WV, AR, Nachos, Kings & ACP Boycott CPA || Further Walkouts Expected

UPDATE: CPA have issued a formal response to the recent events.

UPDATE: The Nachos, Kings & Army Republic have confirmed their exit from CPA.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – In an incredibly quick turn of events, the Water Vikings and Army of CP have coordinated the first walkout of the CPA Server Map and Organisation and it is expected that up to six armies will be announcing their boycott in the coming hours.

Ever since the recreation of Club Penguin Armies, a website designed to organize armies through the coalitions project and server map, there have been claims from numerous individuals and armies that there was bias within the ranks and administration of the website. Several former and current owners and leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation have either been involved or ran the website, including creator of the army Commando. Other staff have included ex-leaders Clout and Red Gush, current owners Shiny and Junie and newly appointed leader Chip. With recent wars between the RPF and armies including the Nachos, Army of CP, Army Republic and Water Vikings – it has been claimed that decisions have been made in favor of the RPF.

Some of the most notable clashes between CPA and armies involved in the server map project include the dispute over the Army Republic’s ability to invade the Rebel Penguin Federation. With disputes over the legitimacy of a treaty signed between the two armies, CPA blocked multiple AR invasions against the RPF who, at the time, were defending against other members of the alliance AR were involved in. The CPA did compromise on creating a solution while waiting for the armies to come to a decision in the Coalitions meeting. This, however, did start a stir within multiple armies.

AR invaded Ice Rink from RPF last month in one of their many battles.

The system used to rank armies known as the ”leaderboard” has also been seen as a problem among armies. During the war last month, the RPF lost their entire nation to the alliance. However, despite having zero servers, the RPF remained at the top of the CPA leaderboard for several weeks – with their great dominance in resources, collected by invading servers, being cited as the reason for their ranking. Until only recently did Club Penguin Armies propose a change in the formula, but since then the RPF have gained back many servers meaning they still are ranked first on the CPA Leaderboard.

Within recent weeks, the Water Vikings have also taken issue against the way the website has been running. The Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation signed a treaty to stop WV from participating in the alliance last month, in which the RPF handed over five servers to the Water Vikings. The RPF decided to regrow their empire once more by invading the Water Vikings, who dropped to 2nd on the SMAC top ten last week, with CPA stating that the treaty was invalid as it had no statement adding punishments for breaking the treaty. This does follow precedence and rules agreed in the Coalition, however the Water Vikings have claimed that the treaty was used to ”block them from invading RPF before”. Club Penguin Armies declined this and stated that the WV were always open to invade the RPF.

Image result for water vikings vs rebel penguin federation

RPF beat WV in the Legends Cup VII final.

Due to what is seen as poor actions from CPA by a handful of armies, the Army of CP and Water Vikings became the first armies to boycott Club Penguin Armies as they both released a statement announcing their departure. A post from Jack, Water Vikings Leader, simply read, ‘We’ve had enough. The Water Vikings, and an assortment of other armies, including Nachos, AR, and ACP, have all decided to boycott the Server Map, and CPA as a whole”CPA Central also understands that, as well as the Nachos and Army Republic being expected to drop-out within the next 24 hours, that the Hairy Bears, Kings of CP and possibly Golds will also follow suit and leave the CPA Coalitions Project and Server Map. It is currently unknown if any other armies will join the seven listed armies in leaving.

The Army of CP statement did not follow the RPF-Bias line, but instead about falts in how they are ran. Super Edwin, Army of CP leader, released a statement saying ”We’re tired of how the map is ran; we’re not talking about Commando being bias or anything like that, we’re talking about how things seem to be being changed or added for the sake of it and not for the sake of improving CP Warfare. We’re talking about how if an army cannot attend a meeting or miss out on a vote that there’s isn’t any effort to track their leader(S) down to get their vote on new rules meaning their opinion isn’t voiced. You cannot claim CPA is ran by armies if you miss out on the opinion of some of the armies on the map, it also means that certain armies who always attend the meetings and are alive for all the votes have more of an impact on the way CPA is ran than those who cannot.”

In a statement to CP Army Central, in response to the claims of RPF bias, one of the CPA CEO’s Garrett said that ”CPA is in no way bias towards RPF. Whoever is spreading that rumor obviously has a hatred of CPA and how CPA runs things. Not to mention, they probably dislike Commando. Additionally, he recently updated the Leaderboard formula to ensure that armies, including RPF, need servers to be first”. This statement was taken before any public knowledge of the boycott. It seems possible that the armies could return to CPA if there is change within the administration or the way in which the website runs, but there has been no statement regarding the specific changes that the website needs to undergo for the armies to return.

In a day of turmoil for the organisation Club Penguin Armies, what is next and what changes will be made? What do YOU think will happen? Will there be change, or will they fall apart? Comment YOUR opinion on these developments.


Interim CPA Central Manager


63 Responses

  1. The Exodus

  2. AR left cause Teutons took all their servers anyway


      I can testify that AR wanted to leave a long time ago. Chances are we would have left back in July if people like me didn’t previously go against the idea. Note that AR was doing rather well in July.

      And you can see from my second comment in the post that while I wasn’t entirely supportive of a permanent leave, I had suggested that AR should leave *together* with other armies if it really wanted a boycott.

      So no, not really, Brigade.

  3. Hey Funks, wheres our trophy for winning the Legends Cup?

    • Didn’t realise this wasn’t seen to, I’ll do that in the next few days for you.

        • Damn that ugly xp. All good graphics artists gone now? love ya funkies

          • ❤ its my top quality graphic making

    • My opinion on the post aside, I just can’t help but share this:

      “In 2009 I came on after Commando returned to RPF. He banned me forever because I told him he was ruining CP Armies by inventing nations & other stuff I didn’t agree with” – Elmikey

      lmao, funniest thing I read today.
      7 years and Commando’s beliefs haven’t changed. xD

  4. Well thanks for the free servers!

  5. ACP WV and AR are true cowards. This is called CP armies; keyword: ‘armies’. You’re supposed to go to war. You’re supposed to fight other armies. When I was in WV, we never went to wars. Occasionally, yes, but we never went to war unless we had the biggest of reasons to, which I find truly despicable. The main reason to why these armies left the map is because RPF and Teutons completely slapped them right across the face and took all of their servers, hence leading them to constantly cry and moan bias all day long without even attempting to battle like the way the game is supposed to work. WV used to be upright the worst army at battles even with their sizes of 30+, now that they cannot surpass sizes of 10 legitimately, I have got to send my condolences.

    All that aside, do you know how much work Commando has done to make this map possible? I work at CPA, although I don’t do much but update the invasions page, I am terrified at how hard and time consuming all of the things that are supposed to be done is. Commando is a fully grown man, using his own time to come back to armies and actually make a map so people go to war, hence springing up activity and letting CPA live for a bit more. He doesn’t HAVE to do this, he’s just doing it for the community; a part of his childhood. Boycotting the map because of pointless signs of ‘bias’ is truly disrespectful to Commando who quite literally did a project that kept your guys’ events more fun and armies more active.

    This was a rather long comment, but I believe it was needed. With all that said, I’ll leave my comment off with with just saying WV, ACP, and AR, you guys are better off not being a part of the map because quite frankly you are a disgrace.

    • Amen. Someone who knows how s*** is run. I think WV, ACP, and AR should be expelled from cpa and possibly cpac (though I doubt that will happen) for quite a while. If you want to win, get some troops onto the f ing battlefield, instead of whining your a** off.

      • “Expell them from CPAC” CPAC can’t expell anything, it’s a news site, learn your shit man.

        • It’s called ignoring. I don’t believe of course you would know such things, that’s my job.

      • How about shut the fuck up. Thanks.

    • so

    • ACP didn’t really whine at all. They only mentioned CPA in one post and that post was the leaving post. They said they didn’t like how things were run so they left.

    • Hold on, I’m confused here. You’re bickering about WV never going to war unless they had a valid reason to, but then you proceed to describe how WV is a terrible army when it comes to battling, with the inability to surpass 10+? Wouldn’t that be a reason not to go to war? Coming from someone who spent the majority of their CPA career in an army that never went to war unless it was necessary, I enjoyed my time in CPA, and when you boil it down to a point, isn’t CPA’s reason to just have fun? Understandably wars are a vital part of the CPA experience, and there really isn’t a point to it without having one every once and a while, but these armies that have dropped out have clearly shown a disinterest in being in these wars, so why can’t you respect their decisions? Like I said, CPA is meant to be fun, and it really isn’t anybodies problem if you don’t like that they’re doing something that they think will assist in enhancing their experience. Basically, what I’m saying is, it really shouldn’t be a problem that they’re dropping out of CPA, it’s their choice, and it really shouldn’t be dictated by what is time consuming, or what is considered fun in the eyes of someone who has a completely different set of opinions than another.

      In response to the topic about Commando, like you said, he is doing this on his own volition. He doesn’t have to put in the time that he does for these maps, but he does, and that can be respected. When Commando brought up the idea of these maps, I’m sure he had complete understanding that eventually the maps would disintegrate and begin to lose popularity within the CPA populous. He’s put in a lot of time and effort into these maps, that really can’t be forgotten, but you have to realize, Chip, that not everyone sees the maps as an fun and innovative way of playing this game.

      I’d also like to point out something that I also found to be a bit odd. You were complaining about how the armies that dropped out of the maps were disrespectful to Commando and that they shouldn’t have dropped out because of how much time and effort Commando has put forth in attempting to revive this community, but then you go on to say how AR, ACP, and WV should’ve dropped out as they’re all a disgrace to CPA. — I just had to point that out, because I found that to be sort of odd that in one sentence you’re shunning them for leaving, but in the next you’re saying that they should’ve left because they’re a disgrace; it just seems off to me. Agree to disagree.

      I normally don’t comment on CPAC, but I had to comment on this issue regarding the whole boycott/your comment. To summarize, I don’t think it’s bad that they left because it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. If they choose to leave because they believe it’s the positive step towards their future, then so be it. You shouldn’t be judgmental and criticize them about how terrible they are, when in reality, they’re following the same concept that you guys do, which is to have fun.

      • Although I’m sure you have something logical to say, I’m too tired to read that long of a comment.

        • I didn’t expect you to.

        • i suppose you didnt read over your post then ay
          heres a summary:

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  6. who even said commando and his friends could monopolise armies in the first place?

    • Armies did. Everyone wanted a server map. Commando made the server map. Armies vote on every single rule and how the map is ran. ACP, WV, Nachos and AR all had a say in the rules and they’re claiming that CPA is RPF bias. How funny!

    • how is this a monopoly on armies when leaders of armies are the ones voting on the changes not him or the people that work at CPA.

    • and the only people vindicating cpa are rpf. lmao

      • i only see two people associated with rpf in cpa lol

        • yeah, their fucking creator and clout, who essentially oversee and dictate every decision cpa makes and are the only ones in the organisation who have any actual influence.

          • Clout is banished from RPF apparently so I don’t think she has much of a reason to like them all that much.

          • clout is banished from rpf and no matter who made CPA they were going to associated with a given army and commando actually does not dictate the decisions he just leads the discussions and the army representatives make the decisions.

  7. Lol I just noticed how this post was basically made and stickied just to get other armies to leave. just read the title: “further walkouts expected”

    • Further walkouts expected because the armies listed gave expressed interest in leaving to our knowledge.

  8. I respect the decisions of those armies who left, although troops may want wars for the simple fact it is armies. But I say it’s pitiful for those who are whining about their decisions. If you’re involved in the army you can have a right to say something about it, but if you’re not then it shouldn’t affect you to bash them.

  9. it’s a true shame to see this project not reach the potential it could’ve.

    • I think this project still can, it just has to have rules that do not change on a dime and the map can not acknowledge multilogging armies like RPF.

      • Have Rules Targeted at RPF.

  10. I have aids.

  11. when he gently spreads ur labia with 2 fingers then does a figure 8 on ur clit with his tounge

  12. I just don’t understand why armies are leaving CPA. The community finally found a good way to keep track of servers armies own which has been a major issue in the past, yet they leave. :/

    • *inserts thank you gif

  13. I don’t think so CPA is in favour of RPF. Months before RPF have away all their servers to Doritos due to the fact that many armies declared war on RPF and it needed to focus on Legends Cup VII. When RPF defended one of its servers the other army invaded some other server of RPF. So all RPF servers (including Tuxedo) were given to Doritos by a treaty which one leader agreed. Few weeks later after the war was ended RPF asked Doritos to return RPF’s servers but CPA declared it illeagal as only ONE leader of Doritos agreed to it. So RPF lost all of its servers.
    Conclusion : – CPA was never in favour of RPF.

  14. Ideal music for this post :]

    • well

  15. This is the start of the end for armies. Hooray!

    • Armies have been dying for a while. This has just been one of the major signs.

  16. If you’re afraid of RPF bias, how about some of you guys make the effort of joining CPA and making a change for yourself

    • or just create a new independent and non-subjective organisation to displace cpa so that, you know, a single army’s agenda doesn’t preside over the group that runs club penguin fucking armies.

      • God forbid everyone did anything to create change other then bitch and moan and hope change occurs by miracle. everyone’s lazy as fuck lol

    • It also helps to show up to meetings and vote instead of making the whining about how the CPA staff should baby sit you and track you down to get votes.

      • I can not english

  17. Kings of cp boycotted too add us to title (WARY)

  18. Honestly, I was aware these events were going to occur and I gave the advice that there needed to be a plan if this whole boycott was going to work. People in armies are honestly so childish, you have been GIVEN an extremely organized system (albeit faulty and in need of reform) which you are ACTIVELY members of, and thus have the power to motion for the changes you want made, and you’re mad because RPF has managed to use this system efficiently. There isnt too much of an unsurpassable “bias” because when UMA was around for 1 fucking week, we gained about 16 servers, and a lot of influence, because we thought about our approach strategically. During the time where RPF was basically dead, NOBODY took advantage of their absence, a severless army with turmoil and most of the leaders having been away or fired.

    I’m not one to cry over spilled milk, and hell, this isn’t even too bad, but what makes it worse is that THERE’S NO REAL PLAN TO MAKE ANOTHER ORGANIZED SYSTEM. This is like a bunch of African countries leaving the United Nations because they’re not “getting their say,” even though every country regardless of size is equally represented (excluding the Security Council) and decided to just form their own African circlejerk and not do anything. Either make a system that would be able to legitimately compete with what Commando has established with CPA, and show strong leadership, or finally start playing the game right and use the leverage you temporarily hold right now to get some of your demands met if you rejoin CPA. People beg for rules when there are none but when you’re not “winning” clearly something is wrong with other people’s hard work and effort, and they are being wrongfully treated. I don’t think there are very many people who are smarter and more impartial than Commando who are willing to put in the same amount of time or effort (or preferably more) than he has, but if there genuinely are people like this and they actually care this much, by all means go forth with whatever you “plan” on doing. People in armies should be trying to work with the brightest minds… You already lead your own army, if it would be extremely beneficial to this community then you’d already be in charge.

  19. All I’ve got to say is it doesn’t matter now. RPF barely maxes 20 nowadays, other than that everyone other army is happy to max 15. It pains me to say this, but I feel like I can officially say that armies have hit rock bottom and they most likely will not rebound. RIP

  20. To be honest, none of this shit should even matter, y’all might think it does, but it doesn’t. Club penguin is changing, and they said the CPNext will be on mobil only, so on desktop n shit like that, be gone. so there will be no way armies will still be able to survive after all that. So everyone kno armies is dying anyways, unless we move to another game or somethin. But y’all callin armies like ACP, AR, and WV cowards for leavin, they dont agree how the site is run, so how da fuck is that being a coward, i swear y’all be takn shit too seriously on this game, when it’s JUS A GAME. like frfr calm da fuck down, most of y’all like 13-19 years old, n u fightn over a game for mfing 6 years for real calm da fuck down, y’all doin too much, i ain’t even active that much anymore, but i still be kno wats goin on, unlike most people that are new/active on here mfing 24/7. chill tf out

    • preach it, chief keef

      • lol

      • I miss you Skipper please come back! I need an USA owner of your calibre right now! And please stop taking like a gangster! (cry)

    • “calm da fuck down”
      “fo real calm da fuck down”
      “chill tf out”


      • like fr these niggas b tweakn shit. like they needa not take this shit too serious, its jus a mfing game, they actn like this shit is more important than life n shit. like wtf

        • ite ite ite hold it down homie g. wuz goin on here may i ask famalamam? bruh y u tryna talk smack 2 armies mayne. not cool fam. if u don stop fo real i gotta ask yew to square up home boy. aint cool fo u to pull stuff like this naw mean homes? like bro fo real calm down fam. not cool. no chill g.

          • fam did you suck off rpf too hard?! u be coming here replying to other peeps trying to think hard am I rite m8 u Berta watch out I’m gonna smack yo ass m8 richfag!!( sadly he got scammed 😦 ) btw bro l miss your leadership in night rebels no offence but l agreed with what you said during the leadership with me.
            Skipper, most people still care about armies these days and l am trying to visit the site from like sometimes now and l realize that armies site are becoming inactive for 3-4 days from most armies. I believe you man, but l think CP armies should end and it’s not fun anymore. I don’t find it easy to recruit younger peeps nowadays, all l can see is older people becoming an leader throughout the army. Back then, we got the recruits as REAL and they learned how to become one WITHOUT ARMY HOPPERS UNLIKE THIS FUCKING ARMY THIS ANNOYING AS FUCK GOD DAMN PEOPLE! 😡

  21. Dear WV, ACP, Nachos, AR and Kings.
    Thanks for free servers. 😛
    Maciek888pl, RPF 4ic.

  22. I think this should be posted here for all you cancerous bastards.
    Dear those that have been triggered by the departure of AR, ACP, Kings and Nachos. I apologize this for being so late but, I just feel this needed to be said. Every single army involved so far in the boycott acknowledges that there is a certain amount of bias towards RPF in CPA, even Lord Pain himself acknowledged that. So, if not the fact that CPA is biased towards an army why did we leave the server map? Well, we left AND are still gone because we’d rather not take armies themselves like they are real life. Armies should be fun for everyone, not full of politics and controversy that coincides with CPA. Not only that, but ever since we formally boycotted CPA AR and ACP have had CPA CEO’s come to our chats, curse us out and then beg for us to rejoin the map. How is that at all going to get anyone to rejoin? And to respond to multiple arguments at the exact same time. The original idea to boycott CPA began during the first AR vs RPF war in August but, due to internal issues was never completed until now. The armies that boycotted only wish to enjoy themselves instead of being like SOME people who take this more seriously than their actual lives. Armies should die the way they were born, a fun place to play and hang out. We’re teenagers/adults on a game directly targeted at young children, let’s stop taking this shit seriously. Recently, Commando asked AR and ACP to consider rejoining and asked our terms, we said what we wanted to and then the owners of each army voted. The Army Republic voted to permanently leave CPA so please leave us alone and let AR do what AR wants.

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