Overview of the Teuton/Army Republic Conflict

NORTH POLE, Teutons Empire- Over the labor day weekend, the Teutons confirmed their declaration of war on the Army Republic. After multiple battles, one army has taken the clear advantage in their attempts to take over the opposite army’s entire empire. 

On August 30th, 2016, the Teutons declared war on the Army Republic. This action was taken following the ending of the Teutons war with DW. In a post written  by Teuton’s leader, Brigade3, he mentioned that he did not hold any grudges against AR; however, he was angered due to the fact that AR refused to accept his terms of being an ally. An excerpt of this post can be found below.

Together we have drawn up war plans to conquer the Army Republic’s vast nation and this will help us become a world power for the first time in our history. I hold no grudges against the Army Republic except the fact they have constantly revoked my requests for us to be allies telling me “the owners have to agree”, this has proven to be costly. We drew in a Practice Battle with them at the weekend, and our tactics were marginally better. We can win this war if our US pulls its weight and if the UK continues to grow.

Invasions to be daily at 7:30pm UK, 8pm UK and 8:30pm UK: this will be outlined in a separate post.

Fast forwarding to September 5th, a rallying cry was exclaimed  by Brigade urging his troops to continue fighting with heart and determination. He also notified his subordinates that the current war score resided at 6-0 Teutons. Throughout the war, it has become noticed that AR has struggled to remain active and consistent. If this does continue, AR will be left with a shrunken empire considerably.

Using the full momentum of its UK and US force, the Teutons have successfully not only managed to claim a large assortment of a territory of servers and resources, they also have left the AR troops in a stage of denial. Due to the lack of experience among the higher authority in AR, I do believe they are struggling to remain consistent in this long war because they simply have not been involved in a conflict such as this.



Countering off the reporting side of this story, I just felt that it was necessary to tie in my opinion into this current war. In the current age of armies, a lack of uniformity always seems the excuse of why this community is striding off the track. Yet, I would like to ask you, what if we are meant to change armies and modernize how we operate this community. Although something may have worked in 2009-2012, why do we always expect it will still work in these days of armies? When we see a lack of sizes, do we find this disheartening and we automatically conclude our efforts? Before I turn this into an essay, I appreciate seeing the Teutons and Army Republic participating in a long-term war without the usual dose of trash talk and disputes. Regardless of the outcome, I’m certain each army will become stronger.

Comment YOUR opinion on the current war! Will the Teutons win the war? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer


5 Responses

  1. Good post, just thought you could have done a few battle recaps

  2. What? Teutons have North Pole as it’s capital server but you have written it Unknown? Why? And even if Teutons might not have a capital server, you have written “Unkown” instead of “Unknown.”

    • Good point my friend

      • Page updated.

  3. Hi CPAC, The Teutons site has been defaced By Greeny and chat defaced by greeny too and chat too post this on cpac Teutons is not dead

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