Club Penguin Moderators And Their Opinions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This post is the sequel to – Club Penguin Parties: Then and Now. Club Penguin Parties: Then and Now was a post that focused on the views that the army community had towards the parties currently held by Club Penguin and the older, more original Club Penguin parties. This post will contain a lot of dialogue before, in between, and after interviews which will have my thoughts and opinions towards the interviews of the certain Club Penguin Moderators.

Not much is known about Shadow Kat, a Club Penguin Moderator. During the interview, she responded kindly and answered all the questions asked. Although, when you search her up in the internet, not much comes up, but from the articles and websites that do come up, it seems Shadow Kat has been a Club Penguin Moderator for quite some time now.

Interview with Shadow Kat, Club Penguin Moderator

CPAC: Many years have passed since Club Penguin was bought by Walt Disney Company, and slowly, but surely, Club Penguin parties have been changing. Ever since Club Penguin was bought by Disney, more Disney related parties have been appearing, and now in 2016, most of the parties, if not all, are fully related to Disney. What is your opinion on this?

Shadow Kat: I for one loved the old Club Penguin parties, it was fun logging on and waddling around with the island all decorated up and whatnot. But now, Club Penguin can have awesome parties like the Marvel Superhero Takeover, and even the Star Wars Takeover.

Dialogue by Emperor Flor

Club Penguin surely has had pretty cool parties related to Disney, some being the ones Shadow Kat answered, and some others like the Muppets World Tour that allowed penguins to buy a ton of clothes related to the Muppets, and allowed everyone on the island to meet Kermit and his evil self!

Continued Interview with Shadow Kat

CPAC: Is there any way older, more original Club Penguin parties can be brought back for the future?

Shadow Kat: I can direct the request to the other moderators and see what comes up, but it truly would be great if older parties were brought back. It would be fun to see parties like the Medieval Party back again.

Due to the excess of interviews, the post will be updated daily until Friday, when the sequel to this post will be released, therefore ending the topic for this week.


3 Responses

  1. Should have asked what he or she thinks about CPA!

  2. Do a post on ACP’s 10th anniversary. That’s one of the biggest accomplishments ever in cpa history.

    • Yeah! And on Edwin appreciation day.

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