Ryan and Conno Promoted to Nachos Leaders

FJORD, Nachos’ Empire – A few days ago Nachos promoted 2 new people to leader. They are named Ryan and Conno. How will they do now that they are leading the legendary Nachos army?

On the 15th of August both Conno and Ryan were promoted to leader. Both of them made posts stating they were leading and that they have plans to help Nachos rise again. The first post was made by Conno who made a made entitled “The 84th Nacho Leader”. Here’s what he had to say about being promoted to leader.

Hello Nachos!

Well Nachos Im am happy to announce that I am officially a Leader of one of the best and historic armies in CPA. I joined the Nachos a long time ago then took a break from armies for years. I came back not knowing how xat worked or anything. I guess what Im trying to say is for you low ranking people you can become a Leader in this army if you work hard and stay loyal and LEARN! I am happy to be leader and I will try my best to lead this army to greatness it will take sometime to rebuild what we lost from drop but I know with my fellow Owners we can do it!





As you can see, in the post he said he’s been in Nachos for a long time then took a break from armies. He then returned and is now leader of the army. He states he’s happy to be leader of such a historic army and he will “rebuild” what Nachos “lost”.

Not long after he made a post, Ryan made a post stating he was also a new leader of Nachos. Unlike Conno, he hasn’t been in Nachos for a long time but still managed to get leader and like Conno said he wants to rebuild Nachos. Here’s some of what he had to say:

Greetings Soldiers,

I am proud to speak to you all not as your second in command, but as your leader for the first time. I have just been made leader along with Conno, and I am proud to be leader in the most famous army in Club Penguin. For years I have dreamed of this, and now it is a reality, and I am grateful to everyone for their support. But I also have something to say to the haters:

To see the rest of the post, click here. He then goes on to say things to his “haters” followed by saying that all the owners should work together to try rise the army.

Since becoming leader, they had 3 events where they managed to get good numbers ranging between 25 and 14, which is pretty good. They hope to keep the success up, and alongside the other 2 Nacho leaders, try rise Nachos back to its golden days in 2013.


Event where Nachos maxed 25.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Nachos do well under this new leadership of not only Conno and Ryan but all four leaders including, Snickers and Legofan. So far they’ve done well but will they be able to keep it up? Only time can tell.

Interview with Ryan

CPAC: What was your reaction when you got leader?

Ryan: Kind of mixed. I was surprised at the timing, but I felt that I had been working hard to get the position. Although many had been in the army longer.

CPAC: Now that you’re leader, what plans do you have for Nachos?

Ryan: The army is not going to shoot to the top like a star, but we will work on more advanced training, enforcing recruiting among other minor details that will lead the army to rise. I just need the ownership behind me, as a leader can’t succeed without the backing of his troops.

CPAC: Do you think you’ll benefit Nachos?

Ryan: That will be shown in the long run, but I can just say that I will work my ass off to rise this army.

CPAC: How long do you plan on staying?

Ryan: People will say that I’ll be gone soon, and they can say that. I have full intention of staying for no less then a long time.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Ryan: Look into the shadows, and then watch the Nachos charge into the light and up to the top.

It’s clear that Ryan has big plans for Nachos, and so does Conno. It’s going to be interesting to see how this leadership plays out. We can only wait to see how the results are. Will it be good?

What do YOU think? Will Ryan and Conno be good Nacho Leader? Did they deserve leader? Do you think Ryan deserve the hate he gets?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief



6 Responses

  1. that final comment was pretty gay mate

    • Gay people say gay things ! ❤

  2. Dan, Stone and Kevin retire, 3 grest leaders including 1 legend, replaced by snickers and lego, and you don’t post; but you post about this. How many xats did ryan pay you, zoomey?

    • Enough for me to make this post! *Shifty*

      • gg

  3. Pointless post when nobody posted on legend Brad retiring from the Teutons!

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