Inactivity Plagues Community

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Hello all, those who are new to the community, those who have been around, and those who have come back. This year, the September Drop was instated early and has had a huge impact on this community. With armies weakening daily and lack of activity, I’m here to give you some tips for survival and as well how to get back up on your feet.

Starting this post off, I’m not intending to say I am one of the best leaders in the community, nor am I better than everyone else. As well, my views do NOT apply to the rest of CPAC staff. Recently, I made a post about the September Drop which can be seen here. Since the debut of this post, armies have been affected to the drop in an unforeseen decline.

Due to the decline in size, troops have been giving up and that is NOT the right way to go. If you fear your army is near death, speak to a leader and inform them of your concern. If you’re leader of an army PLEASE do not autotype. Autotyping has weakened the connection of Club Penguin and armies. Armies are currently being disliked by potential recruits and the administration of Club Penguin itself. If you’re seeking to find recruits, separately speak to them! Players are more likely to trust someone they are acquainted with than a bot yelling at them in caps! Although this method may take patience and time, it has a positive effect on the army and it’s size.

In regards of hyping your army, be excited about it! Take the time to talk to each of your troops and ask them how they are and if they’re as excited as you. You can also ask your troops to help out and hype as well. Saying things such as “LET’S GO _____” or “BATTLE SOON LETS GET READY! ____ IS THE BEST!” can get troops very excited about the battle. When you are battling, hype tactics as well and applaud your troops on doing the tactic, even if the tactics aren’t as good as other armies in the community. You want your troops to know what a great job they are doing.

If your army is struggling for survival, you may want to consider to ally relative armies. If your army is an ally of another army, you may have a chance to have troops come over to help out. But don’t ask another army to come help when you don’t know their thoughts on you. In return of them helping you may have to help out with them.

I hope this post has helped you recognize alternative ways to raise your army and survive the September Drop. If you plan to have troops excited about the army, have weekly parties! Let’s hope the drop will not have an advantage this year and we can overcome it!

What are YOUR thoughts on how to raise an army. Do YOU have any ideas? Here are CPAC we want YOUR opinions. 

-Apollo / CPA Central AP

Recommended Song

Hey CPA Central viewers! I’m gonna be leaving songs to recommend at the end of each of my posts to give you guys some great music to listen to, or to show my music choice. I apologize if the song recommended is not of your choice, if you have any recommendation leave them in the comment section!

Choice – Twenty One Pilots : Cancer (Cover of My Chemical Romance)



3 Responses

  1. It’s nice to find people smarter in cp armies every once in a while.

  2. why

  3. Thank You! Someone who undertsands the flaws autotyping! We need CP to like us again if we want this community to survive.

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