Summer @ CPA Central 2016: CP Army Awards Results


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Over the past ten days, many of you have submitted your vote for a range of people and armies over a series of different topics, to establish the high points and success’ of the summer. The votes have been tallied and we now have our winners for the Summer of 2016.

During this summer we saw many changes and highlights, such as the second server draft and the construction of the Coalitions Project – leading to more organisation, clearer ownership of servers and a more efficient way of running. With the apparent decline of armies, there were many low points with several tough weeks – but several armies managed to buck the trend and produce record performances through the recent months and challenge the decline facing us. With all of this in mind, I am now happy to reveal the results of the 2016 CPA Central Summer Awards.

Army Media Awards

The awards given out in the summer can largely be separated into two different categories: Large Army Awards and Army Media Awards. The first of which, the Army Media Awards, is a tradition from 2009 when the media in armies was far more competitive. The end of that competition, however, does not change the amount of talent that can be found in news sites throughout armies.

Many sites, individuals, and tournaments are important to the way we go about our daily business in the community. Covering events throughout large, medium and small armies, news sites are dedicated to provide the best viewer experience possible, and often have dedicated teams of staff. Army media’s influence has only grown in recent years, with investigative reports and editorials revolutionizing the affect the media has on armies.

Best Army News Site

1st Place: CPA Central (59%)

2nd Place: Club Penguin Armies (32%)

3rd Place: SMA Central (12%) 

Best Army News Site CEO/Manager

1st Place: Commando (36%)

2nd Place: Kingfunks4 (20%)

3rd Place: Jodie (19%) 

4th Place: Lorenzo (13%) 

5th Place: Goblin (10%) 

Best Tournament

1st Place: Legends Cup VII (77%)

2nd Place: Clash Of The Unforgiven (14%)

3rd Place: SMAC Graphics Tournament (9%) 

Best Reporter

1st Place: Zoomey (43%)

2nd Place: Lorenzo (17%)

3rd Place (T): Atticus (9%) 

3rd Place (T): Dr Mine Turtle (13%) 

5th Place: Wheelo (7%) 

Best Philosopher/Editorialist

1st Place: Christopher (49%)

2nd Place: Mach (20%)

3rd Place: Dr Mine Turtle (14%) 

4th Place: Goblin (11%) 

Best GFX Designer

1st Place: Carlos (65%)

2nd Place: Zeer (20%)

3rd Place: Stromae (15%) 

Large Army Awards

The large army awards are some of the most sought-after of the year, and the individuals who receive them or do well in them often go on to be considered for CP Army Legend — if they do not hold that title already. The landscape for the large army awards this year was definitely different, with many new armies and individuals placing highly in the polls.

Best Leader

1st Place: Elmikey (30%)

2nd Place: Wheelo (10%)

3rd Place (T): Kingfunks4 (9%) 

3rd Place (T): Jack283 (9%) 

3rd Place (T): Super Edwin (9%) 

3rd Place (T): Buddy (9%) 

Most Achieved

1st Place: Commando (25%)

2nd Place: Wheelo (20%)

3rd Place (T): Chip (7%) 

3rd Place (T): Elmikey (7%) 

3rd Place (T): Silverburg (7%) 

Best Owner

1st Place: Legofan (16%)

2nd Place: Robot (15%)

3rd Place: Bounce Back (14%) 

4th Place: Junie (12%) 

5th Place: Shiny (10%) 

Biggest Retirement

1st Place: Waterkid (30%)

2nd Place: Goblin (26%)

3rd Place: Dan101 (11%) 

4th Place: Drake (9%) 

5th Place (T): Braveboy (7%) 

5th Place (T): Xxtoysoldier (7%) 

Biggest Savage

1st Place: Chip (29%)

2nd Place: Waterkid (28%)

3rd Place: Badboy (21%

4th Place: Trader (6%) 

5th Place (T): Goblin (3%) 

5th Place (T): Bam (3%) 

5th Place (T): Vurse (3%) 

Biggest Army

1st Place (T): Rebel Penguin Federation (39%)

1st Place (T): Water Vikings (39%)

3rd Place: Nachos (9%) 

4th Place: Army Republic (8%) 

5th Place: Dark Warriors (7%) 

Most Dramatic Fall

1st Place: Night Warriors (43%)

2nd Place: Doritos (17%)

3rd Place: Rebel Penguin Federation (13%) 

4th Place: Army of CP (12%) 

5th Place: Golds (7%) 

Biggest Rise

1st Place: Rebel Penguin Federation (41%)

2nd Place: Water Vikings (24%)

3rd Place: Army of CP (11%) 

4th Place: Teutons (9%) 

5th Place: Wild Ninjas (6%) 

A huge thank you to all the viewers who took the time to participate in the Summer @ CPAC Awards 2016, the viewer votes here at CPA Central, whatever they’re for, serve as an important representation of what you guys, the viewers, think of the community and its changing landscape. I’d also like to congratulate all of the people who have won an award this year, and also those who were nominated in some hotly contested categories.


CPA Central Interim Manager 


10 Responses

  1. Thanks to the people who voted for me! 🙂 Well done to every person and army that won!

    • Zoomey, you are the best, all know that 😀

  2. lol

  3. Congrats to the winners expect Elm and Chip, nice work Zoomey.

    • chill chainpro


  5. Congratulations to everyone who won these awards.

    Also, thank you for voting for me once again. WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER! I LOVE ALL OF YOU! ❤

    • No problem, my genius 😛

  6. lmfao this whole thing is gay as fuck, maybe if you would actually go by legit facts, then half these idiots wouldn’t have won

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