Water Vikings Closes Down

FROSTBITE, Former Water Vikings Capital – After a couple weeks of increasing inactivity, the Water Vikings announced that they would be closing down. 

WV has been struggling with activity lately, leading them down the path to closure. Then, just two days ago, the Water Vikings transferred their entire nation to the Golds Army (full story here), and leader Kingfunks4 posted his final retirement from leading armies. Buddy made the brief closing statement, saying that the leaders and owners are simply too busy to get on and lead good events anymore. Later, a longer post was published by Jack regarding the closure:

These past few months have been so much fun, but all good things must come to and end, as they always say. Technically, this summer has seen the strongest Water Vikings generation with us having a stronghold on the Top Ten for almost all summer, with one or two hiccups in between. And while it pains me and all the other leaders to be ending on such a sour note, we simply do not have the motivation, nor the time to keep this army afloat anymore.

He continues on to say that the army wishes to keep its chat and kik group fairly active. Several WV troops and owners have migrated to the Golds Army, although there hasn’t been an official merge. With this influx of people, the Golds hope to achieve their best sizes and performance in a while.

The Water Vikings returned to the army scene in June, immediately taking the top spot in the CPAC Top Ten with ease. They held the position for several weeks before being knocked down by the Rebel Penguin Federation during their rise.  Since then, WV has fluctuated in performance, and recently became very inactive as an army. This week, they plummeted down to 2nd the SMAC Top Ten with a single event where they maxed 25. WV’s last event of this generation was dubbed a “return” event, during which they reached sizes of 25.

In terms of the CPA server map, when it first launched, the Water Vikings quickly built themselves an impressive nation. However, RPF began invading their territory recently with no resistance, and WV’s presence in the server map diminished.

According to a few Water Vikings, it is unlikely the army will return in the future, but anything can change as it has time and time again with armies shutting down.

What are your thoughts on this generation of the Water Vikings ending? Will the Golds get a significant boost from all the WV troops joining them? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer



4 Responses

  1. Hope it comes back one day. Never forget WV

    • Leave it to rest, respect what the army managed to accomplish.

  2. RIP WV
    2010-2016 [‘]

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