Current Escalation: Golds/Teutons War

Flippers, Golds Empire – As of September 27th, 2016, the Golds have waged war against the Teutonic empire. The following is a summation of what has occured so far going into this war. Click “Read More” to get more information on what is currently transpiring throughout this war!

“Golds will fight” as Antonio, Golds Leader, claims. This is a very accurate statement as this war has begun to escalate rather quickly. The Golds continue to remain very relentless throughout this war, as they continue to slowly occupy the Teutonic empire. The Teutons have yet to successfully defend a server of their own, and remain content on avoiding conflict with Gold’s for as long as possible.  An example of this relentlessness that the Golds’ continue to exemplify can be seen in the following picture taken from one of the many successful invasions;


Golds’ maintaining 10+; Teutons fail to defend.

As the Golds’ continue to occupy the Teutonic empire, the Teutons train, rather than fully defend their nation. So far, they have had one successful invasion, where they saw sizes of 15+. Throughout this invasion, they we’re raided by bots and saw some offense from multiple Golds’ troops. The following is a picture taken from the invasion of Glacier;


Teutons maintaining sizes of 12+

The Golds’ seemed very confident when releasing their declaration of war. They claim to have been threatened by the Teutons, and have also been accused of troop stealing, which gave the Golds more of a reason to declare war. The following is an excerpt from their declaration of war;

Golds declare war on Teutons Army, they have been threatening us for a while now and obviously troop steal, let’s show them not to mess with us. They used to be our allies but they’ve changed. They can either surrender or fight us, no cheating. Golds Golds Golds Golds Golds! Let’s regain our status on top! United we stand, divided they’ll fall. -Antonio960, Golds’ Emperor. 

As depicted above, the Golds’ seem very confident in their chances against the Teutons, as they claim by defeating the Teutons, they will reclaim their status as number one. In response to their declaration of war, Brigade, Teutons Leader, released a post regarding the declaration of war, where he states that the Teutons were “stabbed in the back” by the Golds. The following is an excerpt from Brigade’s response to the Golds.

So I have recently seen another ally stab us in the back and quite frankly I’m not surprised the Golds are a very greedy army indeed and will stop at nothing to try bring me down. They personally hate the arm and want to cleanse us from the community, a genocide of Teutons if you will and this hopefully spur on support from our allies and yourselves to help us win this war. -Brigade3, Teuton’s Leader.

Brigade believes that the Teutons were “backstabbed” by the Golds, as they were once former allies. He also states that the Golds appear to be very greedy when it comes to territory. Brigade also hopes that allies will gather in order to aid the Teutons in this war and possibly help lead them to victory.

Both armies are very confident in their abilities to win the war, Teutons in particular continue to schedule UK invasions, as they see the most success during those times. The Golds continue to not only invade, but defend at either US or UK times in order to enhance their chances of victory. Coqui, Golds’ leader, feels that his declaration was justified, and that he was provoked by Brigade, Teuton’s Leader, through threats he had made previous to the Golds’ declaration of war. The following can be seen in the following interview with Coqui, Golds’ Leader.

Interview with Coqui, Golds’ Leader

CPAC: Why did the Golds’ decide to wage war against the Teutons? Was it personal, or are the Golds’ looking to advance their nation.

Coqui: Brig threatened me me with war, in PC one day. That wasn’t acceptable, so I told him to bring it on, Golds are not scared of the Teutons, nor of war. So I’d say it was more personal.

CPAC: Personally speaking, I’ve seen little resistance from Teutons regarding offensive invasions, do you see this going into this war?

Coqui: Yes, I see that to be true. I feel like they defend the severs that they feel are more important.

CPAC: How do you feel the Golds will perform overall as the war continues to escalate?

Coqui: I feel confident Golds will win this war, they play fairly by the rules without the use of allies. Even if the war is 1v3, we can take on all of them.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Coqui: Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.

As seen in the interview seen above, Coqui feels that the Golds’ will be unstopable as this war continues, and that the Teutons will suffer calamities for issuing threats against them in the first place. I felt it necessary to include a contrasting perspective; the following is an interview with Brigade, Teuton’s Leader.

Interview with Brigade, Teuton’s Leader

CPAC: How did you initially feel when the Golds’ declared war on the Teutons?

Brigade: I didn’t feel anything cause I was busy working and actually earning a living.

CPAC: We’re you anticipating any conflict, such as war, with the Golds?

Brigade: I expect them to be jealous, yes.

CPAC: Do you feel confident in not only your capabilities as a Leader, but also, the army as whole?

Brigade: I feel we will do just fine as this war continues on, and we will be able to successfully defeat the Golds.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Brigade: Golds ra**d Chris Wood’s sister.

While the Teutons seem very confident as an army, Brigade remains very calm, as well as derogative throughout this entire ordeal. He also claims that the Golds’ are jealous, and mentions nothing about issued threats against the Golds that Coqui mentioned in his interview.

Which army will overcome all odds and rise to victory by the end of this war? Will the Teutons require allied assistance in order to gain territory? Comment YOUR opinion in the comment section below!


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief



16 Responses

  1. I have some words that I would like to say:

    Golds FTW (For the Win if you were dumb like Brad)

    Golds are gonna win no matter what (100% Correct Prediction)

    Fuck Teutons (My motto for this war)

    – Emperor Ben (Golds Emperor)

    • Yo stop leaking my Ip man

      • Not our fault you commented on this post.

        • Ben leaks ips from


    • Shit shit shit

  3. “Brigade seems very calm.” I disagree.
    CPAC: Any final comments?
    Brigade: Golds ra**d Chris Wood’s sister.
    Does that seem calm to you?

    • Ye it does you’d get the joke if you read the LUFC post on smac

  4. Holds victory

    • Golds*

    • Join Teutons

  5. Mans calm cause I know karma is a bitch, Kings and LUFC you’re the real ones

    • LUFC is as real as Nicki Minaj’s tits.

  6. Ben’s Golds are not the Golds i grew to love when i was 2ic last year. Teutons i hope can show the Golds that if you support evil then you are just as evil. Down with Security and Ben and i can only hope the Golds will return to their old ways.

  7. Make sure to edit your work

    • ?

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