to at least attempt to deter cheating. It may be flawed, yes, but it has to be there.

So, what exactly is the takeaway from all of this? Do we just sit here and let this go on as it has over the past year, continuing to hurt an already dying community? No, there is a better way. There’s got to be another way. Nobody knows what it is yet, but I implore you to think hard about it, as I will do myself. I am brainstorming some ideas, but I very much would like to hear from as many members of the community as possible. If you read this entire wall of text, thank you. I truly hope you got something out of it.

Multilogging will never go away completely, but the way in which armies deal with it can certainly change for the better.

What are your thoughts on multilogging and the large volume of exposure posts this year? Can anything be done to further discourage cheating, or perhaps even diminish the impact it has to the point where there are hardly any benefits to it? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


31 Responses

  1. first

    • Good Job! Your life is achievements are now complete.

  2. You can’t multilog in minecraft/roblox…

  3. Why the hell is this a thing? Like, for real…

  4. CP armies are almost dead

    • are*

    • Been dead for a while now m8

    • I hate the people who just come on, act like they haven’t been on forever or whatever and say “Armies are dead” and go off without doing anything about it. The truth is, no, armies are not dead. The only armies that multilog got exposed in today’s Top Ten and the others can max sizes ranging from 10 to occasionally even 40. Armies have shrunk in sizes for sure, yes, but no, they are not dead.

      • The biggest legitimate army maxs 15 and get 50 points on the top ten

        • #golds

        • RPF hit 72 points this week?

          • chip youve been doing the “my army is legit, badboys/traders army isn’t legit” thing for years now man.

            isnt it old by now? give it a rest.

  5. Good post- Teutons innocent until proven guilty.

    • And also have you heard of armies multilogging for the enemy then revealing their password as if this is massive news and flaming their opponents even though they never used the accounts? Golds take a bow 🙇

      • You son of a bitch Brigade. I swear to fcking God I’ll get you. Prove you multilogging scums. I saw your bots on CP. And you pced me saying “Help us out” You’re the enemy, and I will never help fcking multilogging scum-ass Teutons.

    • But Proof is proof, and proof has been given

    • Bitch i got roof you multilog.


  6. Cool post.

  7. Correction:
    Water Ninjas did face a CPAC Special Report

  8. I still believe at this point, the only reason that CP Armies are still alive is because of the people who have been here and stay here. The “inflow” is people coming back temporarily, sometimes including multilogs. With little to no inflow and total outflow, Armies are just degenerating to friends talking on several chats and having armies so people stay around. It’s really just a large friend circle, like who is here or not.

  9. We need to move CPA to a new game

  10. CPA

  11. The following comment is from Andrew, also someone at CPAC fix the comment blacklist and take him off the automatic spam filter:

    Yeah I remember when Funks unfairly removed IW from the Top 10 due to using false pics/mislabeling events because IW moved servers for two different battles. Then posted them as such – two different events, you know, just like WV did months after. Ended up slapping a random multilogging accusation at IW; even though this was before you could open up multiple tabs lol. Even DCP was legit at this time, it wasn’t till 2-3 weeks after when multilogging came about. Can’t tell you how many times IW exposed DCP and it still took months for Funks or Zak to go through deductions.. BIAS AF

    Sorta just proves how corrupt CPAC was during the administration of both Zak and Funks.

    Also funks, why don’t you respond to my comment on your RP post?

    • Why didnt I reply? Because I havent looked at this for nearly a month so I’m not scrolling down to see. Any deductions of IW were for legitimate evidence provided in a post. I was also supportive of deductions for all armies who were exposed, so when DCP were exposed I would of course push for it.

  12. Just waiting for cp armies to die so I can steal all sorts of people’s cp army names and traits here into a book series.

    Just waiting,…

    • A is way ahead of ya.

      • A? Never heard of him.

  13. All cheaters are stupid pussys

  14. I have proof that brig multiloggs(WARY)

    • Everyone seems to have proof. I’ve still seen none. Innocent till proven guilty. So prove he’s guilty.

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