September Drop Instated

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – September, being a month for our community’s young to return to school has been proven to have an significant drop to armies for many years, but this year’s drop has come early.

With September coming in next week, we expect a huge drop in this community’s size. Unfortunately we’d like to inform the drop has come early. This summer was indeed an interesting topic, with wars such as Nachos against RPF, The Legends Cup coming up this weekend, and as well many prominent former top ten armies resurrected. Although we’ve had many armies come and go, armies have survived another summer, or so we think.

With a few members of the community saying armies are near to an end, a possible resurge has a chance. Currently, sizes have dropped to below 20, even for the Water Vikings, who have dominated the summer’s top tens. Here is a reference from a recent post on Water Viking’s site.

As of right now, armies have fallen in activity to a terrifying extent. School has started for the majority, hence why armies cannot max sizes of 25 or more anymore. Not many of us are used to such sizes, and we still think we can max our former sizes, conclusively leading into us cancelling a lot of events. There’s only one message to this, and that is that we just have to get used to it.

Maxing 25 nowadays is the the old 60. If we max 25, we’ve done outstanding; don’t be put down if we max 15-20.

Along with many other armies who are in CPA Central’s top ten, the Water Vikings have hit a stoop. Although many armies have been battling bots, they have been managing to surpass this drop in the community. Our top five armies of this week’s top ten have ranged from 10-20. Unfortunately, 20 is the new 60.

Along with ‘Project Super Secret’, which happens to be not so secret (the point of keeping a secret is not sharing it, Disney), Club Penguin is taking a turn. The new Club Penguin is approaching us very swiftly, and may end armies in general. We have a choice to stay to the new Club Penguin look, which may enhance size, but also produce a lot of lag, they are deleting all servers and creating new penguins. I’m sure you all are tired of CPA Central posting about ‘Project Super Secret’ because I know I am, but there are many pro’s and con’s that are to be shared. That is for another post.

My opinion on the September Drop is many armies will not be able to survive, but a few will attempt to surpass low sizes. If we want to surpass, we need to all find our sanity again and quit accusing armies bigger than yours of multilogging, you know who you are. If you guys are wishing to survive and continue playing this disease of a game, work together. Don’t turn against each other when others have better results. I’m not saying to cheat, but quit all the smack talking. Negativity kills the community, not cheating.

Apollo / CPA Central Reporter


4 Responses

  1. Bot raids are hitting Teutons believe me

  2. i wait for the day for people to say that, “my pc isn’t powerful enough to run clubpenguin!”

    • With the new rendering for the game and people spamming tactics, it may produce a lot of lag.

  3. Well written. This post clearly focuses on the massive drop this year, but perhaps you could have placed more details and provided more solutions.

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