Lightning Strikers To Return

Unknown Territory, Lightning Strikers Empire – With school now underway for most people, CPA seemed to have fell but now it seems there is a slight rise. Over the last week or so many armies have announced their return. One of the many to return, the Lightning Strikers.

Last created in August of 2013 the Lightning Strikers have gone through a lot through their 3 years in CPA and this could be a time to add more. First created in the summer of 2011 by Kreatos, Kreatos was known as one of LS’ greatest leaders, the amount of time he put into leading and recruiting was something you won’t see today. Kreatos soon made one of his friends, Mkll, leader. They were able to lead LS to sizes of 10+.


The announced leaders for “The Final Return Generation 4” are well known around the community, Kreatos LS Creator, as well as Garrett101 and TondraX, who are both LS legends. The current date of the return has not been announced yet by any of the leaders. One of the biggest changes in LS is the plan of leaving Xat. LS plans to not use Xat, instead, they plan to move to Discord. Like Xat,  Discord is an online chatting service. 

 You can see this post HERE


Tondra one of Lightning Strikers greatest legends is set to be leader. When he was first hired into LS they ranked 8th on CPAC Top 10 in just their first week having 12 events.


LS 8th on CPAC TT

LS performing a perfect “Jokes” tactic

Interview with Garrett101

CPAC: What makes you think this won’t be a failure? and also what sizes do you expect LS to get?

Garrett: This generation of LS will not be a failure because we are going to be hiring the best people to lead before we even set up officially. I expect LS to start slow with low sizes, but eventually, watch those sizes get larger as time goes on.

CPAC: And the question we are all wondering why does LS plan on switching from Xat to Discord?

Garrett: We are becoming the first army to switch to Discord because one, it’s 100% free and secure so no one can hack it, and two when we aren’t in battle we can have a good time and talk to each other rather than just typing on xat. We hope other armies take our example and switch because it is worth it and chats won’t get hacked as often as they do on xat. 

CPAC: Any final comments?

Garret: No

What do you think? Will the Lightning Strikers become famous again? Will they survive or die out as a failure? Will switching from Xat to Discord cause LS problems? Comment YOUR opinions in the comment section below!


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18 Responses

  1. LS will be famous again. I admit that I have said the same thing to every returning army but LS had a glorious past. Getting 8th on CPAC isn’t that easy. What is leaders lounge?

    • 8th on CPAC is minor try leading to 2nd

      • Eighth on CPAC in 2013 would be first now

        • I’ve led to 6th before with Teutons which would have been 1st now just saying.

          • No kidding. Teutons were around in 2013?

            • 2014

  2. Kreatos never created LS, Walf did

    • Kreatos is walf

      • hi kreatos (;, surprise to see me here? l miss you buddy.

  3. even though I wasn’t specifically in this army, just seeing these 2011/12 army names on the headlines gives me nostalgia lmao

    • no shit man.

    • I didn’t know you were still alive!! :O

  4. Kreatos and Gar are not the actual creators of LS. Walf Six and Matt are btw

    • Kreatos and Walf are the same people

  5. test

  6. red apples are pretty good but so are green ones

  7. Welcome baack, Kreatos.

  8. Ever heard of revising/editing

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