War Update: Golds VS. Teutons

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – September 27th, 2016, the date that started it all. On September 27th, the Golds and Teutons engaged in war, and since then, the war has continued. Click read more to read an update of the Golds VS. Teutons War.

The Golds and the Teutons have been engaged in war since September 27th. Such a hard-fought war has caught the CPA Central’s eye, so an update concerning the war has been provided below.

List of Golds VS. Teutons Invasions/Defenses

[9/27/2016] Golds invade Glacier against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[9/28/2016] Golds invade Patagonia against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[9/30/2016] Teutons invade Glacier against Golds – Teutons Fail to Conquer
[9/30/2016] Golds invade Rocky Road against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[10/1/2016] Teutons invade Snowbound against Golds – Teutons Conquered
[10/3/2016] Golds invade Snowbound against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[10/3/2016] Golds invade North Pole against Teutons – Golds Conquered
[10/5/2016] Teutons invade North Pole against Golds – Teutons Conquered
[10/7/2016] Teutons invade Rocky Road against Golds – Teutons Conquered
[10/7/2017] Teutons invade Cabin against Golds – Teutons Conquered
[10/7/2016] Teutons invade Flippers against Golds – Teutons Conquered

The Teutons invading Golds’ capital, Flippers

As can be told from above, the Golds and the Teutons have had a restless war with so many invasions and defenses back to back. To further enhance this post, and make it a lot better for readers to understand the causes of this war, I interviewed the Golds Leader, Coquimichu1.

Interview with Coquimichu1, Golds Leader

CPAC: What caused the Golds to ignite a war against the Teutons?

Coquimichu1: I had PCed the Teutons Leader, Brigade3, and asked him why he kept asking my troops to join the Teutons. After, he suddenly threatened me and that he declares war, so I told him to bring it on and so here we are.

CPAC: Did the Golds have a bad relationship with the Teutons even before the war was ignited?

Coquimichu1: Not really, we were all chill especially when Earthing was around.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Coquimichu1: Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!

The Golds and Teutons battle on Glacier.

As can be seen above, the Golds didn’t have a bad relationship with the Teutons before the war was started. This war certainly surprised us all, and has surprised us even more with how long it has lasted.

Opinions are important to us here at the CPA Central! Who do YOU think will win this war? Will the Golds come out triumphant? Or will the Teutons end up victorious? Comment YOUR opinions below!

Emperor Flor

CPA Central Reporter



5 Responses

  1. First CPAC post in 7 days.

  2. Heavily bias due to the fact Flor attended the golds defence of glacier today for the Golds.

    • pretty sure hes in golds since he got owner yday

      • basically this post is the equivalent of like me doing a post on LUFC

    • To get rid of all the fog, I was never in Golds. And regarding the event itself, I attended since they asked me to help. Reason I didn’t attend Teutons: I’m banned. Had I not been banned, your interview would be up here as well.

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