Top Ten Armies [10/2/16]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Activity really slowed down this week, but some armies managed to maintain decent sizes and performance.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [65.70] [+1] 

2. Teutons [57.61] [+4]

3. Golds [53.25] [+0] 

4. Nachos [52.67] [+0]

5. Doritos [51.50] [-4]

6. Wild Ninjas [50.04] [+2]

7. Army of Club Penguin [43.17] [+0] 

8.  Army Republic [41.00] [+1]

9. Kings of CP [34.19] [NEW!]

10. DJ Army [34.19] [-5]

Full Statistics Here

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF’s first event this week was a raid of Toboggan where they maxed 24. Next, they hit 25 at a training session, and 21 at the next. RPF then had a U-Lead where they topped off at 18. Then, they maxed 25 at a tournament training, and 27 at their costume contest on CP. Finally, RPF maxed 30 at their last event this week. 

2. Teutons: The Teutons’ first event this week was an AUSIA training session where they maxed 7. Next, they had a practice battle against AR and reached 18 online. The Teutons then had 2 UK training sessions, maxing 14 and 22. The Golds declared war on them, and they invaded Glacier with a top size of 15. Their final event this week was an invasion of Snowbound where they topped off at 18.

3. Golds: The Golds were kept very busy this week, as they are engulfed in war against 3 different armies. They started off with a practice battle against AR and Teutons, hitting 15. Then, they trained with a top size of 12, and later invaded Glacier with 10 troops. Next, the Golds invaded Patagonia with 8, and defended Glacier with a top size of 7. Later, they defended Sparkle and reached 8 online. The Golds maxed 8 again at their invasion of Rocky Road, then hit 9 while defending Deep Snow. 

4. Nachos: The Nachos logged on for a funny phrases training session, reaching 12 on CP. Then, they did a mining expedition with sizes of 19. The Nachos combined with ACP for a training event and hit 19 again. Their UK division invaded Fjord with a force of 10 troops, then invaded Aurora with 13. Finally, the Nachos maxed 15 at a UK training session.

5. Doritos: The Doritos only had 2 events this week due to bot raids. First was a training session where they reached 21 troops online. At their next training session, DCP maxed 23.

6. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas had a busy week, beginning with an AUSIA training where they hit 13 online. WN next maxed 7 at a UK training, then 11 at a US event. They had 3 more training sessions, maxing 7, 8, and 9 at each. Then, the Wild Ninjas topped off at 13 at a Halloween event. They maxed 7 and 11 at their next training sessions, then their AUSIA hit 9 at another event. They maxed 8 at a UK training, then ended the week by reaching 11 troops online for their final event.

7. Army of CP: ACP kicked off the week with a UK raid of North Pole where they topped off at 15. Next, they maxed 20 in a joint event with the Nachos. A few days later, their AUSIA division did a recruiting session with a top size of 13. To end the week, ACP recruited and claimed a max of 19. 

8. Army Republic: AR’s first event this week was a practice battle against the Golds and Teutons, during which they maxed 9. Then, they hit 6 at a U-Lead, and 10 at a training session.

9. Kings of CP: The Kings started off the week with a training session which was raided by the Scientist Army, maxing 8. Then, they invaded Christmas with 7 troops. A couple days later, the Kings invaded Deep Snow with a top size of 8. They maxed 6 while defending Christmas.

10. DJ Army: The DJ Army only had one event this week, an AUSIA training session where they maxed 8.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


44 Responses

  1. I presented proof to all of CPA and even personally messaged Lorenzo Bean and showed him how to grab IDs and how the IDs show that said penguins were multilogs, but it seems that the Doritos didn’t get deducted, most probably because he doesn’t care. Anyway, DCP got 5th place; I can care less about the Top Ten. It’s just that I wanted everyone to see what DCP really is.

    • ^hes so triggered lol

      DCP gets first without the bot raids, stay salty RPF

      • I love how you can’t deny the fact that you guys got caught big time. Whatever, congratulations on staying in the top 5.

        • We got caught yet CPA & CPAC both ignored your “evidence”. Like I said, we’d be 1st if it weren’t for jealous faggots bot raiding us. Congratulations on staying salty

        • congrats to bounce for comenting

          • Congratulations on Teutons Leader.

            • thanks

  2. did you include ACP’s US reunion event on the 29th?

    • handy link as it probably wasn’t obvious on the site

  3. ayy

  4. gaaaay

    • Yo Carson bro long time

      • Hey

        • Long time bro how’s things

  5. Great job Rebels and the rest of the community! Keep up the great work!

  6. For some reason, the image of RPF’s event is actually Teuton’s event.

    • Agreed. Replace it with this please:

  7. Great job cpac you put a teutons picture on RPF XD

  8. 1 event 8 people to get into the top 10. Moved on over a year ago but that actually upsets me.

    Make sure the concluding post to this website/armies is a good one, written preferably by one of the Blue Brothers. The community has months left, genuinely.

    • issue is, not everyone gets that. and as long as there are even a few people who don’t get it, it’ll continue as a dead community walking. The standards will just keep dropping.

      • It is what it is. There’s no improving, really. Recruiting is hard now and only one army can take advantage of it, just like RPF is.

  9. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB.

  10. You didn’t include the ACP anniversary event where we maxed 14.

    • 15*

  11. WHAT THE! Tiger Warriors are neither in CPAC Top Ten, nor in SMAC Top Ten, please fix this.

    • It’s because u dont go onto cpac when u max 3 lol

      • Don’t judge me, we were absent in boyh Top Tens although we had registered.

  12. i like pie

  13. that is my new army i am ronald for AR we will hav event soon so please includ us in next top 10

  14. RPF should have made it. but i guess fair choice thanks for the top ten armies 🙂

  15. never mind RPF made it

  16. I got an ad for bras on this post.

    I’m a guy…

  17. you know armies are going downhill when the fuckin DJ army is in CPAC top 10

  18. Teutons are best, Golds inferior.

    • You should try and bring back the Cobra & to bring out the better history since the first creation. You should man.

      • I’ve already recreated COBRA and led them to dizzy sizes once before though.

        • did it turns out great? and what site is cobras nowadays cause like its so confusing.

          • Yeha we got 30+ then Security deleted site but I’ve got it backed up

            • sweet, what site is it?

              • just a WP file

                • o

  19. This is Lsund, coming back.

    • Welcome back to RPF.

    • Lsund where you been dude

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