Dark Warriors’ Club Penguin Division Closes

Frosty, Dark Warriors Capital – With many changes happening to club penguin armies like the switch of Xat to Discord from LS to the patching of bot recruiting CPA has certainly been changing. Today we come back with another army changing its ways by ending its club penguin division.

Recreated on August 8th by legends Xxtoysoldier, Drake, Verum, Perry, and Freezie after the merge of the Night Warriors also brought back by Xxtoysoldier, Drake, and Verum which seemed to be on a good role maxing 17+ each of its events. DW set itself high expectations saying it would rise as armies would fall, comparing itself to RPF and WV during the summer. This did not happen as Freezie became inactive because of work and Verum was soon couped. DW continued to max 20+ for almost one month.

But soon the worst hit them as school started many loyal owners from NW retired and troops left and became inactive.  DW and NW had the opposite of what most armies have, a good owner core and a less amount of troops. DW did not appear much in CPAC’s Top Ten. Soon the Dark Warriors declared war on the Smart Penguins. During that was when it all hit the hardest. Drake and Toy did not come on much, and none of the armies wanted this war. A few weeks after Toy vanished and so did Drake. With Perry coming to an event once in awhile DW was in former NW leader BMX48. DW tried to continue on having events getting sizes of 10 and Flen was promoted to leader. After an alliance with Teutons to get Fog and Frosty back DW stopped having events. Soon transferring them back to Teutons. Weeks passed by as DW had no events. Bmx started calling them a hangout place.

Till September 19, where DW legend Xxtoysoldier announced that DW would be ending its relations with CP for the current generation. Toy said he plans for DW to move on from CP and move to games like CS:GO, League of Legends, Runescape, Minecraft, Overwatch.


Interview with DW Leader BMX48

CPAC = Red
BMX = Black

CPAC: Do you still plan to use Xat? and if so will there be different chats for different games?

BMX:We are still using xat and probably just one chat because one per game would be a lot.

CPAC: What makes you think this will work?

BMX:Whenever we had those game nights, people used to come from different armies to join us and they had fun.

Now we wonder what will happen? A few months ago the CPA map returned with the server draft which many people did not like. Bot recruiting one of the most efficient ways of recruiting gets patched, LS returns and switches to DW and everything else happening at the moment.

 What do YOU think? Will the Dark Warriors succeed ? Will they survive or die out as a failure? Will switching from CP to other games cause DW problems? Is too much experimenting bad?  Comment YOUR opinions in the comment section below!


CPA Central Reporter


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


6 Responses

  1. RIP my first army

  2. Shit I have not been on xat in awhile, did people stop using it?

  3. stop trying to migrate, the same thing will happen anywhere else.

  4. Burn the Light. I’m out. -DarkWarriors Legend, DaffyDuck

  5. RIP

  6. I will miss 😦

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