Teutons Declare War on Army Republic

NORTH POLE, Teuton’s Empire – On August 30th Teutons released a post saying the were ending the war with Dark Warriors but declaring war on Army Republic. What’s the reason for this? Let’s take a look!

On August 30th Brigade, Teuton’s leader, released a post ending the war with Dark Warriors and declaring war on Army Republic. In the post he showed the treaty made with Dark Warriors. The treaty read that Teutons give back, Fog and Frosty back to Dark Warriors as well as both armies becoming brother allies with each other, which is supersizing considering they were just at war.

In the post, Brigade says both Dark Warriors and Teutons have made plans of how to take AR’s land. Thus far though, only Teutons have invaded AR’s land. Dark Warriors have just continued to be inactive. Teutons have already had a few defenses and invasions including, defense of North Pole, invasion of Toboggan and invasion of Jackhammer.


The reason for war is because Teutons want to become a world power for the first time in their history as well as AR declining all of their requests to be allies. This is quite and interesting reason for war. However, it can be considered a fair reason as the only way an army is going to become a world power is if they invade other armies, in this case for Teutons, it’s AR that’s being invaded by them.

Together we have drawn up war plans to conquer the Army Republic’s vast nation and this will help us become a world power for the first time in our history. I hold no grudges against the Army Republic except the fact they have constantly revoked my requests for us to be allies telling me “the owners have to agree”, this has proven to be costly. We drew in a Practice Battle with them at the weekend, and our tactics were marginally better. We can win this war if our US pulls its weight and if the UK continues to grow.

-Brigade, Teuton’s Leader.

Too see the full post click here. Thus far, the war seems to be in a favor of Teutons. However, Army Republic are also doing well and are not to be counted out. Right now it’s save to say Teutons have the advantage with size but Army Republic are slightly better with tactics.

Army Republic did not make a response to Teutons but instead just went straight into war scheduling invasions and defenses. However, this might not be a good thing. Making a post might of hyped troops. AR are, thus far, not getting the advantage of the war. However, they are focused on hyping events as much as they can which might make up the fact that they didn’t make a post to hype troops.

This is going to be an interesting war. As we know, Army Republic are familiar with the word “war” as they were involved with the war between the alliance vs RPF and Teutons are growing fast and proving they are quite a strong army that shouldn’t be messed with, prove of this is the CPAC Top Ten where they managed to get 5th. However, that was on the same CPAC Top Ten that AR got 3rd on.


Most recent CPAC Top Ten Armies.

It’s a tough war to call. Both armies could take the war. It’s going to be interesting to see if the army that is fast rising will win or if the army that has been around and is experienced with war will win. Only time will tell. Until then, well, we can only wait.

What do YOU think? Will Teutons win? Will AR win? Who deserves to win? Do you like Teutons or AR better?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief



4 Responses

  1. Teutons have won all battles 4-0 so far

  2. This is gonna be good

  3. Zoomey, do you know how to use a comma?

  4. Go Army Republic

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