Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam – My Retirement

I’ve seen many things in just under seven years in CP Armies, both the absolute highs and absolute lows of our performance. Many things have happened that still to this today I still can not believe, it is the unexpected that makes CP Armies such a joy. It is not just army leaders, but everyone involved that paves the future for what we achieve, and that will continue until the very end.

Briefly to start, I would like to summarize my time in CP Armies. I started, like many at the time, at the Army of CP. Even if in recent years the ACP did not reach the heights of before, the ACP still are easily the most historic and legendary armies in both legacy and overall size over the years. I was not involved in much, apart from working my way up in CPA Central and leading some medium armies such as the Puffle Warriors and Pretzels, between my time as an initial low member to leader of the ACP. After over two years of loyalty to the army, this still goes down as the one achievement that I was, at the time, the most thrilled to get – it was
an honor to receive the rank that I had been longing to get for a long time.

My time as leader of the Army of CP was, at best, a mixed time. During my first spell as leader I was on holiday for most of it and, with several owners retiring at the same time as Flipper/Kenneth and then Mchappy a month later, the ACP was on a downward spiral. The second spell, contrary to some opinions, was not so bad. It was still far from my capabilities in my future armies, but through a month spell we were consistently in the top two on the top ten – reaching some pretty good sizes. Perhaps it was still remembered for some low points, such as the Fake Coup with Swimmer, but I enjoyed much of that leadership. It was a shame that it came to the end that it did.

Before getting ACP Leader, I got my first chance to be head of CPA Central. Taking over from Woton, I worked alongside Bluesockwa2 for one of the greatest adventures. My experience at the time was very limited, only just reaching two years in CP Armies and about 18 months within CPAC, It was this inexperience that lead to some bad decision making, most notably the banishment of the Light Troops for a short period and asking them to ”apologize”. This wasn’t all without foundation, the Light Troops did give us reason to remove them from our website with all of the Anti-CPAC propaganda, but nowadays I would’ve handled it much differently. Outside of this, the website ran fairly efficiently and I was also keen to keep Bluesockwa1 within our ranks, who was threatening to leave after arguments with Bluesockwa2. When he eventually took my rank, he was easily the best CEO we have ever had. My second CEO spell was far more solid, but I had lost my drive in armies at that point and seriously needed a break – which I took for several months before returning to lead the Water Vikings.

After a break from armies in 2014, I decided to move to the Ice Warriors. It was a move that interested me greatly, despite starting as a 4ic. It took me a good few months of commitment to the army, but it certainly helped me to build vital experience. When I eventually took over the leadership alongside Tes, it was my greatest spell as a leader to date at the time. We dominated the top ten and, with several huge sizes including 60+ in the Quarter-Finals – we managed to win the Legends Cup in 2014. We also got to the Champions Cup Final a few months later, with some similarly impressive sizes.

My second spell in the army, despite my fights with Andrew for the leadership, was almost just as successful. It was much shorter, but filled with many successful events and top ten domination. This time I was leader with Ghost who initially was very good to work with, but went very inactive leaving me to do much of the work. Iceyfeet’s decisions to change leaders and create instability throughout the past two years has caused the death of the army, he is very good to work with when hes active – but sometimes he needed to let his leaders get on with the job. When I left the Ice Warriors, alongside several owners and moderators, we moved to the Water Vikings in 2015 for my last stretch in CP Armies.

I’d been leader of the Water Vikings twice before my move in 2015, including two successful summers in 2013 and 2014. However, it was the move in 2015 that lead to our best generation. We took the W1ater Vikings from the bottom of the Small/Medium top ten to the very top of the CPA Central top ten and, alongside inspirational leaders such as Bepboy and Change, we had an incredible run to the Legends Cup Final – where we maxed 80+ and were unfortunate in having the victory taken away from us. Similarly to the Ice Warriors, but to a greater extent, we were the largest army through 2015 and took the awards for Biggest Rise and Largest Army.

In 2016, we had success again as I decided to return for one final spell as an army leader. We were first for almost every week of this summer and again lost to RPF in the Legends Cup Final – this time in a very fair result. This summer we were incredible and broke a year record for the most amount of points in a top ten, when we had 60+ in almost every event through one week earlier in the summer. I had amazing leaders in Tes, Jack283, Jack, Buddy, Katie and Revan. This was the best time I’ve had a leader, because everybody in the army made it so enjoyable – my best decision in armies was to move to WV in 2015.

There were other places I have been involved in, such as the Puffle Warriors, Pretzels, Federation, SMA Central, CP Army Express and others – but it is the four main organisations of ACP, WV, IW and CPAC that I hold the most affiliation to. It is these four places that made me who I am in CP Armies, and in all of them I had some much enjoyment. All of the people made me feel at home and welcomed me with open arms – thank you to everyone that has been in my armies in the past. With that in mind, here are my words to those roughly 200 people that have influenced me between 2009-2016.


Bluesockwa1 – As I already said earlier on in my retirement post, you are the greatest CEO to have worked at CPA Central and I am glad I had the chance to both work under you and have you working for me. You grew into an inspirational figure, and your work continues to guide the site into the right path. Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me over the past few years, and I really enjoyed being Interim Manager this summer.

Bluesockwa2 – Our time as CEO together was mixed, but I enjoyed your more experienced guidance while I was CEO the first time and used you as a shoulder to lean on. You are also inspirational and without you in and around CPAC, maybe your brother could lose some focus? Well done on your achievements, and thank you for all the chances you have given me.

Zakdude – It was good to work with you as CEO for my second spell, and I apologize for leaving you in the dark for my sudden leave. You did a good job, and should be proud of the work you did. Also, you are a great leader and were a key figure in the earlier history of the Water Vikings and a motor for their success. 

Iasage –  I cannot thank you enough for making me part of the contributor program and then seeing something in me to make me a reporter. You are an amazing person and you are another person I went to for advice, even though you don’t come on very often.

Sklooperis – How I miss you after your retirement. You were really funny and entertaining in PC and every day I wish you and Woton came back. You were great and I am thankful for making me wait for CPAC Head of Site. You are truly a legend and you should have made the legends list. 

Woton – It was a rare opportunity that many do not receive to be a Secondary Head of Site under you. Your writing ability is sensational and your commitment to your creation is second to none. Well done on all your accomplishments – I’m sure you are doing well in life. 

Shaboomboom – I hired you when I was a secondary head under Woton and I never regretted that moment. You are the best philosopher to ever join armies and you were one of my best friends. We weren’t friends until you joined CPAC and I’m glad our friendship tightened as time went on. Sometimes you were a handful, but it was such an amazing handful that I loved it.

Tomato – I didn’t know you for long and we weren’t best friends but you are a cool person and a good, active writer – where did you even go?

Zoomey – You were one of the most active people while I was Interim Manager this year and I hope you continue your good work, because you are a key asset to the website. Also, it was good to have you in the Water Vikings for a bit as you were also a very good owner. 

Jodie – You did very well to keep SMA Central at such a high standard, and it was a good opportunity to see how you work when you were Interim Manager with me. You are hard-shelled and hold all the right things needed for a Head of such an organisation. You were funny and kind and a pleasure to work with.

Lorenzo – Although we didn’t speak much this summer, your post quality is good and also I am sure you can be CEO again and take the opportunity to show how good you are, just keep that activity up. 

Atticus – A rising star within the CPA Central ranks. If you stay active, you can be a fantastic CEO for CPA Central. Your post quality is good, you can be tough when needed and also know what to do in a hard situation. If you ever need any help just get in contact. 

Superoo – You always backed me, always supported me and gave me confidence. You were a great reporter and editor for CPAC, as well as within the armies such as ACP you were involved in – such as a very supportive owner during my second spell as leader. 


  • Nathancool
  • 78562cool
  • Albaro
  • Splasher



Bepboy – One of the best leaders I have ever worked with, incredibly underrated by many and was key to so many successful generations of the army. It is also amazing how incredibly loyal you have been to the army, considering the other chances you could’ve taken. You were a great support to me and am glad we had the chance to work together for so long.

Change – Also another legendary leader that was part of an incredible leadership last year. You lead a recruiting machine and also had a great leading ability. Another person with a fantastic attitude to life 😉

Jack283 – I am glad you followed me from the Ice Warriors to Water Vikings and, ever since, you were so loyal to the army leading almost constantly since. I see this as also loyalty to me, and I can not repay you for that.

Jack – It has been great to work with you since you joined this year and you deserved your promotion to leader. It’s a shame that it couldn’t last longer, but it was great to have our football chats – shame your Fulham side are shit.

Buddy – You know you made a mistake leaving me and came crawling back 😉 ;). Seriously though, you have been fantastic in both the Pretzels and Water Vikings and I am glad I could trust you.

Revan – When you joined you caused a great lift to the army and that shows to me you have ability, good luck with whatever you decide to to do in the future.

Dashing Snow – What a character! You were so funny and easy to get along with. We haven’t talked properly for a while now that you have gone, but it was such a good time when you were WV Leader.

Chip – I can understand why you moved, but maybe you could’ve gone about it better. You were a great support to me and I can not thank you enough for the commitment to the army over the year. Good luck.

Katie – A very dedicated and good leader, and also I am amazed at how loyal you were to me, like Jack, when we moved from IW to WV and you were there to the very end.

Tymatt – Red Bulls are shit. Good leader back in the day, and I enjoyed our little chats. 

Stromae – You were a solid leader and amazing graphics maker – shame you had to vanish.

Adden – Good leader, commited to WV so much over the years and great to work with. 

Antonio – I tried so many times to get you to come back to WV, you’ve done so well to Golds and are very loyal to them. Good job and keep up the good work. 

Jay – A very good owner to me several times, thank you for the support.


  • Apollo
  • Charzard
  • Taco
  • Tax
  • Pham
  • Jay
  • E Pengo
  • Security
  • Aaron
  • Moses
  • Midnightwave
  • Mortico
  • Zeer
  • Billy
  • Wobbafettt
  • Pjayo
  • Zing
  • Alex Pile
  • Terminator
  • Icystorm9
  • Cutetails
  • Daysarefun
  • Rd



Tes – We had a great time leading together, in both IW and WV, and we had so much success. You were so fun to talk to and we worked so well together.

Iceyfeet – While you made some choices I disagreed with, you helped me and gave me the chance to be IW Leader and I am thankful for that. Also you had a good time as ACP 2ic under me….

Ghost – You could’ve been more active towards the end, but we worked quite well towards the start and you have great ability as a leader.

Albc & Gtu – You were great owners for me in IW, some of the best I’ve had, and you did well as leader.


  • Ryan
  • Lootking
  • Maid
  • Kyle
  • Nickle
  • Sir Pj
  • Sam
  • Berbatov
  • Oregan
  • Christopher
  • Guidocars
  • Jo
  • Snowskitter
  • Ben
  • Sammie



Ek – We had such a good time and you were one of my closest friends in my time in CP Armies. You haven’t been on in a while and probably wont see this, but it was great to speak to you during our time in ACP

Kenneth1000 – My awesome Canadian – a proud member of the British Empire!! A fantastic and inspirational ACP Leader, very loyal, and incredibly friendly.

Swimmer – You stuck by me when we were leader together and I thank you for that, you were a good leader. You were so easy to get along with and did well

Antant – We had a good time as leader, and had some good high points through the leadership as well as the occasional down. Always looking to come back to me, right?

Flipper – My role model as I looked to shape how I became a leader, gave me the chance to be owner and moderator in ACP and a very good, one of the best UK Leaders.

Fluffyboy – A very good and friendly person, who was a very solid owner for me in ACP, WV, PW and Pretzels. It was almost like you followed me around…

Purple Slime – Very funny and very welcoming, a pleasure to work with you in ACP.

Twingy – You gave me plenty of advice and also stuck up for me a lot in the ACP, so I thank you a lot for that. We had some good football chats, even if you support the wrong team. Next year is your year.

Mchappy – One of the best ACP Leaders and, even if you declared war on the Federation, you were very helpful to me.


  • Foldez
  • Tori
  • Capncook
  • Superoo
  • Boomer
  • Maxy
  • Nnpingwin
  • Slider
  • Levandoski
  • Stew
  • Snaily
  • Bobcatboy
  • Sercan
  • Sidie
  • Buck
  • Obama
  • Frothe
  • Splashy
  • Tempahh
  • Rainy
  • Khimo
  • Ajman
  • Saint & Dry
  • Cassius Brutus
  • Flipmoo



Floppy/Jake – You have always been in my memory of CP armies and will never leave that. You recruited my from Heatblast’s chat and we were in the PW together for a long time. Without you, I wouldn’t have got any of the achievements that I did get. I miss the recent times when you are hardly on and I hope you see this because you were the greatest of friends.

JJ – We haven’t spoken or seen each-other in many years, you are long gone, but I had to include you on my list because you were such a king and awesome friend to speak to in our time at PW – I have always been waiting for you to visit. 


  • Blossom



Braveboy – The Pretzels were a great army and it’s a shame that you couldn’t find a way to keep them alive without being fully involved. You are truly underrated as a leader and person, and it was good to be involved with you in both the Water Vikings and Pretzels.

Disco70s Again, I could have put you as a PW because you came looking for a medium army and made a big difference and helped us get into the top ten. However, your Pretzels achievements are amazing and you played a HUGE part in their success.


  • Chile
  • Holo2



Max – We had a good time in Federation and also when we worked together in other armies, a very good owner and leader to work with.

Ladtom – A long long time since we spoke and were running CPA Express – you were certainly a very interesting character!

122344a – All I can say, is sorry for changing AR Site to the Puffle Warriors!


  • Ace Firekin
  • Shad
  • Wolf
  • Lucario
  • Mrgpv
  • Jcm
  • Rocky
  • Gistha
  • Shimmy
  • Lenco
  • Daleboxtel
  • Wenny
  • Alex
  • Vivek
  • Brigade
  • Popcorny
  • Zach 11
  • Chrisi
  • Haroon
  • Mach
  • NickoCP
  • Supperz
  • Fiasco
  • Ollie
  • Sofia
  • Np3000
  • Lucario
  • Eyes
  • Summit
  • Teal
  • Ivjak
  • Garrett
  • Rix
  • Dpd
  • Dan101
  • Djk
  • Commando
  • Blueink
  • Qwerty
  • Dadar


The title I chose for my ultimate retirement was, Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam meaning ”I will either find a way or make one”, in Latin. I felt that this phrase, in a way, summed some of my time in Armies. Whenever something is in the way, I tried to find a way around it, maybe making a few mistakes earlier on that were wrong. I tried no never give up, to always push on – and it was only possible with the people around me to do so. It is the people around you that help you to push yourself and your organisation forward, only with the right people in place will you succeed. Without the foundations, you will be doomed to failure. Without strong relationships, you will fail. Success comes from your ability to interact with people from within and external to where you are involved.

As a quick note regarding the CEO Position that will be open now that I have finished in my role as Manager, Bluesockwa will be releasing his statement to the Staff of CPA Central in the near future regarding and confirming who the new CEOs of CPA Central are. Until that announcement, we can assume that Atticus and Lorenzo will be acting-CEOs of CPA Central.

With my time now finished, I can look back to the past and evaluate the present. You’ve probably heard it from many people before, and maybe its because I’ve lost interest in CP Armies, but the current community is boring, stale and full of irritating things. Some armies clearly multilog, some have been exposed and obviously still do now. What’s the point when some armies have to break the rules to try and make themselves seem like leaders they are not – and then you yourself may be accused when you play by the rules? If armies claim to recruit and claim it is successful, they are lying, no army has a successful recruiting system at the moment because bot recruiting has been blocked and lines are constantly getting worse. Autotyping has also not worked for ages now, and certainly does not work at all now – despite what anyone says. Those who bot raid, those who have to dox – get a life? This is a CP Game and you have to try and ruin people who just want to relax and have some fun. Bot raiding is highly annoying, and maybe people get a kick out of it, but ultimately when you decide to give up and get bored of the raids, armies will still be here. WV and RPF were bot raided for ages, but they were still easily the biggest two armies of the summer. It is these failings that make people get annoyed with CP Armies, and get bored and eventually leave. Things wont change. I do think, however, armies have years left in them until a slow decline to death – but that is a long way off in my opinion.

Thus ends my time in CP Armies. I have met and worked with some amazing and friendly people, been part of amazing armies and organisations and had such fun – an escape from some real world problems to get some enjoyment. It may be CP, something that is obviously what I shouldn’t have been involved in my middle teens, but it is more than that. It is the engagement with people on XAT that makes the community appealing to the people within. Other people in the world wouldn’t understand it, but I understand it fully. I have had a blast, but now it is my final retirement. There is 0% chance of me returning, as I will be going to University soon – and I will not be on XAT on a consistent basis. 

Thanks to those who have helped me, made me happy and helped me enjoy life. 


Retired WV/ACP/IW Leader & Former CPAC CEO


35 Responses

  1. Whilst working alongside you, I came to know that you were more than a failed army leader, instead a determined character with the aspiration for just a little bit more. It’s a shame to see yet another key figure of the community leaving, but I wish you well in your future.

  2. So are you actually retiring this time? I feel like I’ve seen a lot of these posts from you…

    I’m just messing with you good luck in life, you’ve been a great person to lead with and to talk to. Wish ya nothing but the best buddy.

  3. Gonna miss you. I hope you enjoy life after armies, you were a great friend. I’m glad to have worked aside one of the most powerful leaders in the army history.

  4. AW BYE FUNKS ❤ 😦

  5. Oh Well Funks u will be missed and Good Luck in Life And Good luck in Future! All Members in CPA u will miss u

  6. Welcome to retirement island mate, enjoy your stay.

  7. Sad to see you go. Hope you stick around on kik and whatnot.

    • Just read your entire post and what you said about recruiting not working is a complete mistake. Everyone has seen RPF chat and everyone knows we have legitimate soldiers.

      • just like WV did?

        • Water Vikings bot recruited, and even though I leaked the passwords to ten WV mutlilogs (some were mine) and I don’t even care, I can still admit that in 2015 WV maxed 40 at 2 pm UK with 30 new recruits and in 2016 they managed to get 10 recruits on chat with around 300 join apps in a couple of days.

          • … then why multilog

            • Apparently the competition was too tough for WV to compete with

            • why would you not multilog in an army like wv? they didnt go to war, so it’d be easy size. if an army went to wars and whatnot then it’d be stupid to multilog.

      • the amount of dislikes on this comment is hilarious. I invite anyone who disliked this comment to come attend an RPF event and investigate every single penguin and even speak with every single penguin. RPF recruits hype tactics when the leaders are leading it, that’d be awfully easy to do, am I right? /s

  8. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB.

  9. When Funks doesn’t mention you 😦 . Bye bye Funksypoo

  10. deserve it*

  11. It’s sad to see you go Funks 😦 You’ve been a great leader throughout your career, and I’ve enjoyed both co-operating with and fighting with armies that you have led.
    Good luck with uni mate 🙂

  12. Although I’ve never talked to you much , you seemed to be a pretty cool person.
    Good luck in life!

  13. When I get a mention 😨love you and gonna miss you bro

  14. See you bro! It was nice working at CPAC whilst you were intern manager and it was nice to be in an army under your leadership!

  15. Even though your leadership in ACP was regarded poorly for the most part, working as a troop under you taught me about leading. Thanks for the great memories, funks.

  16. Although only seen you once leading WV, I never saw any good leader like you till that date. It was every time sad for me for every person, from CPA Legend to an army Private, it had some impact on Armies, but your is significant. We will always miss you and all the people in the world who had ever retired from Armies. I hope I will be atleast as good leader as you.

  17. Thanks for the mention. Happy retirement.

  18. Well… Funks, I’ve seen you all throughout my primary time in the community. You were a relentless leader that never stopped if I remember as much.

    I wish you luck in university.

  19. test

  20. Haha bro, the amount of shade you just threw is actually unreal for someone who is trying to end off in a good note. Before I read this post I had very little respect to begin with; but this post just signifies why I think you’re a piece of shit and deserve nothing you’ve been given.

    First of all you say you DOMINATED the Top 10 in 2014 with the Ice Warriors but not ONCE did you even achieve First on the Top 10. You got Top 3 only 13 times in total and 31 times in the Top 5 in 2014.

    The only thing you did good in was the tournaments you won (I believe 2 or 3?) for that I actually congratulate you on.. however everyone in their right mind knew that IW was literally the biggest friendlist army in history during 2014. Lets also say your turnout of those tournaments didn’t even surpass training sessions or random battles of the 2015 IW generation. I’m not trying to say your generation wasn’t successful because in certain situations it was successful, no doubt.

    But to say you dominated a year when you were literally blown out by DW and LT in the top 10 is laughable. Didn’t your IW get smashed by GT in 2014? Lol?

    If you wanna see what domination is like here are some stats: The Ice Warriors in 2015 achieved First on the Top Ten 14 times, 35 times in the Top 3, and 39 in the Top 5. Lets also mention that we both know that DCP multilogged 95% of the year in which they captured first 15 times. In which IW would of achieved first on all of those weeks aside from 3-5 by the Water Vikings (and possibly less, I haven’t checked the exact number).

    Before you say “Oh well I definitely achieved first multiple times in 2015 when I took over your army when you quit” Truth is, you didn’t. When you took over IW in 2015 you didn’t achieve first ONCE. The first Top Ten with you as IW Leader was (5/31/2015) and the last Top Ten you were IW Leader was (7/5/2015). Look through the weeks and tell me if you see IW getting first once as you Leader.

    Ghost and I drove IW straight into a golden age and the moment you took over it crumbled. There’s a reason Icey was begging me to return.

    You call out IW being inconsistent in 2015, but the only time that was true was when you were leading it. Iw was going from Top to the bottom of the Top 10 like no fucking other.

    “Similarly to the Ice Warriors, but to a greater extent, we (WV) were the largest army through 2015 and took the awards for Biggest Rise and Largest Army.”

    This is the sad part, for some reason WV was given biggest rise and the largest army of 2015.. yet they were inferior to IW in every way. You can go back and look at the Top 10 or even go to event results on both sites and you’d see the difference in a split second. The first month of joining IW I quickly overthrew DW/LT from the Top 10 and outnumbered them by a fairly large size and they were both led by Legendary leaders unlike yourself. And this was BEFORE you could open two tabs on CP to multilog, so don’t bother trying to point multilogging accusations at myself when I was 100% successful before the two tabs were implemented in June or July? Also BEFORE you could bot recruit on Club Penguin. I and the rest of the IW Leaders completely dominated 2015 and for you to say otherwise is a joke. Go look at the stats.

    Iceyfeet himself named 2015 the greatest IW Gen, I think he’d know a lot more about the army he made than some wannabe leader that claimed to dominate the community with the same army..

    Now for the sake of God, please do not ever compare yourself or any of your armies to me or anything I’ve led. You’re nothing but a loud mouthed bitch who thinks he is superior to everyone when in reality you’re a complete laughing stock.

    Stats don’t lie. Go get exposed by Mach again dude :mrgreen:

    • lolz no one cares. u judge someone as a person from their achievements as a cp army leader lmao. all he said about u was that you guys have fights as leaders together that isn’t throwing shade at all. get over it.

    • You don’t judge someone who achieve – you know, the army funks lead. But, speaking of this kind of thing… I had a strang feeling that my comment got deleted or something but remember when you posted my personal pictures on ice warriors site? Man you were real a bad guy in Ice Warriors, YOU don’t be like Mach. 😉

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  21. Your whole career is a cheat

  22. Funks, where do l start? I saw the tile of this site to double check but l see this???? F***, remember when l really miss you back in the Ice Warriors? Things were normal man, and l miss your leadership at that army. I felt sorry that we don’t talk much as often as it used to be, but you are still my best friends after all of these following years. I knew you as CPAC CEO like a lot, but you are my fav person in my entire career here. Funks, l didn’t expect to see this coming but this shocked me with one of the long time career leading an army for years. I’m gonna miss you buddy, you did well for the army. It was great to see you, maybe keep in touch sometimes? Never forget me, l won’t forget you either.
    Best wishes, stay safe to whatever you go man.
    -love Kyle103

  23. cya later homie

  24. thanks for the mention bye funks ❤

  25. Good riddance, hope your legend status eventually gets revoked for being a cheater and a liar

    fear the wave

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