RPF Declares War On Teutons

TUXEDO, RPF Empire-  RPF has suddenly decide to wage war on the Teuton empire. How will this war escalate for both armies? Find out more information by clicking “Read More”!

As of September 13th, the RPF have released a post declaring war on the Teutons. The RPF are hungry for territory, this is justified through their declaration of war on the Teutons. They also seem pretty confident in their chances of victory, as this declaration of war was very sporadic. Teutons were taken aback due to the sudden declaration of war brought against them, courtesy of RPF.

RPF has been doing very well as of recent, averaging 20 at events. With this being the case, this may very well be an easy win for the RPF . Since then, the RPF have had their first invasion, maxing 20+ as of September 15th, where the Teutons had only maxed 2+ throughout the battle. The following is a picture from their first invasion, where they too, Teutons pictures will be added once their site recovers.


RPF Maintaining sizes of 20+


RPF appears confident in this war, as Chip, RPF Leader, plans to become the victors of this war. According to RPF’s website, the army is currently winning the war, as Teutons have failed to show up to most invasions. Chip also claims that RPF will perform well throughout the war considering their troops are ready and influenced by war. This was mentioned in the following interview with RPF Leader, Chip.

Interview with Chip RPF Leader

CPAC: Why did RPF decide to declare war on Teutons, any special agenda?

Chip: RPF survives off war because our soldiers like to battle other people rather than having boring training sessions. RPF believed that Teutons were the best target.

CPAC: How do you believe RPF will be performing in the upcoming invasions scheduled against the Teutons?

Chip: I’m sure RPF will be doing extraordinary as we get fueled from wars.

CPAC: Final question, Do you believe the consistent defacement of Teutons website will impact their performance throughout the war?

Chip: Yes, the Teutons are a cool army, the declaration of war wasn’t anything personal and we’ll leave them with a lot of servers. A piece of advice to them would be to hire loyalists so people don’t quit the army and deface for fun.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Chip: Fight the good fight.

Chip seems confident in RPF’s abilities in this war, as he claims RPF is capable of acquiring the Teutons’ nation. He also believes that RPF will be successful in this war due to their consistent war training and preparation for fast tactical performance.

While the RPF continue to embark on new territory, can the Teutons return to win the war? Can the RPF continue to mow over the Teutons’ nation? Comment YOUR opinions in the comment section below!


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief




4 Responses

  1. We won’t take all their servers; they’re cool!

    • Chip is right we are not an army who wants to “crush” any other army.

      • Fixed, my bad bro beans

  2. them & DCP are the only 3 servers on the map, who else are they gonna declare war on

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