CPAC Hiring Reporters – Apply Here

With the introduction of myself and Atticus as CEOs of Club Penguin Army Central, we would like to bring in a batch of new reporters to write for the site. Read on for more details and the application. 

CPAC is currently in the process of reshuffling our administrative ranks, but we are also seeking to boost site activity by hiring some new, motivated reporters. Please consider applying if you are interested in writing posts other than news reports. We are looking for anyone with a creative drive, whether you want to channel it into philosophy posts, stories, historical documentation, or a column.

If you are interested in joining CPAC, please copy and paste the application below into a comment on this post and fill it out.


Email Address:

Current Army Rank(s):

Media Experience (if any):

Sample Post:

Please note that you must correctly complete the whole application to be considered.

The sample post should be at least 300 words and can be about any relevant topic. It must be your own work. You may include an interview if you wish.

Working at CPAC is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to experience armies in a different way, improve their writing skills, and make new friends. Hard work and effort is recognized and rewarded here; everyone in the upper staff started out as a reporter and worked their way up. You could be next!

Applications will close two weeks from now on October 14. 

Lorenzo Bean


CPA Central CEO




21 Responses

  1. I’d work here

  2. Name:Dan


    Current Army Rank(s):Main Owner:My Private Site(Dan’s Site)SP Army:Owner TW Army:Owner

    Media Experience (if any):No

    Sample Post:I not have media Experience (No)

    • You will need an example post to apply.

      • i was not in any of media(news) site so i don’t have it but i have some normal post

        • when we say sample post

          what we mean is

          make a post on something relevant

          right now

          • i have
            see it pls

  3. Name:Mariobrus 1

    Email Address:

    Current Army Rank(s): Wild Ninjas Leader

    Media Experience (if any): Yes

    Sample Post:

  4. Name: tha real OG gobby gob

    Email Address:

    Current Army Rank(s): none

    Media Experience (if any): never been involved with the media ever

    Sample Post: yo so check this out m8, chippy from RPF totes called out big musty from DCP he say “yo Check it out man, DCP troops, they were all made on the same day & ain’t got NO stamps bruh they multis af” then 13yearoldnoob was all like “yo y’all are cheaters? tf is thisxman, I’m outie5000 peace out homeskillet biscuit” so then big Badboy stepped in and RKO’s chippy. baddy & chippy also had previous beef that has been ongoing since Chippy was sending pics of his genitalia to stromae

    hope u hire me

    • top kek

  5. Name: Goblin
    Email Address:
    Current Army Rank(s): BIGGEST FAGGOT ALIVE RN
    Media Experience (if any): CPAC CEO
    Sample Post: i dont need to give one faggot

  6. Name: Toxic (Maxime T9)
    Email Address:
    Current Army Rank(s): any at the moment
    Media Experience (if any): former smac reporter
    Sample Post:

    • Congratulations, you have been accepted. Welcome to CPA Central!

      • sry atticus…changed my mind, I dont have time anymore, sry dude

  7. Name: Brigade3
    Email Address:
    Current Army Rank(s): TEUTONS GOD
    Media Experience (if any): editor on cpac, smap and smac
    Sample Post:

  8. Xat name:Lord Flash, xat registered name: Scientist44,and Club Penguin username: Steven16658
    Email address:
    I am in DCP and we are ranked first in CPAC.
    Media experience:SMAC reporter
    Sample post:-
    Club Penguin going to shut down?
    Rumours have been circulating for many years about Club Penguin,an online virtual world shutting down.There is no credible proof about the game being shut down.It is true that the Club Penguin office located in Brighton,UK was shut down recently.Disney is suffering heavy losses due to a steep decline in the sales of the memberships.About 60 employees have lost their jobs that worked at the Brighton office.This is not the first time employees of Club Penguin have been laid off. Four years ago, in June 2011, it was announced that some employees had been laid off and got fired.According to one of the employees who lost their job, the sales of membership are way down and the company isn’t doing well.Is this the end of Club Penguin?Did Disney make a big mistake shutting down a Toontown, a then famous online virtual world and put their efforts in Club Penguin?Stay tuned for the latest updates.
    Lord Flash

  9. Name: Keytarna
    Email Address:
    Current Army Rank(s): Currently not in any armies to avoid bias.
    Media Experience (if any): Ex-editor of the school magazine (before the budget was cut).
    Sample Post: We had to make this fake newspaper report based off a poem in Year 7, so this is it:

  10. Name: Kyle
    Email Address: < This is my 2nd email. My WP is connected to my first.
    Current army ranks: Redemption Force LIT
    Media Experience: SMAC & SMAP
    Sample Post:

    • You have been accepted to join the staff here at CPA Central. Welcome!

  11. Name: Dylan

    Email Address: <– Spare account

    Current Army Rank(s): Not in any armies but I'm a big fan of Club Penguin armies, check CPAC like it's the news everyday 🙂

    Media Experience (if any): Used to work for the Washington Post, retired and now I'm an editor for a monthly school magazine – Winston Elementary.

    Sample Post:

    Title: The Mystery of the Rebel Breakaway

    We've taken notes from all over the world of Club Penguin about something: The Rebel Penguin Federation closing down. The Rebel Penguin Federation (better known as "RPF") is by far the strongest army in all of Club Penguin. They average around 100 soldiers in just about every event. The question still remains whether or not the army is closing down. There has been huge disagreements along the line of Rebels in RPF. Corn8dog, leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation stated months ago that RPF would be closing down in a 2 days due to private reasons. However, it has been months since Corn8dog gave us this news, and the Rebel Penguin Federation still remains in existence. Corn8dog was interviewed not too long ago, perhaps a week, about this. He clearly told us in the interview that he never said anything about the RPF closing down. Corn8dog was brought to Club Penguin Trial for this. Judge 3milhy of the Club Penguin Trial declared that Corn8dog is innocent. To this day, the mystery remains. Will RPF ever close down? Why isn't Corn8dog the one that stated the closing of the Rebel Penguin Federation? Is Judge 3milhy correct that Corn8dog is innocent? Even us expert investigators cannot find the answer to this question.

    Chaos for now!

  12. Name: Dev known as Dev321

    Email Address:

    Current Army Rank(s): None at the moment.

    Media Experience (if any): I’ve a lot of experience than you can ever imagine. I work for speedy cppshq(cpps blog).

    Sample Post:

  13. Name: Carlos
    WP: Superduding <–bc i don't like giving my email
    Media Experience: SMAC, SMAP, and SMAR reporter.
    Sample Post:

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