Top Ten Armies: 9/25/16

Update: Due to some calculation errors and general confusion as to how AUSIA is scored in the Top Ten, adjustments have been made. For this week only, we are allowing all armies to fix/remove their AUSIA if it negatively impacted their Top Ten score. A full explanation on how AUSIA works will be found at the bottom of the post. 

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As autumn is now in full swing, much of the Top Ten remained consistent with last week’s sizes, while another army has jumped from the bottom of the SMAC Top Ten into the CPA Central Top Ten


1. Doritos [66.60] [+1]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [64.70] [-1] 

3. Golds [57.00] [+5] 

4. Nachos [51.50] [+2]

5. DJ Army [50.05] [-1]

6. Teutons [49.90] [-3]

7. Army of Club Penguin [49.50] [+3] 

8. Wild Ninjas [47.00] [-1]

9.  Army Republic [43.80] [+0]

10. Tiger Warriors [43.65] [NEW!]

Full Statistics Here

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Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Doritos: The Doritos began their week with an ausia Invasion with a max size of 5. They then used their ausia force to invade the server Snow Globe hitting up to 7 on Club Penguin. Going along with their invasions, the Doritos maxed 22 at the invasion of Pine Needles. At their next to invasions on the servers of Beanie and Boots, they maxed 6 and 5 respectively. As the week continued, the Doritos held three consecutive events with sizes of 25 online.They then maxed 5 at another two ausia events and a great size of 27 Doritos online at a training. To finally conclude the week, the Doritos maxed 25 at the CPA Battle Royale in which they lost to the Nachos, and maxed 25 again at a training.


2. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had a busy week once again, starting off with an invasion of Northern Lights, where they maxed 18+. They then proceeded to invade both Tobbagan and Hibernate, seeing sizes of 18+. They then logged on for a training session, where they maxed sizes of 24. Following this, they had yet another training session maxing 15+. They then had a training session, where their size jumped to 24. They then had a U-Lead, where they maxed 19. They then decided to have a practice battle with the Kings, where they maxed 24. They then ended the week with a tournament battle against the Teutons, where they saw sizes of 30+.



3. Golds: Golds had a fairly busy week, kicking off with a U-Lead, where they saw a max size of 23. They then followed with a PB against AR, where they reached sizes of 13. Following this, they defended Winter Land from the Kings, maxing 10. They then defended Snow Drift, where they reached sizes of 12. They then trained on flippers, maxing a total of 11. To conclude their week, they held war training on Flippers, reaching sizes of 15+.


4. Nachos: The Nachos started the week off with a Recruiting Session where they maxed 10 on Club Penguin. Later in they week they continued to have a practice battle against the Teutons in which they reached 10 yet again. They then had an igloo raid in which they achieved sizes of 13 online. And to end the week, the Nachos reached sizes of 22 on Club Penguin in a tournament against the Doritos.


5. DJ Army: The DJ Army began their week with a multitude of Training Sessions in which they maxed 10 in the final one. They followed their week with a Recruiting Session where they reached sizes of 16 online. And to finish off their week, the DJ Army had a Training Session where they maxed 8 on Club Penguin.


6. Teutons: Teutons has a very busy week, holding several events. They kicked off their week with an ausia invasion of Wind Chill, where they maxed sizes of 8. They then had another ausia, where they invaded Christmas, maxing 8. They then had a defense of Northern Lights, where they reached sizes of 11. Following this, they had a defense of icicle, where they maxed 17. They then trained on Pole, maxing sizes of 15+. Proceeding this, they decided to have a UK training event, yet again maxing 15. They then had another UK training session, where they reached sizes of 13. Following this, they had an ausia training event, reaching sizes of 7. Once again, they followed with UK training, maxing 15. Concluding their week, they held a PB with Nachos, reaching sizes of 12.


7.  Army of Club Penguin: The ACP started the week off with an Expedition Event where they reached sizes of 24 on Club Penguin. They then had a Mining Expedition where they maxed 15 online. To finalize their week, the ACP had a Training Operation in which they maxed 11 on Club Penguin.


8. Wild Ninjas- Beginning another week, the Wild Ninjas logged on for their Battle Royale battle in which they maxed 8. They then held 3 consecutive successful events maxing 6, 16, and 8. Sadly, they followed these 3 events with 2 events maxing 4. Following a short slump, the Wild Ninjas bounced back with a max size of 13 at a training. To conclude the week, WN held consistent sizes of 8 throughout the end of the week and then officially ended the week with an event maxing 13.


9. Army Republic: AR had a very slow week, only holding three events, starting off with a PB against ACP, maxing 11+. Following this, they held a PB with the Golds, maxing 11 once again. To conclude their week, they held a joint event with ACP, where they maxed 10.


10. Tiger Warriors: To begin the week, the Tiger Warriors logged on with their ausia force with a size of 2 penguins and following this they maxed 5 at another ausia event. Then they held another event with a size of 7 people online; however, they then sprung to action maxing 16 at another ausia event. To finish the week, the Tiger Warriors held a joint event with the DJ army maxing 10.



AUSIA Clarification

Many people have come to us saying they don’t understand how the AUSIA division currently works in the Top Ten. The general misconception is that there is an AUSIA “curve” that gives armies extra points just for having AUSIA events. This is not how it works. The AUSIA category exists to allow armies who are based in AUSIA, i.e. Smart Penguins, to compete with all the US/UK armies. This is why scores get brought down by smaller AUSIA sizes. The same thing would happen if an AUSIA-based army averaged 20 at their AUSIA events, but only 5 at their US/UK events. Several armies have held AUSIA events solely to try to boost their Top Ten score, but they were actually hurting their score by bringing their total average size down.


CPA Central Acting Chief Executive Officer


CPA Central Editor-In-Chief

Emperor Flor

CPA Central Reporter


54 Responses

  1. there is no fuckn way tht tw is in cpa legit there leaders have multilogging in the past jay and vishal

    • We did not ever multilogged thses 3 weeks. If you think I and Jay multilogged prove it then.

      • how is it possible going from 3 up to 16

        • That was joint event with DJ Army. CPAC did not say that? But we have it written in our post.

          • come on xat rn and still without joint goes from 3-10

            • You’re commenting on how someone is cheating yet you raid army events with your cloudpenguin bots

              • I raid multiloggers like u

                • ooh im shook

                  • yah wait a minute go on rpf rn

                    • oh shit hes triggered and im banned

                    • no I got something to show u

                    • im banned come to dcp

                    • im banned ther

        • It was a recruiting event.So we got a lot of rogues.It was a combined event with DJ army , which proved to be good for both the armies.

        • olimad back at it again!

          • lol

  2. 1st.
    You should consider turning the top 10 into a top 5, the competition will be more intense and when people look at it weekly they won’t cry as much when they see how much CP armies have died like I do.

    • Are you sure people will consider it more competition?
      Its a fun idea , but eventually , the armies no being able to make it to “Top 5” will be frustrated and might quit.
      That’s just MY opinion.

  3. Great job

    • Lol.

  4. Good Job to Everyone.

  5. Good job Wild Ninjas 🙂

  6. well fuck you tw watch out

  7. […] job this week Golds! 3rd in the Club Penguin Army Central Top 10. Click here for the […]

  8. Why did you choose our smallest size pic for the Nachos?

    • If you want a certain event picture, then request one beforehand.


    • form lwgitto multiloggers u mean right?

  10. at this rate cp armies will be dead in weeks, damn.

    • i say they’ll be dead by January

      • I say by November comes around

  11. Salute! Good job to RPF on a great week! I believe our tactic points could have been better but that meas we must improve on our tactics! I’m kidding; the top ten is a meme and RPF doesn’t care about it one bit. I just like to piss off DCP.

    • >Top ten is a meme and RPF doesnt care about it one bit
      >Rights a post on RPF site congratulating everyone on being 1st on top ten
      >Says hes doing it just to piss off DCP meanwhile he multilogged for two years straight in WV just to get them 1st

      • Writes**

        • Top Ten is fixed! Good job on DCP for first! Now… they can sleep at night!

          • LOL^ hes actually triggered tho

  12. R.I.P. armies

  13. Great job to all armies this week

  14. Good job Golds. We would’ve gotten higher last week but we’re still doing amazing.

  15. dj army are legit multilogging the event where they got 16, TW had 3 people while DJ Army had 8 on chat, thats 11. Wheres the extra 5 on a 1 bar tho

    • I guess we had an event on a 5 bar.That’s why it is called a RECRUITING EVENT.
      Either recruiting events are on 5 bars , or my whole life has been a lie yet

  16. Great job this week Doritos! We truly are the #1 army, both here and on the map. No one can stop us. Family forever

    • If only more than 3 armies actually cared about the map

  17. Reblogged this on DCP Doritos Army of club penguin.

  18. Reblogged this on DCP Doritos Army of club penguin and commented:
    1st on top ten, GJ DCP!!

  19. top 10 doesnt matter, we all know the truth.

    • What the RPF multilogs? Yeah I guess we did all know that.

      • So you think I multi?

        • I don’t know what goes around the army world nowadays but I know for a fact that RPF has been one of the most legitimate and respected armies in army history. I’ve known Elmikey for years and I know that he can lead better than anyone in the current community by a mile, just by looking at the leaders page. Elmikey demolished Nachos in 2013 and also destroyed Dark Warriors and their rebellion. Many of you may know Elmikey’s history and many might not, but at the end of the day all the accusations and insults thrown at him cannot go against reality.

        • Maybe not you but someone does in your army.

      • WARNING!
        Windows detected, that guy i jealous of RPF power and don’t fight the good fight! Are you agree?
        Fuck the Waterkid
        Get Rekt Son.

      • nice to see some butthurt acp owner

  20. There needs to be one week every month where all armies do nothing but recruit. This is awful

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