Teutonic Turbulence?

NORTH POLE, Teutons Capital – Teutons have jostled against the wall, as the blue (Teutons) against yellow (Golds) continues. To what extent will Teutons take to withstand the pumping Golds. Read more to find out!

Teutons currently, are bearing the upsetting situation, in wars. On the first week Golds had scraped Teutons off the map. Golds has a titanic of a US division, in the eyes of the Teutons, because of this Golds was able to brush away the Teutons. So, Teutons retaliated with their sustainable UK division, streaming a surge of invasions, on Friday 7th, the Teutons re surged, claiming victory. Using their inferior Asian division, the Teutons were able to sweep the Golds away.

List of Golds VS. Teutons Invasions/Defenses

Yellow= Golds Success Blue= Teutons Success

[9/27/2016] Golds invade Glacier against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[9/28/2016] Golds invade Patagonia against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[9/30/2016] Teutons invade Glacier against Golds – Teutons Fail to Conquer
[9/30/2016] Golds invade Rocky Road against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[10/1/2016] Teutons invade Snowbound against Golds – Teutons Conquered
[10/3/2016] Golds invade Snowbound against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[10/3/2016] Golds invade North Pole against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[10/5/2016] Teutons invade North Pole against Golds – Teutons Conquered
[10/7/2016] Teutons invade Rocky Road against Golds – Teutons Conquered                               
[10/7/2017] Teutons invade Cabin against Golds – Teutons Conquered
[10/7/2016] Teutons invade Flippers against Golds – Teutons Conquered                                      [10/8/2016] Golds invade North Pole against Teutons – Golds Conquered                                     [10/8/2016] Teutons invade Sparkle against Golds – Teutons Conquered                                       [10/8/2016] Teutons invade Glacier against Golds – Teutons Conquered                                         [10/9/2016] Teutons invade Outback against Golds – Golds Conquered                                           [10/9/2016] Teutons invade Christmas against Golds – Golds Conquered                                       [10/9/2016] Golds invade Rocky Road against Teutons – Golds Conquered


Golds response to Teutons, Invasions.

The pattern of the Asian division, appearing on weekends has surged the Rebel Penguin Federation to create a handicap situation. The Teutons obtained the control of Flippers, and had awoken the sleeping giant, fist fully who was neutral. The Rebel Penguin Federation were ruthless after their last blood bath with the Teutons. The Teutons goat-escaped the ‘Alliance’ and relinquished to the Rebel Penguin Federation, allowing the Doritos of Club Penguin, to control 2 of the 3 continents. Teutons were limited to only 4 servers.

(Alliance= Teutons, Doritos of Club Penguin, and the Rebel Penguin Federation planned on each army, controlling 1 continent each.)

An unanticipated response from the Teutons, as the army lost 3 leaders. Consequently many of the Teutons Troops were suddenly leaving.

Interview with Flappy1233, Teutons Third In Command (Currently In the Golds Army)

CPAC: Why did you leave Teutons, what caused the boycott?

Flappy1233: The war transformed Brigade’s activity. He was more aggressive and was ruthless towards those who weren’t at events. This caused people to boycott the Teutons.

-Secondly, JD, had an outburst, as he threw out recruits and other troops, because of this, many troops boycotted the Teutons, and many leaders left, following.

CPAC: Were you suspicious off Brigade’s activities, and how because of this Teutons had pointed deductions?(which can be found here.)

Flappy1233: Brigade has created numerous penguins, and nulls giving the impression that no one could think that it was him. He often used it to obtain spare penguins, but then he was caught using it himself.


Golds response, to Teutons Multi-logging.

From a Troops, position, we can analyse that, the competitive attitudes, between leaders had caused an eruptive outburst, which formed the boycotting in the Teutons Army.The deductions in the Teutons Army, has shown that Brigade was using spare penguins to attend events, whilst in some events his troops were using them. We can use this to say that;

Multi-log hypothesis

Brigade lends troops spare penguins to ease of the suspicion, using screen shots claiming that he once had attended to a troop, a spare penguin This is to cover his tracks, then he would snipe around at the right time claiming that it was given to that certain troop, with the screen shot. – Flappy1233

Interview with JD, Former Teutons Leader

Behind the scenes, JD had informed me that the Teutons were not multi-logging and the supposing multi-logs are real troops.

CPAC: Why did you leave Teutons, and how has the outburst of Alan Sugar’s You’re Fired, caused Teutons to be what it is now?

JD: A fellow leader, Dark who aggrieved me, this lead to my outburst, because of this Teutons is stuck in the mud.

From a leaders perspective, the Teutons Leadership is competitive, this is because of the Teutons Leadership, and the backgrounds that they have come from. 


Golds response to Teutons Leadership.

As the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Golds Army are preparing to ambush the Teutons Army, as Teutons have lost a lot; rights to a whole continent, troops and leaders. Multi-logging accusations are demanding moderation, here at CPA Central we are dedicating our time to exhibit, convicted armies!


Teutons and the Doritos of Club Penguin have become the best of chums, after the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Teutons Army, and later the Doritos of Club Penguin. As the Teutons are howling, what say the Doritos of Club Penguin spring in pursuit, facing off against their current rivalry, with the Rebel Penguin Federation, but what can this mean for the Golds, and the Doritos of Club Penguin.

Will the Teutons leap back into offence, or to be stuck in defense as anticipated following the boycotting? What action can the Doritos of Club Penguin, to support the Teutons Army? Who has the bigger stick, Golds or Teutons? Comment YOUR thoughts below!


CPA Central Philosopher 




13 Responses

  1. To answer your question, Golds has the bigger stick.

  2. My bias detectors are going off the charts!

    • I disagree, both armies seem to be described fairly.

      • Notice how he only showed Golds memes

        • I could only find 1 meme on teuton’s site in the past month. Furthermore, who gives a crap, they’re bloody memes. It’s not like sec is saying OH GOLDS CRUSHED THE WEAK TEUTONS TODAY ON NORTH POLE.

          • I could find a lot just click read more and I guarantee Sec is aware of that

            • I clicked read more on every single teutonic post since October first

              • We have a post full of memes on the site

            • Someone Is butthurt

          • teutons retaliated with their sustainable UK divison

  3. This is the most bias post I’ve ever read on my life lmao he didn’t even include Coolcal’d inauguration as leader and flappy was a 6ic in Teutons.

  4. After someone Teutons vs. RPF battle, we get link to screen with:
    “We maxed 50+ and RPF maxed 0.25”
    Yessssss, of coursee…. we maxed 25+ and teutons maxed 5.
    @rpf @chip @rpf_owners @brigade You should rememebr that. (i lost my link to screenshot :c)

  5. LOL Teutons think 2 day premium oceanbot is better than 2 months premium arcbot dumbass but just so i clear this i retired because of brigade’s multlogging spree had gone out bring out his penguins like fifapr0 Brigade3 Teutontroop M Buble like wtf those sound like multlog

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