Disney Mix: The Key To The Community’s Survival?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – After a long time researching the platforms, gaming mechanics, server jumping, friend search, etc. there is finally a theory as to what this community can do as a whole in terms of staying together even after Club Penguin 2.0 is born.

Many community members may not understand how Disney Mix can assist in the survival of the Club Penguin army community itself, but that’s only due to the fact that not a lot of research has been explained to the community. Research done by other community members and in the portion of Club Penguin’s community in which no armies are present.

To remind everyone how crucial it is for the Club Penguin army community to survive if everyone here wanted to pass the torch to a new generation for whatever reason, the characteristics of Club Penguin 2.0 must be reiterated, albeit briefly.

Club Penguin is being shut down and replaced with a mobile-exclusive app called Project: Super Secret, but current, unofficial names for the reboot have been referred to as Club Penguin 2.0 and Club Penguin Remix. There are speculated game mechanics such as server jumping, and confirmed mechanics such as jumping as shown in the latest gameplay video shown to the community when Spike Hike announced his retirement on the site’s blog. Last time, a philosophical take was made on this issue, and now there’s new research that proves that if this community wanted a new generation to be given the torch, it could do it.

Now, here’s where everyone gets confused. The mobile-exclusive game will be on an entirely new engine, a known engine known as Unity to support 3D design and gaming mechanics of 3D games. While the engine is not new per se, it’s an entirely different engine than ShockWave Flash (SWF) and Flash Player, which are both dying out soon. Personally, Club Penguin could have just switched to HTML5 and it would be hardly noticeable, so why abandon SWF and move to an entirely different system?

Why go through all the trouble to go to Unity, delete everyone’s friends lists, items, and accounts? With Club Penguin 2.0 not being out yet, it’s too early to determine if the current friends list will be used in the game itself, but there is the possibility of adding users present in the rooms. If Club Penguin is running on an entirely different system, then it’s hard to say if they’ll integrate a player search system into the reboot.

There are no more servers, but now shards for the mobile app, which makes it impossible to find friends, and without consulting a person outside of the game, how will people know each other if they added each other? How will someone find and add their leader? How do we know they won’t just choose the name they always wanted and abandon the other name behind? With an entirely different system and code, how can we determine that there will be a player search system similar to that in the friends list we see on the current Club Penguin right now?


How would anyone talk to their friends after the big move?

Here’s where Disney Mix comes in. That’s right, Disney Mix, a chatting/gaming platform only accessible on mobile platforms such as iPhones and iPads. Disney Mix could really assist the community in surviving through Club Penguin 1.0’s shut down and the move to Club Penguin Remix.

“Oh, look, a chatting platform. Come on, Chris, we have XAT and many people here already use Kik as a chat room”

That’s an extremely valid argument, seeing that a simple chat platform usually doesn’t seem correlate to bypassing infinite amounts of room shards and possible lack of Club Penguin’s own player search system. According to many sources, Disney Mix could really be the difference between ending the Club Penguin army community and its death.

Disney Mix is said to have a name system that will connect with Club Penguin 2.0, meaning that on the off chance that a person makes an account on Disney Mix, there’s a huge chance that the individual has already signed up for the new game before they even know it, and Disney Mix is said to have its own player search system. Then there’s the confirmation (by Spike Hike) of friends being shared across the gaming platforms.

That’s right. Club Penguin Re-Mix and Disney Mix will be built with the same technology, even with the same engine and code, that being Unity. They’ll both take place on mobile. Disney Mix has a player search system, and even though Club Penguin Re-Mix may have one as well, it’s too early to assume that everything will be fine, and even if they had a player search system, people would need to tell each other outside of the game on another platform of social media the usernames so they can add each other.

“Why not just arrange to meet in another social media platform and add each other on Club Penguin 2.0’s player search system?

Anyone could do that, but with new names possibly being an option, how can anyone at first glance add their friends? With Flash Player dying out, it may be possible that even XAT will die; however, it’s too early to say if they will just throw in the towel or switch to HTML5. It’s too early to say anything at this point.


Aforementioned confirmation by Spike Hike. Click to enlarge.

Embedding tweets isn’t a personal forte.. please bear with me.

With all this confirmed, there’s a huge chance that the Club Penguin army community will survive to pass the torch to another generation well after everyone else currently partaking in the community has moved on and went their separate ways; however, not everyone is on board with Club Penguin 2.0.

According to the rest of the community not involved in armies, users are actually nervous to make the transition. They believe that Club Penguin will just die after the move, they have no more faith left in the game and the people who are currently in charge. Nostalgia critics all over the community are currently going against the idea, and if Club Penguin 2.0 fails to become popular for whatever reason, then..

..It’s all over.

All of the benefits of Disney Mix and Club Penguin 2.0’s integration of technology, all of the tools used to help ensure the community’s survival, and all of the time and effort put into creating the reboot means nothing if users don’t ensure Club Penguin 2.0’s funding, and they need money to stay alive, but this is owned by Disney. Disney should be one of the richest companies in the world, so why get more money..?


…Club Penguin has been working on this reboot to fit in the modern world where they believe 2D worlds are now somehow out of style. CP could be one of the last functioning 2D worlds anyone can find on the internet today. Their greed for money is causing them to make the move, at least Club Penguin could just stick to a relative of ShockWave Flash called HTML5. Even if they had to delete accounts there, then all they’d have to do is integrate servers again, another player search system, and give everyone and everything a clean slate. 

A clean slate. No takeovers, no 3D design, no troubles, and no unhappiness. Peace could be finally achieved in the community again. Club Penguin armies could flourish and.. HTML5 would allow all that according to recent research undertaken.

Club Penguin doesn’t have to do this, just because other people are switching to mobile and being popular there doesn’t mean that CP can take that same big step and expect the same results.

If only they could stop while they’re ahead. 

If only they could just read these posts and understand the problems. 

If only they could just listen to their audience 

If only they can just abandon Disney and get rid of the greediness taking over them.

Club Penguin, this doesn’t need to happen…….

….You’re killing yourselves. 


You still have a choice, Club Penguin.


Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinions! Will Club Penguin ever listen to their audience? Will the reboot end CP’s legacy due to failure in popularity, or will the results be the opposite? Now that beta is possibly in October, what do you believe will be learned from the concepts? Please, leave your thoughts in the comments below. 


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian 


16 Responses

  1. “This hurt us, but won’t kill us.”
    Disney don’t listen us, they’re only want to get more money (“small” loan of million dolars…).
    Excellent post Chris 😀

  2. can’t we just move to making our own private servers and coloring the servers the color of the army that owns it and have bases for them/custom rooms per server? just can’t we use a CPPS! 😦 😦

    • Good evening, Bob. You make an excellent point; however, there are many flaws about using a Club Penguin Private Server. For example, a server doesn’t have enough smaller servers to handle armies. Most servers only have just one internal server on their menu to access. Even if there were enough servers, the private server owners would not be too happy about our presence if we recruit, much less spam tactics and form organized lines in a given room. I hope you find this helpful.

      • Then how about we not make it about servers and we can just battle for fun

      • random comments

    • My apologies, you were referring to a community owned server, correct? It’s been attempted several times, but nobody keeps the site domains stable and they’re just unable to catch on. I hadn’t figured out the logic behind that.

      • atleast we can do the disney mix then RIP

  3. Its the end of Toontown all over again!
    ( you need to be a 00’s kid to get that reference).
    Disney loves it’s money…

  4. Hi I’m Chris one.
    I only post about how much I hate Disney those capitalist fuckers.
    I might as well copy and paste every post they’re always exactly the same.
    I make Disney hate us even more my criticising everything they do even though they’ll never acknowledge my irrelevant posts.

    • Because that’s a funny comment, I’m gonna let you slide.

  5. *sigh* I’m getting more and more reasons to need an iPhone

    • Unless of curse this works on Bluestacks

  6. As technology is improving, most of us will move with it. That’s just how the world works. You don’t see anyone with an iPhone 4 anymore, or an iPod nano.

    Disney knows how to advertise their products, and they do it exceptionally well. Trust Disney, and “Club Penguin 2.0” might be a huge improvement for them, meaning more players and more money.

    While Club Penguin has been changing over the years, there is significantly less players online playing the game. They weren’t too smart during that time in attracting as many different audiences as they possibly can. 2D games may be fun for some of us, but they are dying out.

    Disney can make this work, and I wouldn’t give up on armies because they are changing their game. There is always a possibility that this corrupted, evil community will ruin their own chances at something revolutionary.

    • I didn’t really see it like that. You’re absolutely right, this community could screw itself over unintentionally.. but how? Please tell me more! :3

      • hi Christopher

  7. this community has slowly been becoming more cancerous ever since like 2014 and now that people are seeing it slowly die out since 2015 but the thing is this community will never completely die out as long as we have at least one army there will always be someone wanting to fight that army for fun and yes while those who come after this generation of CPA will be less like this with Newspapers, chats, bots, and all the corruption they will be better and more fair than us because they wont be as old as most of us are and they wont want to cheat to win they will want to win the legitimate way with good tactics and fair numbers.

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