Top Ten Armies: 9/11/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Another week, another Top Ten. 

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [66.48] [+0] 

2. Teutons [60.01] [+1] 

 3. Doritos [58.69 [+1]

4. Army of CP [57.57] [+2]

5. Golds [57.20] [+0]

6. Nachos [56.80] [+5] 

7. Army Republic [48.50] [-5]

8. Water Vikings [47.50] [NEW!]

9. Wild Ninjas [47.16] [+0] 

10. Smart Penguins [45.48] [NEW!]

Full Statistics Here

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Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had a very busy week. To start their week off they had an Ausia event where they invaded Snow Flake. They managed to max 13. They then had another Ausia event where they invaded Slippers maxing 14. Next, they logged on Sub Zero for another Ausia event maxing 13. Their next event was the invasion of Iceland where they maxed a total of 30+. Next, they logged onto Tuxedo for a parade where they maxed a total of 26. They then defended Breeze maxing 13. Next, they defended Tuxedo maxing 12. They then defended Snow Bank maxing 30+. Their next event was the invasion of Parka where they maxed 25+ vs Nachos. Next, they invaded Ice Palace maxing 7 people. They then invaded Snowy River maxing 7 once again. They then invaded Hokey maxing 6. Their next event was the defense of Snow Bank where they maxed 21. They then defended Iceland maxing 20+. Next, they defended Tuxedo maxing about 14. They then invaded Yeti maxing 14. Next, they invaded Skates maxing 5+. Next, they defended Parka maxing 18 followed by the invasion of White House where they maxed 17+.  They then invaded Ice Cube maxing about 20. Next was the invasion of Snowmobile where they maxed about 6. They then invaded South Pole maxing 8. They then invaded Caribou maxing about 11. Next, they invaded Mountain maxing 22+. They then invaded Thermal maxing 15. They then invaded Shiver maxing 12. Next, they invaded Marshmallow maxing 27+. They then invaded Cloudy maxing about 14. They then invaded Puddle getting 20+ online. Next, they invaded Whiteout maxing 23+. They then invaded Fiesta maxing a total of 25.

2. Teutons: The Teutons had an active week, despite suffering a site defacement. They had an AUSIA training with a max of 10, and a couple of UK invasions of Snowboard and Zipline, where they maxed 15 and 18 respectively. Then, they reached 10 online at their AUSIA invasion of Ice Rink. Following this, the Teutons raided Half Pipe and battled the Golds with sizes of 13. They invaded Crystal with a top size of 11, and also logged on for several other events with sizes ranging from 8-17. 

3. Doritos: On September 5th, 2016, the Doritos held an event on Parkas with sizes of 25. They then continued with another event hitting a max size of 20. Following this event, they held two AUSIA events in which they maxed 8 at both. Hitting their top sizes of the week, the Doritos invaded the server Fjord with a force of 26 troops. To conclude the week, the Doritos held another 2 AUSIA events, then concluded with an invasion with 20 Doritos online.


4. Army of CP: To start off their week ACP held an Ausia recruiting event where they maxing about 15. Next, they tried to defend Iceland vs RPF but came up short. At that event, they maxed 17. Their next event was an Ausia part event where they maxed 14. Next was a US u-lead event where they maxed 15. Their next event was another US event where they maxed 13. Their next event was an unscheduled UK event where they got a total of 17 online. Their next event was a US mining expedition where they maxed 14. They then logged on for an event with AR maxing 16.


5. Golds: To start off their week, Golds logged on their capital and maxing 19. Next, they logged on for a US training session maxing 15. Next, they had another training event maxing 16. Their next event was another training event where they maxed 9. They then had another training event maxing 17. They then logged on for an Ausia recruiting session maxing a total of 5+. They then logged on for a huge event where they managed to max a total of 29.


6. Nachos: To start off their week Nachos logged on to defend Parka maxing 12+. Next, they logged on for a recruiting event maxing 12. At their next event, they defended White House maxing 15. Their next event was the invasion of Parka where they maxed 12.


7. Army Republic: AR had a slow week. To start off their week logged on for training on Toboggan maxing 9. They then had an event with ACP maxing a total of 16 people. Sai also told me to say she said moo!


8. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings only had one event this week before closing down, a “return” event where they reached 25 troops online. 

9. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas began their week with a recruiting session where they maxed 13. They maxed 13 and 8 at their next events. Then, WN trained with a top size of 7. They maxed 6 at their following event, then invaded Breeze with 10. WN next invaded Frozen, again reaching 10 online. They participated in the Fjord Frenzy with 9 troops.

10. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins began the week with an AUSIA recruiting session while maxing 10 and averaging 9, then proceeded to hold an AUSIA mining expedition while maxing 12 and averaging 9. The aforementioned army held another US mining expedition whilst maxing and averaging 8, then hit sizes of 16 (max) and 13 (average) at their last event of the week, which was an AUSIA training session.



Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Editor-in-chief


SMA Central Chief Executive Officer


SMA Central Vice President


20 Responses

  1. Well done ACP 🙂 !! Grats to all armies

  2. Great job WN 🙂

  3. Good job Golds! Would’ve been higher obviously but this is this a good start.

  4. Teutons 😱#TeutonicRise

  5. Only the start.. #GoldRush

  6. Good job SP. First time SP reaches CPAC without me on lead :O.

  7. Good job Rebels, continue to fight the good fight!

  8. fear the afro

  9. GO RPF!

  10. WV with the highest size average… FEAR THE WAVE

  11. Moving on up ACP lets keep the rise up.

  12. Go Teutons Keep it up! #Teutonic Rise

  13. RPF is supreme – Fight the Good Fight. Anyone who dislikes this comment: I will track you down, I will find you, and I will recruit you to RPF!

    • Good luck with recruiting me to RPF 😉

    • When you let me from my cold dead army.

    • L

  14. Reblogged this on Golds Army | CLUB PENGUIN GOLDS CLUB.

  15. Bring on the hate! It just makes us better. #TEUTONS TIME #EMBRACETHEHATE

    • You know it sports ❤️

  16. Golds

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