RPF Undergoes Major Leadership Changes

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Capital – In just a few days, Turk got fired, Ghost retired, Chip became leader and Silverburg retired. How will this effect RPF as weeks go on? Let’s have a look!

To start off the sudden leadership changes, Turk found out he was fired from RPF by Elmikey. It seemed like it was for no reason as Elm said the reason he did it was because “I can”. Turk’s release was done quietly. There was no post made and Elm didn’t speak of the event at all to the rest of the community. All that was given was an interview, from Turk, which can be seen below.

Not long after Turk was fired, Chip made a post stating he was the newly promoted RPF leader. This was a shock to a lot of people because only days before his promotion, he was the main advisor for Water Vikings. Here’s what the post he released about being leader said:

Hello Rebels,

It is on this day, September 7th, that I have been promoted and now have the honor of leading the great and mighty Rebel Penguin Federation.

To be frankly honest, I haven’t sketched a path that I must follow now that I am RPF leader just yet, but all I know is that I will try my best and lead the army to victory

Fight the Good Fight

~ Chip

RPF Leader

Since becoming leader, RPF have been continuing to do well maxing numbers such as 20+. It’s going to be interesting to see if this will continue. Two things might stand in RPF’s way though.

On September 9th, Ghost retired from RPF. This could effect RPF badly. Ghost had been with RPF for quite a while. He stuck with them during the alliance vs RPF as well as during RPF’s huge stage where they were seen with sizes up to 30. Here’s an example of one of the events he was leader at.

As seen in the above photo, Ghost was obviously a good help to RPF. He helped RPF, along with other leaders, to get to huge numbers such as the numbers seen in the above photo. Now that he’s gone, this could effect RPF negatively.

Ghost released a pretty big post stating about how he will miss RPF. He went through all the good memories he had with them and how he enjoyed being in RPF.

Even though Ghost is gone, RPF want to continue with dominance. So far, RPF have had no US events without Ghost but when they do, it will be interesting to see how they do when they have their first US event without Ghost.

Ghost isn’t the only one to depart from RPF. Silverburg also retired from RPF. Silver is one of the most influential people to ever step foot in RPF. Each and every time he led he managed to make RPF strong. Him and Elm are famous for leading RPF to huge heights alongside each other. Now that he has also departed, this means that RPF are only left with 2 leaders.

Silver led RPF a couple of times, each time he led them he managed to bring them to huge heights. Now with him gone, as well as Ghost, this could also effect RPF in a bad way. Only time can tell. No US event has been held without Silver as leader but there will be one soon and it will be interesting to see how RPF cope without Silver and Ghost.

Interview with TurkandJD1

CPAC: Why were you fired?

Turk: I went AFK during an event, or as Elmikey said, “Because I can”.

CPAC: What was your reaction when you got fired?

Turk: I’m starting school tomorrow, probably for the best, just surprised.

CPAC: Do you have any plans to join another army?

Turk: Not at the the moment, this is not the end of my career though.

CPAC: When will you be returning to an army?

Turk: When I lead an army, it’s got to have a history, a legacy, so don’t expect to see me as the next Teuton’s leader, expect the next TurkandJD leadership in an army like IW or DW.

CPAC: If RPF offered you back your leadership, would you return?

Turk: Absolutely not, I still love the army and most people in it I’d gladly return as advisor.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Turk: Elmikey will not hesitate to coup, ban, fire or do all three to you in a moment’s notice. He cares not for RPF, as he battled against the army several times as the Dark Warriors, Doritos and the Light Troops and his version of “fighting the good fight” is a myth. Also, he is a cuck.

It’s clear that Turk is upset that he was fired but he is still ready to move on. It’s going to be interesting to see how his future turns out in armies. For now though, he is not returning.

Interview with Chip

CPAC: Why were you promoted to leader?

Chip: Elm sought a leader that fought with the good fight – I did.

CPAC: What was your reaction when you got leader?

Chip: I was pretty excited because I knew RPF was the right army for me and getting leader was the first step to becoming an idolized figure in RPF.

CPAC: What plans do you have for RPF?

Chip: Building a stable force throughout all three divisions. Silverburg and Ghost have recently retired and I plan on making for up their absence.

CPAC: Why did you leave WV for RPF?

Chip: I don’t think that’s too hard of a question for me to answer. RPF is simply better. I didn’t like what WV became. I especially dislike Bep’s attitude. I like being in a lively army just like RPF.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Chip: If you’re not in RPF you’re wasting your time. Fight the Good Fight!

It’s going to be interesting to see how Chip copes without the 3 leaders who are no longer in RPF. It’s up to Chip and Elm to keep RPF alive. Will they be able to handle the pressure? Only time will tell!

What do YOU think? Will Chip be a good leader? Was Turk being fired fair? Is Ghost and Silver’s departures sad? Do you think RPF will continue dominating?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief



11 Responses

  1. lol

  2. How is elmikey the cuck when he’s the one that fired you lol

  3. Ghost and Silverburg have attended one event in the past week and RPF has been still doing a tremendous job. Now don’t get me wrong, Ghost and Silverburg are great leaders and did lots and lots of work for RPF, it’s just that if we haven’t seen a fall this week, means we won’t see a fall anytime soon. RPF maxed 27 at the US event yesterday with the absence of Elmikey, Silverburg, Ghost, and Tom. Imagine if they were all present. Fight the Good Fight. RPF is supreme.

    • it’s just a CP army lol

      • If that were the case, you wouldn’t be butthurt after I offered you 4ic and you rage quit off the chat because of the rank. Fight the Good Fight. RPF doesn’t hire evil people!

        • They hired you didn’t they?

    • Golly gee willikers I bet if they all showed up you guys would be maxing over 60 with all their nulls and rouges combined!

  4. Chip was a good leader (I’ve seen him leading armies), is a good leader (I’ve attended his evenys at RPF) amd will be a good leader. Yes, Ghost’s department from RPF is sad. You can see it on our post about Ghost’s retirement. Silverburg’s department from RPF is also sad. He was one of the best leader and recruiter. Turk’s department was according to me not good. RPF is a type of family for me. If one of the family member is removed then no one likes it. Yes, RPF will continue dominating.

  5. I like what Turk said about how he wouldn’t lead Teutons. What makes him think he’d get leader here lmfao.

  6. “In just a few days, Turk got fired, Ghost retired, Chip became leader and Silverburg retired. How will this effect RPF as weeks go on? Let’s have a look!”

    if u summarize an entire post in the first paragraph, ppl won’t click “read more”

    ppl don’t click read more = no Adsense $$$ = da b1 and da b2 don’t get no money to take their females out and post about it on SC = da b1 and da b2 aren’t happy = ppl die.

    do u want ppl 2 die? don’t summarize an entire post in the first paragraph.

  7. Dang I was there when turk got kicked ELM Banned him forever lol It was hilarious Rest in pepperoni turk

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