Current Status of the Recent Golds Deductions

FLIPPERS, Golds Empire- On September 18th, 2016, the Golds received a deduction of 15 points based on the evidence shown that the Golds had used former Water Vikings penguins to multilog. Following this, more material has surfaced showing that the Golds did not use those penguins to multilog. 

Following the closing of the Water Vikings of Club Penguin, both Buddy and Lord Jay migrated to the Golds army. According to the statement prepared by the CPA Central staff earlier, both individuals brought along their Water Viking multilogs to enhance the army’s size.

A total of seven penguins were leaked to the public’s notice. The following penguins were Alexis CP, Sebastion CP, Texan CP, Shadowmass2, Monsterella6, Zakhary222, and Sheapasta. Sheapasta was specifically mentioned due to the fact that the penguin can be seen at the Golds training session on September 14th.

After this statement was put into the latest CPA Central Top Ten, current Golds leader, Antonio, sent CPAC a picture of a Golds moderator asking for a penguin because she did not have one. The moderator, Britney, opened a private chat with Buddy asking for a penguin. Buddy then gave her the penguin Sheapasta. A screenshot of this conversation can be found below.

Although not listed on the post, Iceboxx10 was another penguin believed to be used by Iroids. At the Golds invasion of Walrus on September 16th, an unregistered null came on to the chat claiming to be Iceboxx. The null was then banned and coincidentally Iroids then went offline. For anyone who is unaware, if the null is banned, anyone with the same IP address of the null will be banned also.

After going offline, Lord Jay/Iroids uploaded a screenshot showing that his computer had actually lost internet connection. The null being banned had not caused him to go offline, it was actually his computer losing connection from the internet. Additionally, Jay recorded an uncut video of the entire event which included a portion of the Golds chat.

While most of the story still needs to be cleared up, the Golds may not have actually multilogged at any events. If any information continues to surface, CPA Central will then update this post with the latest news.  Also in the event of the Golds mulitlogging accusations being proven false, their 15 point deduction will also be removed.

Comment YOUR opinion on the multilogging accusations against the Golds? Could they have been framed? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Acting Chief Executive Officer


6 Responses

  1. How anti-climatic.

  2. Glad to see the right thing was done. Golds are clean. Good job!

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  4. I’m only writing this comment based on Jay’s pathetic attempt to cover it up and his unending salt towards me; I hate people who just can’t admit it.
    Iceboxx0 was a penguin used back in 2015 under an army called Red Force, who claimed to use IRC so they can’t get exposed for multilogging. The initial purpose of such army was to get high scores on the Top Ten during when DCP was a mess of multilogs, so Red Force could prove to the community that the Top Ten is flawed. Unfortunately, due to lack of motivation Red Force only got 5th on CPAC. How do I know this? Jay made this army and me and (someone else who I won’t mention) joined in. The penguin Iceboxx0 was one of the penguins used during the multiple Red Force events. You may search through CPAC for 2015 redforce, but it will be hard as there was no post announcing their return and the top ten that they got 5th at had no description nor pictures, only the statistics, because you know, Zak was a great CEO. As someone who knew about how WV functioned since 2015, I think you should take my word for it.
    Regarding the whole “scratch that, golds are clean” situation, there are more WV multilogs used in Golds from a friend of mine that I don’t wish to mention. First multilog starts with H and ends with S, second one starts with K and ends with D.

    • As for Batbro, Buddy didn’t show counter-evidence against Batbro. Allow me to add that Batbro was a null on Golds chat named “Batbro-[Golds].

    • You sound like Bad lmfao.

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