Golds Revaluate Leadership Positions

FLIPPERS, Golds Empire- Following the conclusion of the Water Vikings generation, many WV leaders were quick to join the Golds. With the addition of multiple leaders, Golds have then been tasked with maintaining a strong, healthy, and active leadership. 

On September, 10th, Buddy announced his official arrival into the Golds leadership. At the time, the Golds leadership was composed of Ant, Coqui, and Jack. On the same day of these administration changes, the Golds hit 30 online at Buddy’s inaugural event. Below you can find a photo captured at this event.


With the addition of new leaders, armies almost always have to deal with uncertainty, lack of trust and tension among fellow leaders. On September 11th, Antonio released a statement explaining that all individuals that hold the rank of main owner on chat are of equal rank and importance. He also made it clear that the Golds would not be run as a dictatorship; therefore, the leadership can run smoothly and lead into another Golds “golden” age.

I’m going to make this clear once and for all, all leaders that are main owner have same amount of power in Golds as any other current leader. If the leader isn’t administrator or a legend, it doesn’t matter, those things only apply in certain things such as a level of trust. All treaties must be signed by any 2-3 leaders from Golds unless it’s a a peace treaty which in that case any leader can accept nut should consult first. Golds isn’t being run as a dictatorship like we have before sometimes, we continue to run this army as we have since this year has started. WV was a great army and ally, we welcome them here as if they were Golds in the first place. A few changes in leadership and owners went down but we are still the same army as usual. Another epic era for Goldsis starting…

golds flag

Currently, the Golds leadership is comprised of five leaders. The five leaders being Security, Antonio, Coqui, Jack, and Buddy are all hoping to shape the Golds into the once powerful army they were. Even with the current state of armies being in a predicament, each and every one of them seems to have faith in each other.


Concluding upon my report, the Golds look to be back to their former ways in the coming weeks. With their eyes set on regaining world power status, all the leader’s aspirations will have to be focused on recruiting and retaining the interest in armies.

Comment YOUR opinion on the Golds leadership changes? Will the Golds get #1 on the Top Ten? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer


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