Buddy Joins Golds’ Leadership

Flippers, Golds’ Capital- Following WV’s shutdown, many former troops have migrated to the Golds. Buddy, former Water Vikings leader, has taken up the position of Leader. Will his leadership have any lasting impact on the Golds? Click “Read More” for more information!

Following the shut down of the once powerful nation known as the “Water Vikings”, many former troops have decided on retirement, or have found a new army to prosper in. Buddy, former WV leader, has taken it upon himself to join the Golds’ leadership alongside current leaders; Jack, Antonio960, Coqui, and Security, in hopes to assist the Golds in further prosperity.

The Golds had their first event September 10th, under their newly inducted leader, Buddy. The event saw sizes of 27+, with 40+ on their chat.


Golds maintaining sizes of 25

Prior to this event, Buddy made a post regarding his new reign of leadership. The post remains short in content, but remains to insight incoming troops and those who are currently in the army of what is planned to come. The following is an excerpt from the post:

“I am here to lead the Golds, along with Ant, Jack & Coqui to a Golden age. This generation will be an incredible one, so I advise everyone to join! PC me, or any of the other leaders to discuss a rank if interested.” – Buddy, Golds’ Leader.

As seen in the excerpt above, Buddy plans to assist the army in overall prosperity, and give the army a potential sense of dominance among the community. Buddy also plans to consistently assist the army in maxing a continous 25+, as seen in the picture above. All this and more is said in the interview below;

Interview with Buddy, Golds’ Leader

CPAC: Why did you choose to migrate to the Golds following the shut down of WV?

Buddy: The Golds have always been one of my fave armies, besides WV. I thought that with some help, Golds would be maxing bigger sizes easily. As we saw yesterday, we have done well so far.

CPAC: Do you feel confident in your potential impact on the Golds overall?

Buddy: Absolutely, I strongly believe that we will be an army that people will start taking very seriously. We have no intentions on stopping our rise.

CPAC: On a final note, do you plan to recruit any former Water Vikings into the Golds?

Buddy: Possibly, I will be speaking with a few more ex-WV to see where they stand.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Buddy: Fear the W—, I mean Gold Rush!

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Buddy: No problem.

As mentioned in the above interview, Buddy plans to impact Golds for the long term, regarding size as well as future endevaors or relations with the surrounding community. Buddy also hopes to recruit former Water Vikings, in hopes to grow the army as a whole, and better future generations to come.

Will the Golds reach new heights under Buddy’s leadership? How will the golds adjust with the addition of former WV, such as Buddy, into the Golds? Comment YOUR opinion in the comment section below! 


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief


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  1. Golds will rise under Buddy. I strongly belive that. I have been in a event of Water Vikings which was led by Buddy. It was awesome!

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